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10 Best Job-Oriented Online Diploma Courses Which are In-Demand in 2024

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1st Oct, 2022
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10 Best Job-Oriented Online Diploma Courses Which are In-Demand in 2024

Online diploma courses have become immensely popular among fresh graduates and professionals alike. These are short-term programs generally spanning for 6-12 months. Hence, online diploma courses the right choice for aspirants interested in advancing their knowledge and skillset without investing a lot of time and money on conventional on-campus courses. 

Usually, community colleges, vocational training institutes, and even universities offer online diploma courses in multiple study areas. Diploma programs are an excellent option for filling the gap between secondary education and full-time postgraduate degree programs like MA, MBA, M.Sc, etc. Online diploma courses offer numerous perks:

  • First, you acquire advanced domain knowledge and niche skills in a chosen field. 
  • Second, you pursue your education in a flexible pattern – online programs allow you to learn at your preferred pace, time, and location. 
  • Third, online diploma courses are way more affordable than traditional classroom programs. 
  • Fourth, after course completion, your professional value increases, thereby allowing you to bag promising job roles across different sectors, including academia, healthcare, eCommerce, IT, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, and media & entertainment. 

A diploma certificate demonstrates your professional competency while also showing your interest in upskilling and learning new things. This gives you a competitive edge during job interviews over non-certified rivals.  

In this post, we’ll introduce you to some of the best online diploma courses that are worth your time and effort. So, if you’re thinking of upskilling, keep reading till the end!

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Best Online Diploma Courses

Here are nine online diploma courses in some of the most trending career fields:

1. PG Diploma in Management (PGDM)

This is a long-term (2-year) PDGM program offered by upGrad in collaboration with the Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH). It provides four specialization tracks – business management, retail management, banking insurance & finance service, and information technology. You learn about the most relevant management concepts such as marketing management, financial management, supply chain management, strategic management, business administration, among other things. 

The best thing about pursuing a PGDM course is that you gain skills and knowledge applicable to multiple sectors. This certification will enable you to bag management job roles across different industries. 

2. PG Diploma in Data Science

upGrad has designed this diploma course for working professionals. Students can choose from five specializations – deep learning, natural language processing, business intelligence/data analytics, business analytics, and data engineering. The course comprises over 60 projects and 14 programming tools/languages. Apart from one-on-one mentorship, students get 360-degree career support and placement assistance with top firms in India. 

Obtaining this certification will make you ready for roles like Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Product Analyst, and Machine Learning Engineer.

3. Advance Certificate in Machine Learning – IIT Delhi

This online diploma course covers over 90 hours of learning. The program is divided into eight modules – Data Science Tool Kit, Statistics and Exploratory Data Analytics, Machine Learning – I, Machine Learning – II, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and Deployment & Capstone Projects.

Students work on more than 3 assignments using tools like Python, Keras, NLTK, TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, MySQL, and AWS. What’s more, learners enjoy mentorship sessions with industry experts. 

This diploma will make you eligible for Data Science roles like ML Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, AI Engineer, and ML Architect. 

4. PG Diploma in Software Development (Full-Stack Development)

As the name suggests, this diploma program aims to help learners master Full-Stack Development. The course includes over nine projects and 15 programming tools and languages. Students learn how to build robust and scalable websites/web apps, backend APIs, and interactive web UIs using tools like Java, JavaScript, Spring, React, Hibernate, and AWS. Besides online lecture sessions, this course allows students to obtain 4-month Executive Certification in Data Science & Machine Learning for free! 

After obtaining this diploma, you can opt for roles like Full-Stack Developer, Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, and UI Developer. 

5. Advanced Certificate Programme in Cloud Backend Development

Students learn about data structures and algorithms in this diploma course and how to develop cloud infrastructure, build and deploy native cloud applications, and work with virtual machines (VMs). The course includes seven assignments and ten programming languages like Python, Java, AWS, Amazon DynamoDB, and Git. Apart from personalized and dedicated learning support, you will get plenty of networking opportunities. 

Earning this certification can lead to challenging job opportunities in the cloud domain, such as Cloud Developer, Cloud Architect, Cloud Engineer, Cloud Software Developer, and Cloud Administrator. 

6PG Diploma in Software Development (Blockchain) 

Blockchain is the rising star in the technology domain. Since Blockchain skills are high in-demand in the present market, this certification can open up exciting career opportunities in the Blockchain domain. The course introduces learners to different Blockchain tools and concepts like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Fabric, Composer, Solidity, core backend development ( Agile, MVC framework, API, and dynamic programming), and Smart Contracts. 

After obtaining this certification, you will have a host of employment options like Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Architect, Blockchain Engineer, Blockchain Consultant, Ethereum Developer, Hyperledger Developer, and Solidity Developer.

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7. Certificate Programme in Operations Management and Analytics

This advanced 6-months programme is offered by IIT Delhi, the world-renowned Indian educational institute that is ranked #5 in Business and Management studies by QS rankings 2020. The curriculum is designed for working professionals by leading management faculty and is aimed at building business and data analytics skills. It comprises 30+ live sessions which help students build a nuanced understanding of operations management and analytics through peer to peer learning and mentor support. Students learn to develop strong operations management strategies which help companies guarantee higher customer satisfaction and achieve overall organisational efficiency. 

IITD offers industry-relevant projects through its case based pedagogy in collaboration with upGrad which are aimed at delivering transformative career progress. 

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Find out more details on the IIT Delhi Courses.


As you can see, upGrad offers a wide range of online diploma courses to cater to diverse professional interests and fields. All the technical courses are 12-month programs delivered by upGrad in association with IIIT-Bangalore. Each of them promises dedicated mentor support, personalized feedback, 360-degree career support, and placement assistance. This is why all the diploma courses extend unique offerings like mock interview sessions, resume building sessions, hiring drives, job fairs, and peer-to-peer networking events. 

Rest assured, if you choose any of the above online diploma courses, you will enjoy an all-round personal and professional development. 



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