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Top 5 Exciting Java Web Based Projects & Topics for Beginners [2024]

Last updated:
2nd Oct, 2022
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Top 5 Exciting Java Web Based Projects & Topics for Beginners [2024]

The best way to get familiar with a programming language is through projects. That’s why in this article, we’ll talk about Java web based projects. You can choose a project according to your interests and expertise as we have various types of projects available here. Let’s get started. 

Prerequisites to Working on Java Web Projects

Before you start working on the Java web-based projects we’ve discussed in this article, go through these prerequisites:

Web Development

To work on Java web projects, you should first be familiar with the basics of web development and relevant technologies. These are the primary concepts of front-end web development you should know about:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS
  • Web design

Java finds more applications in the back-end of web development. So you’d have to focus more on the back-end to use Java effectively in the projects we’ve discussed below. 

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Java EE Container

Typically, a Java web app operates within a web container which we call Java Virtual Machine. The container gives the applications a runtime environment to function correctly. Apart from the Java web container, there’s also the Java EE container. The latter offers added features such as distributed server load. 

You should be familiar with such concepts of Java web applications so you can create them while working on these projects. Apart from Java web containers, and Java EE containers, you should also know about server and cloud deployment along with the differences between the two. 

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Java Community Process

Another crucial concept you should be familiar with is the standard process called the Java Community Process along with its technologies. For example, you should know what a servlet is, a Java class that answers an HTTP request in a web container. Similarly, you should be familiar with JSTL, JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library. Being familiar with the basics of java web projects will help you complete the projects we’ve listed here without much difficulty. 

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Our Top Java Web Based Projects

1. Flight Ticket Reservation Solution

The Problem

Booking flight tickets is tricky. Usually, people have to go to vendors who buy tickets for them at an added cost. Moreover, managing various tickets and handling their transactions are also challenging tasks which require a lot of time and effort. 

The Solution

You can make ticket booking and its management more efficient by developing a Java-based solution. It is among the most popular Java web projects among students as it allows them to understand multiple implementations of Java and its capabilities. Your ticket reservation solution would primarily have the following features:

  • Visitors can book tickets and cancel them
  • Visitors can choose their seat in the plane 
  • The system can process and manage transactions
  • Provide a quick response to the users
  • Store and organize records of passengers and daily transactions

Your solution should have an open architecture so you can add new features in the future. The open architecture would allow the client (the airline) to add new functionalities according to their requirements. All communications of the application would take place through a TCP/IP protocol so it can function online with ease.

2. Online Voting System

The Problem

Even though we’ve made great strides of progress in developing our voting system, it still has many flaws. One of those flaws is inaccessibility. The current system requires people to go to a polling booth and register their vote there. The recent pandemic of COVID-19 highlighted how dangerous this system is. Not only does physical voting expose people to the risk of COVID-19, but it also makes the process difficult for those who aren’t in their voting region.

Every person’s voting card is specific to a region. Additionally, at the time of voting, voter’s names are listed in the list of their respective areas. You can’t vote outside the vicinity of your voting card. So people who are not present in their voting region can’t cast a vote physically; they use the in-mail ballot, but that’s highly inefficient. 

The Solution

You can build an online voting portal through which people can cast their votes digitally. To access it they would have to visit the website, log in their details and cast a ballot. It’s one of the best Java web based projects for beginners as it focuses on the fundamentals. Your portal would have a window for logging in where a voter can enter their voter ID number and other relevant details to enter. It would also have an interface where the user can cast their vote. The system would have to make sure that a person casts only one vote. 

Through an online voting portal, we remove the risk of any spread of COVID-19. Moreover, people who aren’t physically present in their voting region for any reason, or those who can’t travel physically to the polling booth both would benefit from this implementation. 

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3. Inter-departmental Communication Software

The Problem

Maintaining proper communication within an organization is vital. Any communication gaps can cause multiple hindrances and problems for the staff as well as the enterprise. While there are many solutions available, they all have challenges. Moreover, as companies implement the work-from-home system for employees, maintaining transparent and open communication has become a significant challenge. 

The Solution

Develop a system where the staff members can talk to each other through messages. The software would be web-based to allow accessibility to every member. This way, even the work-from-home staff can join the conversation of the in-office team with ease. The software would have an admin portal where the admin can moderate the discussions taking place and give access permissions to the members. 

The system would have a login window for the admin and members. The members have the facility to talk to other members in designated groups. The admin, on the other hand, has the following features:

  • Create, view, and modify groups
  • Add members to a particular group (or multiple groups)
  • Remove members from a specific group

There are several applications available for this purpose. For example, Slack is among the most popular solutions among companies to facilitate conversations between staff members. You can take inspiration from Slack for your project. 

4. Software for Electricity Billing

The Problem

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, various organizations are implementing different solutions to prevent large gatherings and physical contact. Electricity billing has its challenges. In some places, a professional from the electricity department has to visit each house to generate the bill. This situation puts the life of the professional as well as the household members at risk. Apart from that, many people have to visit the local office of the Electricity billing department to pay their bills. 

The Solution

To counter this issue, you can develop an online solution for electricity billing. The system would have a portal where people can enter their login details and get their electricity bill. After that, it would direct the user to a checkout window, where he or she would pay the bill. Apart from members, the system would also have an admin. 

The admin would manage the system and check for any technical issues present in the same. Your design should have a simple interface which doesn’t take a lot of data to load. That’s because many people don’t have a strong internet and they might not be able to access the portal if it would take more data. 

5. A Web-based Counseling System

The Problem

Apart from physical health, the mental health of individuals is also vital for their well-being. However, everyone can’t find and go to a psychologist physically. Multiple factors affect the decision of a person to go to a psychologist. There’s also an absolute taboo attached to seeing a mental health professional due to which people tend to avoid going to one. Depression, stress, and anxiety can have severe impacts on a person’s health.

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The Solution

To solve this issue, you can build an online counselling portal where people can create accounts, and find psychologists according to their needs. As it’s a web-based project, users don’t have to meet a psychologist physically unless necessary due to medical reasons. Your solution should have a login portal for clients, admin, and psychologists. While the admin would have access to all the sections of the portal, it would also have to manage the accounts of psychologists and the users. The psychologists’ reports would provide them with an option to add their professional details, including their office address, contact number, experience, qualifications, etc. 

The user’s account would have minimal details, and the user should have an option to add their bio in their account. Apart from that, there should be a chatting app added into the portal so the psychologist can talk easily with the client. You might also have to add a payment section so people can pay psychologists. 

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Learn More about Java

You can learn a lot about Java and its capabilities by working on these projects. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know through the comments. We’d love to hear from you. You can also head to our blog to find more interesting resources like this one.

If you wish to improve your Java skills, you need to get your hands on these java projects. If you’re interested to learn more about Java, full-stack development, check out upGrad & IIIT-B’s Executive PG Program in Full-stack Software Development which is designed for working professionals and offers 500+ hours of rigorous training, 9+ projects and assignments, IIIT-B Alumni status, practical hands-on capstone projects & job assistance with top firms.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Is Java still a relevant technology today?

It has been 26 years since Java first came into being. So, many people think about whether Java is set to be outdated any time soon; whether Java can manage to retain its relevance soon too. The fact is that even today, Java is the most preferred programming language by most of the Fortune 500 companies. This is because Java is continuously evolving to keep up with the times. Starting from web-based software and mobile applications to IoT, AI, and big data, Java is easily compatible or integrable in different segments of development. Experts say that Java will continue to rule strong in the foreseeable future.

2How many Java developers and programmers are there globally?

Studies suggest that today there are more than 10 million Java programmers globally. And the most interesting part is that this worldwide community of Java developers continues to grow and evolve day after day. The main reason behind the smashing popularity of this programming language is its versatility. Java can be used universally; it is robust and scalable and can be used to develop applications for all and any platform. Besides, it is also compatible with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, Big Data, etc. There are countless resources to learn Java and stay abreast of its advancements.

3What Java skills are still in demand?

Even when there are many other programming languages today, the importance and popularity of Java keep on increasing by the day. In fact, the demand for trained Java programmers is also the highest in the software development industry. Some of the most in-demand Java skills include JSP and Servlets, Struts and Springs (web-based frameworks), SOAP/REST, JVM and memory management, constructors, markup languages such as JSON, XML, concepts of multithreading and synchronization, generics, dependency injection, and more. Some advanced skills for Java programmers include advanced JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular, AWS, Hadoop, Big Data, Python, AI, machine learning, Spring Boot or microservices, etc.