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[Infographic] Top 6 Skills Required for Business Analyst in 2024

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24th Feb, 2022
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[Infographic] Top 6 Skills Required for Business Analyst in 2024

business analyst skills

As the corporate world is growing, business analysts are becoming a must-have asset as an employee for every organization. 

Some of the best fields Business Analysts can grow:- 

  • Finance and IT sector 
  • Information and Technology Sector 
  • Government and public sector 
  • Business professional consulting 
  • Healthcare and social services 

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To become a successful business analyst, you need to have a combination of soft and hard skills.

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Skills Required for a Business Analyst

1. Competent Verbal Communication 

A business analyst should be able to convey their message in a very understandable and smooth manner. Ensure that you know your agenda and are able to express it to the management in a precise way. 

2. Good Listening Skills 

This is one of the most important business analyst skills. The ability to listen and absorb information is a must. It is vital to understand your client’s requirements and deliver the expected answers to take forward the communication. 

3. Being Able to Run a Meeting with Stakeholders 

The importance of communication stands here as well; one should be effective enough to attend meetings and solve any confusion with face-to-face interactions. 

4. Knowing the Objectives Well 

Having a clear vision of your goal and understanding your organization’s objectives is necessary to understand the business process and find new techniques to take the business to the next level. 

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5. A Diligent Individual with Time Management Skills 

Business analyst should be good at multitasking and balancing their personal and professional life by keeping their business a priority.  

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6. Documenting and Writing Reports 

To write reports, create plans to analyze the daily topics, it is important to understand and convey the technical language in a clear manner. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What are the responsibilities of a business analyst in the healthcare industry?

The primary role of a business analyst in the healthcare field is to improve medical facilities and patient services. If you wish to enter the healthcare industry, your primary role will be gathering, analysing and interpreting healthcare data. Your objective would be to bring about greater economic efficiency, and reduce operating costs. Apart from this, you may also be required to recommend new strategies and processes that will improve the overall working of the medical facility or hospital.

2How can I improve my business analysis skills?

To conduct an excellent business analysis, you need to constantly improve your skills. Some ways in which you can do this include by using a variety of tools. To see the big picture of an organisation, you should be combining various tools and techniques. Another tip that will help you grow as a business analyst is digging deeper. If something isn’t working, try and find out why it isn’t. Once you are able to fix the root cause of the problem, you will be able to increase the profitability of your organisation.

3Who should do the upGrad business analytics certification programme?

The business analytics certification programme offered by upGrad is ideal for fresh graduates, managers, engineers, software and IT professionals, and marketing and sales professionals. The minimum eligibility is a bachelor’s or diploma graduate degree. Some of the subjects covered include predictive modelling, business problem solving, decision making and statistics and optimisation. The job opportunities you can explore on completion of the course include business analyst specialist, data analyst, financial analyst and other managerial roles.

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