[Infographic] Top 6 Skills Required for Business Analyst in 2021

business analyst skills

As the corporate world is growing, business analysts are becoming a must-have asset as an employee for every organisation. 

Some of the best fields Business Analysts can grow:- 

  • Finance and IT sector 
  • Information and Technology Sector 
  • Government and public sector 
  • Business professional consulting 
  • Healthcare and social services 

To become a successful business analyst, you need to have a combination of soft and hard skills.

Skills Required for a Business Analyst

1. Competent Verbal Communication 

A business analyst should be able to convey their message in a very understandable and smooth manner. Ensure that you know your agenda and are able to express it to the management in a precise way. 

2. Good Listening Skills 

This is one of the most important business analyst skills. The ability to listen and absorb information is a must. It is vital to understand your client’s requirements and deliver the expected answers to take forward the communication. 

3. Being Able to Run a Meeting with Stakeholders 

The importance of communication stands here as well; one should be effective enough to attend meetings and solve any confusions with face to face interactions. 

4. Knowing the Objectives Well 

Having a clear vision of your goal and understanding your organisation’s objectives is necessary to understand the business process and find new techniques to take the business to the next level. 

5. A Diligent Individual with Time Management Skills 

The business analyst should be good at multitasking and balancing their personal and professional life by keeping their business a priority.  

6. Documenting and Writing Reports 

To write reports, create plans to analyse the daily topics, it is important to understand and convey the technical language in a clear manner. 

What Next?

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