What the founder of ThinQbate learned from StartUp with UpGrad?

The recently graduated batch of November 2015 of Startup With UpGrad had a lot of bright, aspiring entrepreneurs. Pranav Marwah was one such striking spark to join the UpGrad family. Pranav has started with ThinQbate, which is an incubator and accelerator for young startups. It aims to create a conveyor belt of scalable and growth-oriented businesses, by providing value to early stage entrepreneurs and investors alike. ThinQbate plans on using the existing space for creating something of long-term value. Having gone through a number of investor & business plans, Pranav has finalized on 4 – 5 entrepreneurs who will be working out of ThinQbate space.

Pranav was highly impressed by the Startup With UpGrad program. Something that actually stood out for him was the massive network of entrepreneurs, which UpGrad as a platform was able to create for him. Observing fellow entrepreneurs’ success and failures helped him in finding replicable solutions, thus guiding him sail through his entrepreneurial journey.

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When asked which module did he enjoy the most, Pranav spontaneously responded, “The module of design thinking was something I enjoyed the most. It helped me structure the product that we planned on bringing to the market.”

“The video bank created, helped me understand the success and failure stories of other entrepreneurs at an early stage. It helped me hone my skills.”  -Pranav Marwah

The flexibility the course had to offer was one of the prime reasons of Pranav opting for it. He was able to cover the modules, do the assignments and watch the coursework whenever he got time from his busy schedule. While traveling, while in the elevator or post work, Pranav found the digital learning experience to suit his learning timings perfectly. When asked to summarise his learning from the course, Pranav said, “The course gave me structure, discipline and context to take my product to the market.”

Pranav_Marva What the founder of ThinQbate learned from StartUp with UpGrad? UpGrad Blog
Finally, Pranav had a lot of words of praise for Ronnie. “I was able to attend a Google hangout session with Ronnie. He, directly and indirectly, gave me a direction as to how to approach investors, which was important for a relatively inexperienced entrepreneur like me to get a head start,” said Pranav. The ability to think and apply your own mind was something that Startup With UpGrad taught the students, making them confident enough to start their own entrepreneurial journey. How Romil Jain Set Out To Change The Way Indian Men Dress

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