How Romil Jain Set Out To Change The Way Indian Men Dress with

With the first batch of Startup With UpGrad coming to an end, there is a need to look back and appreciate the efforts put in by all the students and laud many inspiring tales. One such example is of Romil Jain, winner of the Most Promising Entrepreneur Award of the November 2015 batch. Hailing from a business family, Romil Jain was always interested in pursuing entrepreneurship.

However, he felt trapped in his family business due to lack of creative freedom and rigid, old school mindsets of his peers. That is when Romil decided to chart his own course by starting his own venture. “The first thought that came to my mind was to start my own clothing label since my family has been in the textile business for the past 30 years. But, I soon realized that there is no shortage of clothing label, but a shortage of clothing education. People don’t know what to wear for a particular occasion like while going out or while going to work.” 10 Startup Ideas for Techies to Become an Entrepreneur

He believes that the feeling one gets on being complimented for good dressing style is amazing and an instant confidence booster. Having this thought in mind, Romil started GentClub, where they provide men with styling tips.

update6 is a unique startup, where one can get personal styling tips. All a person has to do is answer a few questions regarding his age, body type, budget range etc. Then one has to list down his preferences as to what would he wear for work? What would he wear while going out for a party? Based on this, Gentclub assigns a person a stylist, who can help him select the right clothes for the occasion.

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Initially, Romil was very apprehensive of his idea. He was skeptical whether the idea would work or not. This is where UpGrad stepped in. “It was with UpGrad that I could refine my idea and execute it.” said the budding entrepreneur. Romil feels that the difference between UpGrad and other courses was that it succeeded in building a community of entrepreneurs. He feels that the community helped have healthy discussions and interactions on ideas formulated, problems faced and common replicable solutions found. He also enjoyed the weekly online discussions with domain experts which helped him solve many of his queries. It was in one such session, where Ronnie solved his doubts regarding financing his startup.

What the founder of ThinQbate learned from StartUp with UpGrad?

Taken the right step and confident of the new learning, Romil now has eyes set on his dream of reaching the sky by becoming a successful entrepreneur.
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