Top Middle East Companies for Digital Marketing Professionals

The value of digital marketing companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has increased significantly in the regional market of the Middle East. Global marketing giants have made some critical business expansions, while regional companies have also scaled their processes considerably.

Companies have realized that digital marketing is the primary strategic approach to gain a foothold in the GCC market reliably and cost-effectively. Businesses in the Middle East have adopted digital marketing to quickly establish their market presence and build a broad consumer base in existing and new regions.

Digital marketing encompasses all efforts to create awareness about a product on digital platforms. It is so popular, especially during the ongoing pandemic where consumers are mostly consuming only digital content. It is an evolving industry with a constant need for fresh, skilled talent. Several digital marketing agencies in the Middle East are looking to hire digital marketing experts to propel their marketing efforts and firmly establish their brand name. 

Top Digital Marketing Companies to work for in the Middle East

Given below is the comprehensive list of the top digital marketing companies in UAE. The below list is curated based on the job offerings, track record of successful projects, digital marketing expertise, and technology adoption. A digital marketing professional can thrive, evolve and grow by leaps and bounds if he gets an opportunity to work in any of these best digital marketing companies in UAE.


When you work with IBM, you get an opportunity to lead in this new era of digital technology and solve challenging real-world problems. One of the top digital marketing companies in Egypt, IBM’s digital sales teams have engaged with clients of all sizes and markets worldwide and helped them grow their business by solving their tactical and real-world problems.

IBM digital marketing agency in Dubai has undertaken groundbreaking initiatives in analytics, cloud computing, mobile, security, and nanotechnology for Government, healthcare, educational institutions, and so on. 


IBM Corporation
K28 Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road,
Smart Village Business Park,
Building B144 Giza- Egypt
P.O. Box 166 Haram
Zip Code 12577
Tel: (202) 3 536 1000

IBM Middle East FZ. LLC
Dubai Internet City
IBM Building, 3rd Level
PO Box 27242
Dubai, U.A.E.

IBM Abu Dhabi Branch Office
Aldar HQ Building, 3rd Floor
Al Raha
P.O.Box 34284
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 2 3074000


PWC is among the best digital marketing companies in Dubai. Over the years, PWC has succeeded in helping individuals and organizations to create value from their digital marketing efforts. PWC is a network of companies spanning 158 countries with around 1,69,000 people committed to offering tax, assurance, and advisory services. 

PWC Middle East is the Central cluster that includes the UK, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. It has been a leading name in the region for over 40 years employing over 4500 people and is on its way to becoming the best digital marketing agency in Dubai. 


Hani Ashkar
Middle East Senior Partner, PwC Middle East
Tel: +971 4 304 3100

Stephen Anderson
Middle East Strategy and Markets Leader, PwC Middle East
Tel: +971 4 304 3100

Waddah Salah
Managing Partner, Clients, Markets & Platforms and Consulting Leader,
PwC Middle East
Tel: +971 4 304 3100


Oracle empowers modern businesses by offering an integrated range of databases, applications, servers, storage, and cloud technologies. With its integrated stack of infrastructure and application services, Oracle enables digital and technical agility across enterprises, connects people through information, and enables smooth workflows.

Over 420,000 clients across 145 countries have leveraged Oracle technology to power their digital transformation.


Saudi Arabia
+966 112739210
Tech/Systems Email:

United Arab Emirates
+971 4 390 9010
Tech/Systems Email:


Delante is an online marketing agency established in 2014. Delante has only over 20 employees but has headquarters in Poland, Krakow. It has branches in UAE, Amsterdam, and London. Delante focuses on SEO-centric operations, with 80% of their team being SEO specialists. Their solutions are client-focused, with business goals being the critical priority. 

A candidate who gets an opportunity to work with Delante gets to be at the core of their broad expertise, including SEO, social media, PPC, and content marketing. Delante has served customers spanning several industries, including eCommerce, Business Services, Information Technology, and Manufacturing.


Al Shmookh Business Center
Represented by Neti FZE
1st floor
Sheikh Zayed Road
PO Box 7073
Umm Al Quwain

7G Media

7G Media is a digital marketing agency based in Dubai. Established in 2007, it has grown to become one of the most trusted digital agencies over the years. This agency believes in offering performance-based digital marketing solutions to its clients through various social media platforms. They offer web development, social media, digital marketing, and content writing services. 


Dubai, UAE
7G Media Consultancies,
Citadel Tower,
Office 404, Business Bay,
Dubai, UAE P.O Box 183172


EDS is a Dubai-based lead generation and social media marketing company. Founded in 2006, their digital media team provides high-end business solutions and delivers exceptional digital marketing results for its clients worldwide. 

The team at EDS has been successful in developing multi-channel digital marketing campaigns to achieve lead generation, traffic generation, brand awareness, and customer engagement. EDS services include social media marketing, pay-per-click, digital marketing, Google AdWords, Mobile apps, web development, etc.


Dubai, UAE
Office 211, Palace Towers,
Dubai Silicon Oasis, PO Box 64138, Dubai, UAE

Emirates Graphic

Emirates Graphic is a leading digital marketing agency in the Middle East region. With headquarters in Dubai, this agency has multiple branches in Riyadh, Bahrain, and Kuwait. 

They help to enhance their clients’ online presence through user-friendly websites and mobile apps. Their innovative and customized solutions have helped them maintain strong relationships with their clients and work with the top firms in the GCC region, especially in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Locations: Dubai, Riyadh, Bahrain, Kuwait.

Cluster W, Tiffany Tower, Office 1406,
Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, UAE

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1. What are the must-have skills for Digital Marketers?

Digital marketing is going to open doors for multiple opportunities; thus, if you have the skill set required to master it, now is your chance. As a digital marketer, you should know the tricks to persuade someone. Additionally, being tech-savvy is a great add-on. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are mandatory skills to absorb and are required to conduct digital campaigns. Furthermore, advancing yourself with data analytics and Google analytics could enhance your learning of customer behavior. These learnings can then be put to use to boost traffic and impose new solutions. Another must-have skill as a digital marketer includes creating engaging content to target masses of audiences so they can effectively engage.

2. What are some of the common mistakes digital marketers should avoid?

Analyzing your metrics is a crucial aspect of digital marketing. If you aren’t aware of the visitors and the target market they represent, you will certainly fall back in gaining traffic. Secondly, clickbait is a prevalent mistake that digital marketers fall into the trap of, unbeknownst to marketers who invest in content that could be clickbait in nature. Clickbait lacks value. Moreover, digital marketers don’t intend to make a worthwhile investment when it comes to resources. These resources are usually the ones who take care of the everyday marketing needs of the company. Therefore, this is the area that demands the maximum amount of attention.

3. What is the future of digital marketing?

In recent years, digital marketing has steadily seen growth. This will continue to expand over the coming years too. There will be several opportunities in the domain, and the options for professionals will continue to rise. Internet consumption since the pandemic has tilted the weighing wheels. Everything is now feasible and can be accessed by sitting in the comfort of your home. Food delivery, laundry, medicine, etc., you name it, and someone is already knocking at your door. Digital marketing is a weapon that caters to growing consumer requests.

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