Prerequisites for an MBA in Marketing [General & Mandatory Requirements]

Marketing & Sales is one of the in-demand jobs at the moment simply because a company cannot be run without a marketing & sales team and this will continue to be so for the next couple of years. Digital Marketing, Marketing research, Marketing communication & Media roles are growing every year.

Nowadays more people than ever are doing their MBA degree in Marketing, given that marketing is a vast field. After doing an MBA in marketing, students can get jobs in reputed companies across industries like Banking, Finance, FMCG, advertising, media, market research & tech. In this post, we will cover the prerequisites for an MBA, in marketing , how it can enhance your careers & your job prospects In the industry.

How to decide if you want to do an MBA in Marketing?

Well, this is a question that you might be pondering about or you might be often asked why you choose an MBA in marketing if you choose to go ahead and do an MBA. Do you love to analyze market trends, or do you often wonder how brands price products and still manage to offer 10% off or creative thinking is something you love then an MBA in Marketing is definitely for you. You can still choose to do an MBA in a different field like Finance, HR, Analytics, Operations, etc. 

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Some General & Mandatory Requirements for an MBA in Marketing

  1. Bachelor’s degree in any domain i.e engineering, arts, science, law with minimum 50% marks

One of the most important prerequisites is a bachelor’s degree in any field i.e Btech, B.E, B.A, BSc, LLB, etc with minimum of 50% marks. This is a mandatory prerequisite without which you will not be eligible for an MBA in marketing or apply for any MBA course. Final year students cannot apply as the minimum requirement is 2 years of work experience which is a mandatory requirement.

  1. Minimum 2 years of work experience

Minimum  2 years of work experience is mandatory for many courses because that increases the quality of the overall MBA batch. People having 3-4 years of work experience would be ideally suited to do the course as this will help make the next jump in their career.

Work experience helps bring some business understanding & corporate experiences to the MBA course and this diversity in experiences helps peer to peer learning immensely. Peer to Peer learning is the kind of engaged & high-quality discussions that help you gain lots of valuable perspectives from your peers which enhances your own learning.

 3. Interest in Marketing & Sales domains

 If you want to pursue an MBA in marketing then you should have definitely have some interest in Marketing and Sales because without any interest in the field it is difficult to learn and pick up new things plus after the MBA program you will be eligible for sales & marketing jobs. If you don’t like marketing & sales then you can choose any other field like HR, Finance, Analytics, Operations, etc which are all excellent career options too.  

  1. Hunger to learn about business & management

This is not mandatory but is essential for you to do well in your future career in management. MBA helps you learn about business, management, and prepares you for future management roles in major companies. MBA programs are designed to help prepare you in terms of core business skills, specialization skills along with essential qualities like leadership and teamwork

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Why should you choose to do an MBA in Marketing?

While the MBA programs open up opportunities in new professions, help you get job promotions as well as management & executive positions that help you move up the ladder in the corporate world. It also helps you prepare for all the hurdles that the business world has to offer.

MBA in marketing courses are very important to help you make a career change from finance or analytics or operations to marketing. It provides you with an added boost to find employment opportunities in a new domain with top brands or organizations in India and the world.

Marketing in India is a vast field and it is expanding every year. There are various jobs in marketing & sales such as marketing manager, sales manager, corporate sales manager, business manager, marketing communications, market research, digital marketing, media planning, etc. It also opens up opportunities across sectors like FMCG, IT, Finance, Banking, Consumer Internet, etc.

You will hone the top skills required for you to succeed in a marketing domain such as business impact, market research, consumer behavior understanding, brand management, leadership, etc.

MBA Programs in India

Due to lockdowns across India, multiple universities and b-schools are now offering their MBA programs online.  One of the top learning platforms in India, upGrad can help you apply for an MBA from Liverpool Business School with a specialization in marketing.

You will be given many MBA projects that will enhance your overall learning experience and help you learn practical applications of marketing concepts that various brands have used. upGrad also offers individual mentoring sessions with industry leaders from various domains.

You will also get 360-degree career support and placement assistance throughout the MBA program that will help you apply for a job with some of the top brands. upGrad expert mentors will guide you and help you build, review your resume, and help you apply for various marketing & business roles across various brands.

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