Get an Edge in your Management Career: UpGrad and IMT Ghaziabad

Across the globe, for quite a few decades now – getting a post-graduation management education has been a tried and tested route for employers to hire high caliber managers. It also gives an edge to aspiring managers for transitioning into higher paying roles.
But not everyone who gets a management degree achieves success.
In India, tens of thousands of management graduates are churned out by the 100s of colleges, but only 7 percent turn out to be employable, says a study conducted by ASSOCHAM. In fact, only a top few colleges are able to boast of quality education and great career impact. Beyond the top 20 colleges – all metrics related to career impact, whether it is post-college CTC or percentage of class employed after 3 months, fall drastically.
This shows, it’s not enough to just get a management education – the college you get it from is very important.
Management Career: UpGrad and IMT Ghaziabad
For a lot of working professionals, going back to the campus is not the best alternative. Many of them can’t spend 5-15 lakhs on getting an on-campus MBA. Some want to continue their jobs and get promoted and some are not able to get into campus programs of a reputed college. As a result, every year approximately 140,000 people enroll in distance education management programs available in India (MHRD report).
Do You Really Need an MBA to Become a Manager?

But in most of these distance education programs, the quality of education is substandard. This also is not much of a secret – all recruiters understand this well.
To help aspiring managers to actually achieve their career goals without taking a 2-year long break, we joined hands with IMT Ghaziabad to develop a PG Program in Management. IMT Ghaziabad is widely regarded as one of India’s leading B-Schools. The alumni of IMT Ghaziabad can be found in almost every industry in leadership positions. IMT G alumni are serving in senior leadership positions in organisations such as Google, Genpact, Verizon, Ashok Leyland, Citibank, Credit Suisse and Zomato.

What are some unique features of PG Program in Management

  • Become a graduate from one of the best B-schools

    Having a great B-school on your profile benefits you throughout the career. Be it getting shortlisted for interviews or getting promoted faster – there are lots of intangible and tangible benefits. You will also have access to campus facilities and be a part of IMT alumni network.

  • UpGrad learning experience: Tailor made for busy working professionals

    This program requires only 6-8 hours of time per week. In a typical week, students go through lectures and assignments by taking out 3 hours from Monday to Friday. All the live lectures are scheduled over non-work hours for their convenience. And all deadlines are on Sunday midnight – so that you have the entire weekend to complete everything.

  • Learn from top professors and top industry professionals

    One very unique feature of the program is that the lectures are not only taken by professors from IMT Ghaziabad – but we also have lots of industry leaders teaching you in the program. These industry leaders have decades of experience and work in leadership positions in top companies and access to multiple networking sessions during and after the program.

  • Learn by doing; go beyond learning through lecture notes

    We believe learning doesn’t happen by going through lecture videos or Hangouts – learning happens when you apply the lectures taught you to real-life problems. This program will have 13 case studies based on actual problems faced by companies. It will also have live projects where you will be running digital marketing campaigns on Facebook and Google Ad platforms.

  • Get mentored 1:1 by industry leaders

    In this program, you will get 5 sessions with an industry professional with years of experience. You will get to choose this mentor from a pool of mentors. In these 1:1 sessions, your mentor will help you develop a better resume, conduct mock interviews and help you understand what kind of roles should you apply to.

  • Get career opportunities

    Through our network of over 200 industry partners, we share career opportunities with our students. Additionally, students get to be part of IMT Ghaziabad official alumni group – where a lot of top opportunities are shared.

  • Transition into your dream role faster

    Unlike most management programs that take 2 years, we have designed this program to be only 10-months long. A short MBA program helps the students achieve their career goals faster and are ideal for experienced professionals. Many top MBA schools like the Indian School of Business, INSEAD France, and HEC Paris also offer short duration management degrees.

  • No need to take a lot of leaves for the end exam

    In a usual distance management degree, students have to take end semester exams. Most students end up taking a 10-15 day leave to give these exams – which is a big pain point. To solve for this – we have a lot of smaller components throughout the program where you will be graded. These include case studies, assignments, live projects and so on. This means, you just need to turn in your assignments on time and there is no end term exam.

Real Individual Growth, the Catalyst for Success

We are excited to train the next generation of leaders for the country. Check out the PG Program in Management now if you wish to race ahead of the curve in leadership roles!

Learn MBA Courses from the World’s top Universities. Earn Masters, Executive PGP, or Advanced Certificate Programs to fast-track your career.

What are the benefits of pursuing a postgraduate degree in management over gaining work experience?

Gaining work experience can give you hands-on training and knowledge about current industry practices and trends in the field of your choice. However, working to pursue a degree in management can prove to be equally, if not more, beneficial for your career. This is because this degree will allow you to increase the scope of the opportunities you receive. You will gain access to never-before networking events and possibilities. Moreover, you will get a chance to study various disciplines in management that would help to broaden your knowledge and exposure to different subjects. Based on your experience, you will be able to explore your interest in diverse fields.

What is the duration of upGrad’s postgraduate program in management?

Pursuing a degree in management is a one-time investment that has the ability to help you gain skills and knowledge that can aid you throughout life. upGrad’s postgraduate program in management in association with IMT Ghaziabad is an excellent example of the same. It is an 11-month program. The pace at which you could pursue this program is recommended to be between 12 to 15 hours each week. However, this opportunity has the potential to help you even after the duration of the program with job placement support, interview preparation training, and much more.

What is the scope of pursuing a program in management?

With an advanced degree in management, students can gain access to a host of opportunities in the domains of sales, marketing, finance, human resources, etc based on their choice of major and expressed interest. Moreover, they will also receive excellent networking opportunities with peers and accomplished alumni, as well as an enhanced probability of being noticed by big companies through campus placements and the internship cell. An MBA can help students work up the corporate ladder by showcasing their training and knowledge to future/current employers.

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