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Top 10 Data Science Companies to Work For [In 2024]

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1st Oct, 2022
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Top 10 Data Science Companies to Work For [In 2024]

Data science is one of the innovative and developed fields in the 21st century that has changed human life’s perspective. In every aspect of our daily lives, from our homes, personal living, electricity consumption, user behavior, to the product manufacturing process, transportation, and maintenance of commercial goods, information is now being leveraged to discover patterns and factors for improvisations the overall process. 

Data Science combines several concepts, theories, and computer science applications, mathematics, information science, and domain knowledge. In similar companies, Data Scientist has emerged as one of the leading professions with immense earning potential. Many national and international companies are now using data to discover insights, patterns, and enhancement for business procedures.

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Top 10 Data Science Companies to Work For

Here are the top 10 Data Science Companies to work for and enjoy a vibrant career in India

1. Amazon

As one of the largest organizations in the whole world, Amazon offers professionals to work with global expertise and gain experience for future endeavors. Recently, Amazon announced a $1.6 Billion investment into Indian Data centres (Source). You will work with some of the largest dynamic data projects and be responsible for enhancing the organization’s productivity.

Amazon Data Science division is always looking out for fresher and unique perspectives for professionals. Still, you need to have experience working with big data solutions such as Hadoop and similar frameworks.

2. Aditya Birla Group Data and Analytics (DNA) Cell

With ever-increasing competition in the market and size of the data, Group Data and Analytics, increasing day by day, plays a crucial role in the consortium of Aditya Birla. The team consists of more than 50+ members with data science professionals, experts, and product managers help make a strategic decision for businesses and leverage the power of big analytics to enhance business operations and customer experience.

It is quite a young team and offers leadership decisions to the group with freedom for individuals to experiment, work across domains, and showcase their expertise.

3. BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions 

With global offices in Dallas, Boston, Seattle, Fremont, and Chicago, BRIDGEi2i is one of the renowned Data Science companies in India with a strength of more than 300+ data scientists. The company offers expertise for businesses in their data-driven transformation.

BRIDGEi2i offers clients with data-driven solutions for several industries with insurance, retail, banking, financial, and other goods. BRIDGEi2i provides multiple choices to clients to discover analytics platforms from ExTrack, S-Reco, and M2 to deliver a smooth experience for their customers. Professionals can enjoy growth in their establishment and have a high retention rate among competitors.  

4. Course5 Intelligence 

Course5 Intelligence is another one of the top data science companies with more than 700+ workforce. Company has worked with several top industrial products with unparalleled success. Course5 provides a rich and engaging environment for data professionals with a holistic approach that results in a high retention rate.

Course5 supports different employment assistant programs with social, physical, educational, spiritual, and wellness. HR conducts regular surveys to know employee concerns, evaluations and plans to drive their organization’s success. Company is known to offer talented and skilled employees a systematic curve to gain significant heights in their career ahead.

5. EvalueServe

EvalueServe is a global data science company with clients from all over the world. And with a team of more than 500 highly skilled data analysts, you enjoy a thriving atmosphere in the company. The company uses endeavors to enhance and share information with training, get together, annual meets, hackathons, etc., all around the year.

There are also various mentorship, development programs, and specific training programs for skill development run by the HR departments for new-age data professionals. EvaluseServe uses an AI-enabled sentiment platform Amber to take feedback and share information anonymously. Amber takes periodic feedback from employees at different stages of their joining, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and a way to share their views with the leadership group.  

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6. Verizon Data Services India

Verizon Data Services is among the most favorite work cultures for modern data professionals with individual leadership, precise goals setting, and framework control. The company allows collaboration with global teams for sharing ideas and brainstorming to deliver optimum performance.

Verizon values the efforts put in by its employees and follows transparent growth and recognition of its result. Verizon Tuition Assistance program offers employees to upskill and gather more data intelligence for better future productivity. Organizations value their employees and use recognition & rewards to keep their morale high for a smooth experience. 

7. Genpact

With over 1500 data scientists in their team, Genpact has a largely centralized hub model for delivering a smooth experience as their prime motive. The company even further looks to enhance its pool by self-developed programs of ML Upgrade and Machine Learning Incubator.

Genpact has Genome – an in-house built-upskilling framework- to provide different dimensions for employees to improve their skills with service lines, industries, and professional and digital skills. Company environment empowers data professionals to take R&D projects, be part of the global learning workforce, and participate in ML/AL conferences throughout the world. 

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8. MiQ Digital India Pvt. Ltd

MiQ uses a balanced approach of delivery and discovery as its prime motto for clients. They have a 100+ team of data professionals intending to work on the present production level and long-term future goals.

MiQ have their own development programs to enhance their employees output with courses, upskills, and encouragement to lead for the next generation. In their Spark24 initiative, MiQ empowers their team to make smart and innovative products to drive future challenges. Professionals also enjoy seminars, conferences, hackathons, and global community programs to bring more talent from their data professionals field. 

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9. Ugam, a Merkle Company

Ugam is a worldwide global organization for data scientists with a team of more than 2000 professionals. Ugam brings together a highly encouraging environment in the work culture combined with innovation, trust, and creativity to drive the future for optimized results. Professionals get to work together with global teams, go to client premises, and see the world with their eyes.

The company encourages consulting, techniques upskill, and problem-solving abilities to enhance productivity in business procedures. Ugam presents its workforce with challenging opportunities and works with the latest technologies to stay competitive in the data science field. Ugam HR department also offers mentorship programs, hackathons, and online courses to gain more Data Science experience. 

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10. Tredence Inc

Tredence Inc has a non-hierarchical approach for its members and allows them to learn more about the latest data science domain changes. Company is known to offer employees a unique ‘U Learn V Pay’ program to learn and grow to enhance their skills while all the fees are paid with the Trendence only.

Team development sessions, events, conferences, sports, and fitness programs and professionals are given higher responsibility to work at their optimum level. Overall the rewarding journey throughout their career phase and opportunities to grow in a highly complex environment make Tredence the one company to join as a Data Science professional. 

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We are seeing a tremendous shift in the Indian economy in the last two decades with the country now among the few with trillion-dollar reach. Companies are now looking to leverage Data to sustain momentum and keep pace with top global companies. The Data Science industry is still growing and will continue to evolve in the next few decades to change the future’s perception to lead India as a global power.

These Data Science Companies in India offer a huge opportunity for today’s youth to build a sophisticated career for tomorrow. These top companies have a broad reach in products and services that caters to billions of people in India. Professionals must feel proud to be part of this tremendous shift and enjoy this learning curve to be the Indian economy’s torchbearer.


Rohit Sharma

Blog Author
Rohit Sharma is the Program Director for the UpGrad-IIIT Bangalore, PG Diploma Data Analytics Program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Why is Amazon one of the top choices of every data scientist?

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms which puts it among the largest corporations in the world. Amazon is one of the top picks for data scientists due to the global expertise it provides. Amazon India has also announced recently a $1.6 Billion investment into the Indian data centres.

One important thing about Amazon is that, unlike other enterprises, it believes in hiring freshers due to their unique perspective.

2How should I prepare to get a job as a data scientist in one of these top companies?

The first and foremost thing is to work on your technical skills. Prepare well and sharpen your skills in programming, statistics, algorithms, data analysis tools, and ML. You should have a strong grasp of these topics both theoretically and practically.

Apart from the technical skills, you should also have strong communication skills to present yourself in the interviews. Analytical skills, problem-solving skills and business-oriented approaches are also tested by most of the top companies.

3Can I switch my career from a non-tech background to data science?

It is definitely possible to make a career switch in data science without having a technical degree. You can start with taking up specialized courses and deep dive in to strengthen your skills. Practice enough and build good projects to showcase your skills to employers.

More and more companies are shifting their focus on skills instead of degrees. You can also reach out to some professionals for guidance so that you follow the right track. Following all these tips can help you bag a high paying job as a data scientist.

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