10 Blockchain Trends & Predictions To Look Out For in 2021


Blockchain technology is the tectonic shift in evolution, only at a better speed. A decade has passed since the introduction of this evolving, enthralling technology. Entering into the next decade, let us take a look at the progressions these blocks and chains celebrate in the future years.

Blockchains are immutable records of data on-time that is administered and operated by computers. Because of this exclusive feature, they offer security and implementation tools to mark the digital revolution.  The immense growth and requirement increased the demand of blockchain developers. 

Industries spanning from the small scale enterprises to the larger multinational corporations are looking forward to this technology. The quality offered is helping them extend cybersecurity by guarding information digitally.

In the words of William Mougayar, “The old question ‘Is it in the database?’ will be replaced by ‘Is it on the blockchain?’”

Witnessing Trends. Witnessing Evolution.

1. Challenging Business Challenges

Previously with the introduction of blockchain technology, there was a wave of speculation of whether the technology was as promising as it reflected. Later on, it grew to be not only limited to cryptocurrencies but propelling into business domains and sectors.

There are various challenges that businesses in general face. The internal improvements in blockchain technology over the years have paved way into their use to solve real-world issues.

The digital ledger technology of blockchains has proven to be extremely profitable for the supply chain industry. A step ahead with the basic functionality of real-time tracking, the distributed ledger helps to offer security against cyber threats. 

Transaction-based businesses constitute a significant challenge to shareholders. Blockchains help them secure cross-border transactions by certifying digital inputs. 

2. Into Entrepreneurship’s Next Stage

Experimenters are looking ahead to adopt this technology to leap to the next phase of their product development. The skill that is helping their product’s promotion from the proof-of-concept(POC) designation to become a minimum viable product (MVP) is that of blockchain technology. And this is only growing, scaling heights into the production phase.

On-point characteristics of saving costs and enhanced security are working wonders in the ‘application’ world. The ‘blockchain-inspired’ systems are leading themselves to stretch growth in the world of startups and technological re(in)novations.

This technology is growing from revamping industry’s operational methodology to inspiring new experiments. 

3. Visioning Value

Blockchain has marked its trails extending from the manufacturing industries to healthcare services. Its adoption is widening into all industries. All stages are entering into the digital space as the world there is growing. 

This technology has been used in electoral processes, processing, food and beverages, supply chain and is mounting as the revolution progresses. With data being the crux of Industry 4.0, blockchains are entering the third-dimensional phases in technology, printing, artificial intelligence, this data mine is ensuring transparency and security. 

The industries endeavor to result in value for the world’s better change.

4. Innovations in Existence

A benefit for the serial entrepreneurs is the use of blockchains to solve their existing issues and step into innovations galore. 

The property of blockchain technology that is already helping the financial world of cryptocurrencies is not limited to the same. The properties are in use to trickle further into technological breakthroughs by amalgamating concepts and data into a more extensive, secure, and digitally encrypted world.

5. Hybrid Network

The powerful encryption feature of the blockchain technology is giving a hard-time to attackers for they now they need huge computer-force to break a single node or one side of the block. 

The transaction costs are lowered. The number of cyberattacks is lessened by almost fifty percent according to a report as hackers find the access to data difficult in the network of blockchains. 

Incorporating the public and private blockchain solutions, is the future of the scopes offered. Some remain private and the other public, both with equal security.

The closed ecosystem secures the data providing a safe haven for their miners. The hybrid blockchain helps maintain confidentiality in communication to the outer bit-sphere.

6. Increase Offerings in Finance

Although initially the mainstream finance industry was shaken with the introduction of bitcoins, or cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies had their share of mistrust. But their status has changed from complicated with the transparent and widespread adoption by the masses.

Start-ups are exploring lanes to enter the financial institution’s belief of unbankable markets and developing growths into secured digital transactions.

7. Interoperability Benefits

The links in blockchains also allow transaction from one blockchain to another. Cross-chain transactions is one of the diverse functionalities offered by technology.

Multi-token transactions with the development of multi-token wallet systems are one of the trending operations in technology.

8. As a Service Platform

BaaS is a cloud-based service that enables users to develop new applications and software using blockchain as a service. Amazon and Microsoft are already using this platform to provide the block and chain benefit to extract data from a wider network. 

The property to offer vast connectivity is attracting the IoT where developers aim to create apps that will further securely encrypt connections across land and oceans.  Monitoring conversions and human connections, blockchains are way too ahead of human’s manual speed of interpretation. This trend has great potential further as more industries are opening eyes to its encrypted bit-rays. Read: Blockchain in IoT.

9. Securing Online Content

Blockchain technology is in use in the digital connections, ensuring security in the social media platform by working manifold on cybersecurity of the data involved.

Online content platforms like Netflix are in the process of incorporating the technology to make the user data more accessible and secure across networks. 

The interoperability and federated blockchain property are of help to many video, music and social media applications. Third parties can also use similar API of blockchain technology to read and write information.

10. Increasing Job Opportunities

The increasing use of blockchain technology is expected to open numerous opportunities in the job sector. Today’s labour market is witnessing the second largest growth in job opportunities in the blockchain technology platform. The demand for blockchain engineers is increasing in technicality and freelancing as well as development projects. 


The world is witnessing ‘the’ demand for skill in blockchain technology development paralleled with demanding job opportunities.

There is a rise in careers in blockchain technology and blockchain has tremendously changed the very face of the technology industry forever.  If you’re interested to become a blockchain developer and build smart contracts and chaincodes, checkout IIIT-B & upGrad’s PG Certification in Blockchain Technology.

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