Best Data Science Courses Online in 2023

Data science has been among the most sought-after professions in the US for the past few years, and there are many reasons why it would be best to pursue a career in this field. 

However, to enter this field, you’ll need to have highly specialised and advanced qualifications. This article will shed light on some of the best data science courses available that you can join and kickstart your data science career. 

Why Learn Data Science? 

Here are some of the primary reasons why you should enrol in data science courses online:

It Is Among The Top 3 Best Jobs in America

Data scientist stayed at the top ofGlassdoor’s annual list of the top 50 jobs in the United States for four years until 2020, where it dropped to third place, going below the fronted engineer and Java developer.

However, you should note that even after dropping to 3rd place, the data scientist’s role offers higher pay and job satisfaction than the other two. Considering it stayed at the top for four consecutive years and is still among the top three of the US’s best jobs, a data scientist’s role is fantastic for tech aspirants. Read about data scientist salary in The US.

In 2022, the data scientist’s profile is in second place next to that of Java Developer. This indicates that data scientists will stay in demand for the coming years for sure. 

A High Market Demand Backs It

The demand for data scientists is also on the rise, even though it’s a niche industry. According to Peter Bailis, CEO of Sisu, data scientists’ job prospects are strong, and the demand has also increased.  

Since we have better machine learning and analytics tools available, the entry barrier for data science roles has lowered considerably. These solutions have made the jobs of data scientists much more efficient and quicker. 

It Offers Handsome Annual Packages

The average pay of a data scientist in the US is $96,420 per annum, including bonuses, shared profits, and commissions. 

A beginner with less than a year of experience earns around $85,000 per year on average in this field. Similarly, a data scientist with one to four years of experience makes $95,000 per year on average, while one with five to nine years of experience earns $109,000 per annum. 

Experience and expertise matter a lot in this industry as data scientists with more than 20 years of industry experience get $136,000 per annum on average. 

Best Data Science Courses Online

The reasons we discussed in the previous section highlighted how data science is among the best industries to enter right now. However, to enter this industry as a skilled professional, you’ll need to join one of the best data science courses online. 

Joining a data science course will ensure that you learn all the required skills through a well-structured curriculum. At upGrad, we offer some of the best data science courses online available in the US

1. Advanced Certificate Program in Data Science

Our Advanced Certification Program in Data Science is a 7-month course designed in collaboration with IIIT-B (International Institution of Information Technology Bangalore). This course’s learner base is in more than 50 countries globally and covers more than 300 hours of learning material.

We offer a complimentary Python Programming Bootcamp with this course so that you can easily transition from a non-tech job to a technical role like a data scientist. This course offers more than 20 hours of live sessions where you can resolve your doubts and get answers to your questions. 

There will also be group coaching sessions giving you a comprehensive learning experience. You’d have the option to upgrade to the Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science program while taking this course (we have covered the course later in this article).

What You’ll Learn

The syllabus of our PG Diploma in Data Science course is:

Pre-Program Preparatory Content

In the first section of this course, you’ll study the fundamentals of MS Excel, MySQL, and Python. All three of them are industry staples for data science roles. You’ll also learn about analytics problem solving and data analysis in Excel. 

Data Toolkit

This section of the course lasts for 12 weeks and consists of two assignments to test your knowledge. We’ll introduce you to Python, Python programming, and how you use Python in data science. This section will also teach you about data visualisation, hypothesis testing, inferential statistics, and exploratory data analysis. 

Machine Learning

Many machine learning concepts find application in data science, and this section will introduce you to the same. You’ll learn about linear regression, clustering, and logistic regression, among others. 

Final Section 

Our course’s final section introduces you to advanced data science concepts and covers topics such as business intelligence, natural language processing, data engineering, etc. 

Minimum Eligibility

To join this program, you must have a bachelor’s degree with a 50% Final Graduation Score. No prior coding experience is required to enrol in this course, as we’ll teach you the necessary programming tools and skills for becoming a data science professional. 

Learn data analytics courses online from the World’s top Universities. Earn Executive PG Programs, Advanced Certificate Programs, or Masters Programs to fast-track your career.

2. Executive PG Program in Data Science

Executive PG Program in Data Science is a 12-month program we offer with IIIT-B. Like the previous course, the learner base for this program is spread across 50 countries worldwide.

This program offers six unique specialisations, and you can choose any one of them according to your background and career aspirations. You will be working on more than 60 industry projects and NASSCOM validated PG Diploma. 

The six specialisations we offer with this program are: 

  • Data Science Generalist
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Learning Processing
  • Business Intelligence / Data Analytics
  • Business Analytics
  • Data Engineering

It is among the best data science courses for working professionals as it’s completely online and doesn’t require you to quit your job for continuing your studies. You will receive 25 expert coaching sessions for doubt resolution and progress feedback. 

This course offers more than 400 hours of content and 20+ live learning sessions to provide an efficient and effective learning experience. 

What You’ll Learn

Our PG Diploma in Data Science course has the following syllabus:

Preparatory Content

The course will cover MS Excel basics in data science, such as data analysis in Excel and analytics problem-solving. It will give you the necessary foundation to learn more advanced concepts. 

Data Toolkit + Machine Learning

This section will teach you the basics and applications of Python in data science. You will also learn about machine learning and its applications in data science. 

Specialisation Course

The majority of the course would depend on the specialisation you choose. This section will last for 22 to 27 weeks, depending on the specialisation. 

Minimum Eligibility

You only need to have a bachelor’s degree to be eligible for this program. Like the previous course, this program doesn’t require you to have any coding experience as well. 

2. Master’s of Science in Data Science- LJMU & IIITB

Master of Science in Data Science is among the best data science courses online for those who want to pursue senior roles in the data science industry. This program lasts for 18 months and has empowered over 34,500 students.

Our Master of Science in Data Science is the only online MSc program in data science. We offer this program with IIIT-B and Liverpool John Moores University. You will be working on more than 60 case studies and projects during this program and get 500+ hours of learning. 

You will get 20+ live sessions and 25 coaching sessions with industry experts. Like the previous course, our Master of Science in Data Science also offers six specialisations you can pick from: 

  • Data Science Generalist
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Learning Processing
  • Business Intelligence / Data Analytics
  • Business Analytics
  • Data Engineering

We also offer a complimentary Python Programming Bootcamp and a career essential soft skills program with this course. 

What You’ll Learn

The detailed curriculum of this program makes it one of the best data science courses online. An overview of this course’s syllabus is below:

Preparatory Content

Here, we’ll familiarise you with the fundamentals of data science, MS Excel and other relevant concepts. 

Data Toolkit + Machine Learning

This section will focus on teaching you the necessary programming skills and data science concepts. It will allow you to understand the upcoming specialised courses.

Specialisation Courses + Master’s Dissertation

This section would depend on your chosen specialisation. Once you learn the advanced concepts, you’ll apply what you’ve learnt in the Master’s Dissertation module. 

Minimum Eligibility 

You only need to have a bachelor’s degree to be eligible for this program. You don’t need to have any coding experience to join this course. 

4. Advanced Certificate Programme in Machine Learning 

upGrad’s 7-months course is designed for freshers and mid-level managers. Senior executives can also apply for the course and uplevel in their careers.

What You’ll Learn

The course comprises 20 live sessions, 92 hours of learning, and 3 industry-relevant case studies and assignments designed to enhance practical skills in machine learning and develop knowledge of:

  • Underlying mathematics in machine learning
  • Optimization techniques
  • Evaluation metrics
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Supervised Learning
  • Large Scale Machine Learning
  • Querying and Indexing
  • Data Streams
  • Introduction to Deep Learning. 

Minimum Eligibility

Candidates require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with 50% passing marks in Engineering, Science or Commerce to apply at one of the premier educational institutes in India. 

Book your seat in our machine learning course today! 

Final Thoughts

All the courses we discussed above are available online and allow you to study without interrupting your professional life. If you are interested in joining these programs, you can contact us or check our website’s courses. 

Which online course certificate is valuable for data science?

upGrad - Executive PG Data Science with IIIT-B, Professional Certificate Program in Data Science with IIM - K, Advanced Certificate in Data Science are some of best online certificate courser for data science.

What is the best free data science course online?

There are free cource for data science at upGrad covering Linear Algebra for Analysis, Data Science in E-commerce, Programming with Python: Introduction for Beginners, Learn Python Libraries: NumPy, Matplotlib and Pandas etc this will get you started with data science for free.

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