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Is Doctorate in Business Administration worth it?

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23rd Feb, 2023
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Is Doctorate in Business Administration worth it?

Going back to college is an important and significant choice for many people, especially if you already have a degree, graduate or undergraduate. The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is one of the highest degrees of study available for business executives who want to broaden their professional horizons.

Wondering if it is worth it or not? 

Representing only the top 2% of all business graduates with higher education, a DBA is considered a coveted degree that only a few can flaunt. Let’s explore what is DBA and what makes DBA worth your time and efforts!

What is a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)?

In order to advance or improve their business abilities, people can obtain a Doctorate in Business Administration. This degree is often pursued by people with previous experience owning, managing, or operating a business. By doing this, they can test their theories in practical settings and determine whether commercial operations will encounter similar issues.

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The degree is distinct from an MBA or a PhD in Business Administration despite emphasising business theory and practice. An MBA programme often includes topics relating to general business administration, but a DBA degree frequently offers more individualised study in a particular discipline. A DBA programme can suit you if you intend to establish a career in academics or obtain C-suite roles in leading business firms.

Some common topics of concentration in a DBA programme include – 

  • Business Administration – Learn methods for managing and implementing change for roles such as consultant, manager, or executive.
  • Healthcare Management –  Develop an understanding of healthcare laws and regulations to prepare for a facility director, hospital administrator, and executive positions.
  • Finance – Discover financial modelling, analysis, and decision-making tools used by financial analysts, CEOs, and CFOs.
  • Accounting – Discover the basics of investing, taxes, and more to prepare for a career as a manager, analyst or CFO.

What do you learn in a DBA program?

With a DBA, you may understand the latest theories and research on managerial and decision-making techniques, as well as how to conduct graduate-level research. These courses assist you in preparing for your residency and dissertation by building on the content offered in MBA programmes. 

The material you may find may be divided into three main groups: theory, research, and problem-solving.


DBA programmes typically allow students to learn more about current problems that business executives may have to deal with in their careers. These courses may address issues including climate change, the management of limited resources, workplace cultural sensitivity and assimilation of sustainability in current practices.


Lessons in business and management theory include – 

  • How to manage businesses in the modern world
  • How to manage and inspire teams of people
  • How to recognise human weaknesses and strengths
  • How to apply corporate ethics and governance 


One of the fascinating aspects of a DBA programme for many students is doing research and solving challenges. The curriculum frequently covers the introduction to research methodology, experimental design, and reading and analysing academic journal articles.

Reasons why a DBA is worth it

While a Doctorate in business management can give you advanced qualifications, you must first pursue other graduate degrees along with some work experience. Here are other reasons you should consider this doctorate degree – 

DBA provides credibility

Even though an MBA is a well-liked business degree, many people decide against going back to school to get a DBA. Therefore, holding a DBA degree might assist you in projecting an image of ambition and diligence. A DBA degree might also help you stand out from your competition. Additionally, it exhibits a high degree of business expertise and demonstrates your dedication to ongoing personal and professional development to potential employers. A proper DBA course, like the Doctor of Business Administration course from upGrad, can help you develop your skills further and obtain opportunities in higher management positions.

DBA offers better career opportunities

DBA programmes equip graduates with essential business management, leadership, and organisational effectiveness abilities that they may apply to various fields and positions. A DBA emphasises research and problem-solving abilities, whereas an MBA improves managerial capabilities. In other words, getting a DBA places you to develop the business concepts that others will learn and use rather than teaching you theories and best practices. 

You can develop your career in roles like – 

  • Owner of a business
  • Entrepreneur
  • Consultant
  • Educational leader
  • Contractor for the government
  • Business associate in the private and public sector
  • Business Strategist

DBA extends a better understanding of global business 

Students who achieve DBA degrees get fresh insight into the business environment, enhancing their reputation with peers, possible employers, and the business community. The global business domain is filled with new-age technology transforming the entire corporate world. This is why having a business career without knowledge of what is happening in this world is useless. A DBA degree can help provide some of the best business technologies and tools to strengthen your stance in the business world. 

DBA provides access to lucrative opportunities

Your prospects of obtaining senior management or executive employment in any field might be significantly improved by earning a DBA degree. The degree’s versatility and practical training method enable you to advance your career and seek employment that provides competitive compensation and stock options. A DBA will assist you in gaining a thorough grasp of various business settings and management principles. Additionally, the degree will enable you to apply for various industry positions.

How to choose a suitable DBA Course?

Now that we understand what is a DBA course and the reasons why you should choose it let us look into the steps that you can take to choose the best DBA course for yourself – 

Understand your interest and benefit

To get the most out of your working life, look for online DBA programmes that let you incorporate the work you’re already undertaking into your doctorate study. Choosing the appropriate DBA speciality when you start a new leg in your career might make all the difference if altering your career route is your aim.

Choose the specialisation that will further your research

Which DBA specialisation you select depends on your objectives, passions, and aspirations for your career. You should consider how the speciality you want to pursue will affect your research before choosing the subject of your PhD studies. Whether you’re unsure or having trouble deciding on a concentration, check to see if your online DBA school offers a self-designed specialisation. This will allow you to customise your studies to fit your interests and objectives.

Top Universities that offer this degree

If you are looking to apply for a Doctorate in Business Administration course at some of the top universities in India, here is where you should consider applying – 

  • Golden Gate University
  • SP Jain School of Global Management
  • Institute of Management Technology – IMT Ghaziabad
  • Institute of Management Studies – IMS Kolkata

Eligibility Criteria for DBA

  • MBA/PGDM or any other Post Graduate degree/diploma in management


  • A master’s degree and at least five years of experience in a managing or supervisory position

Jobs you can go for

Here are a list of jobs and the average offered salaries you can aim for once you get a Doctorate in Business Administration degree – 

RolesAverage Salary (per annum)
Management AnalystINR 9,99,578
Educator/ProfessorINR 1,30,000
C-level ExecutiveINR 1,31,496
Market Research AnalystINR 3,30,000
EconomistINR 14,30,000
EntrepreneurINR 6,00,000


A DBA will assist you in gaining a thorough grasp of various business settings and management principles. Additionally, the degree will enable you to apply for various positions in diverse industries. Consider enrolling in a DBA programme at a reputable university right away to advance your business career. 

You can also check out the Doctor of Business Administration from Golden Gate Univertsity. Offered under California’s leading univeristy, the Golden Gate University, this course is mainly designed for working professionals to upskill and attain lucrative opportunities in higher management. The program offers six specialisations to choose from, helping you excel in your chosen field!



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Is a DBA similar to a PhD?

As opposed to a DBA, which combines classes and applied research, a PhD involves significant contributions to knowledge. On the other hand, a DBA is much suited for people aiming to obtain opportunities in higher management, such as C-suit roles like CEO, CMO, CFO and other related roles.

2Does DBA have a future in this country?

DBAs can intelligently broaden their knowledge of other technologies, such as blockchain or artificial intelligence, to secure their careers in the future. There are a lot of career opportunities for DBA degree holders in the country.

3Can I get a DBA without an MBA?

An MBA and prior work experience are often prerequisites for enrolling in a DBA programme. However, academic qualifications might be flexible, so you can get admitted with only real-world experience instead of an MBA.

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