UpGrad Student Athul Uday on Rethinking Marketing Frameworks

I lead the marketing team for a firm with a legacy of B2B technology solutions and can say with utmost confidence that a dynamic shift is happening in the marketing industry. The industry, as well as my company, is undergoing a massive transformation in terms of needs, wants, audiences and solutions. This transformation requires all teams, but most importantly the marketing team, to rethink its approaches to customer acquisition and thought leadership. Digital transformation isn’t just a requirement anymore but a necessity.
While I’m not new to digital marketing tools, the situation warranted I brush up my framework thinking. It was in this context that I decided to enroll in UpGrad’s PG Certification in Digital Marketing & Communication.
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Personally, I have used several ed-tech platforms including Coursera and Edx but I found the learning experience in UpGrad to be deeply immersive and engaging – several notches above other stated platforms. The technology product and its interface is gorgeous. Smooth as silk and solid as a diamond.
Athul Uday on Rethinking Marketing Frameworks
I absolutely adore how social interactions have been built into the product in the form of discussion forums. It takes networking and discussions to another level. Gamification is done exceedingly well with leaderboards, fun badges, and threaded replies. Content is highly abstracted and a lot of thought seems to have been put in the making. Even the short video lectures of ~4mins, pack a punch. You are in for a fun intellectual ride, but may I warn you that these are not easy videos that can be consumed while taking a metro ride. The case-based learning is at the heart of this course. The cases are a fine mix of global and local, B2B and B2C – both old and new.
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If you like stories, you’ll definitely enjoy the lectures! The curriculum is designed to impart framework thinking. If you are looking for materials that will help you quickly set up a Google Adwords Campaign up and running, look elsewhere. The course from UpGrad, will make you think why, when and how programmatic advertising should fit into your scheme of things.

If you wish to explore and become an expert in Digital Marketing, check out upGrad & MICA’s PG Certification in Digital Marketing & Communication. Become an expert in social media marketing, content marketing, branding, marketing analysis and PR.

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