UpGrad partners with Analytics Vidhya

We are happy to announce our partnership with Analytics Vidhya, a pioneer in the Data Science community. Analytics Vidhya is well known for its impressive knowledge base, be it the hackathons they organize or tools and frameworks that they help demystify. In their own words, “Analytics Vidhya is a passionate community for Analytics/Data Science professionals, and aims at bringing together influencers and learners to augment knowledge”.
We are joining hands to provide candidates of our PG Diploma in Data Analytics, an added exposure to UpGrad Industry Projects. While the program already covers multiple case studies and projects in the core curriculum, these projects with Analytics Vidhya will be optional for students to help them further hone their skills on data-driven problem-solving techniques. To further facilitate the learning, Analytics Vidhya will also be providing mentoring sessions to help our students with the approach to these projects.
This collaboration brings great value to the program by allowing our students to add another dimension to their resume which goes beyond the capstone projects and case studies that are already a part of the program. Through this, we hope our students would be equipped to showcase their ability to dissect any problem statement and interpret what the model results mean for business decision making. This also helps us to differentiate UpGrad-IIITB students in the eyes of the recruiters.

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  1. Hi, can we get more details on the same and can make use of the same , please detail on the same …

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