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Top Wipro Interview Questions & Answers in 2024

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21st Nov, 2022
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Top Wipro Interview Questions & Answers in 2024

Wipro Limited is one of the leading Multinational companies in the IT, consulting, and business services industry. Based in India, Wipro uses AI, robots, cybernetics, data analytics, cloud technology, and many cutting-edge technologies to help its clients adjust to the digital shift. Currently, they have more than 2 lakh employees working for them across six different continents. They are known for offering extensive services while sporting a strong dedication to sustainability and finding good corporate opportunities. In addition, Wipro’s annual revenue in 2022 was $10.425B, almost a 23% increase from 2021, making it one of the leading and growing names in the tech industry. 

If you want to realize your fullest potential and grow your skills simultaneously, a career at Wipro can help you reach your dreams. You will get to work with leading industry experts on the latest technologies. Apart from these, Wipro is a people-based company that promotes a healthy work culture. At Wipro, you can access unlimited learning and curate your career path. This blog will cover the most relevant Wipro interview questions and answers that can help you prepare for your D-day!

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Most relevant Wipro technical interview questions and answers to expect in 2022:

Let us go over the most common Wipro interview questions and answers you can expect during the Wipro interview process. If you are applying for a technical role at Wipro, these questions will help you to understand how to prepare and what to include in your study material.

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1. Discuss some of the advantages of using a thread. 

  • The thread allows faster communication.
  • The thread allows multiprocessors to work more efficiently and at a greater level.
  • Threads decrease the amount of time taken to change the context
  • Threads allow data experts to find concurrency in a specific system.  

2. Explain the different components involved in DBS.

Here are various components involved in DBS.

  • Synonym: You can find any particular data using synonyms of DBS. In addition, they are utilised for making indexes for huge databases. 
  • Table: This programming command is used when you want to create tables to organise your database. 
  • Index: Indexes are especially useful for finding rows from the database’s random tables. In addition, creating and maintaining indexes can help organise massive databases.
  • Sequence: This object command is typically used to establish an application or website database sequence. The end user generates this sequence, which is matched with several users to create distinctive ids.   
  • View: A view object is required in DBS to provide an overall view of the database. It provides statistical tables based on the information from your database.  

3. Briefly talk about the steps involved while designing a software application.

To start with, software developers must use SDLC to create software. SDLC involves six steps that you can use to create the most efficient software. The steps include

Step 1: Plan the entire software project scope and consider the methods and features that work for you.

Step 2: Research and obtain all the necessary information and tools required for the software to be developed. 

Step 3: Design a software prototype to check whether the software’s basic structure is working. 

Step 4: Meticulously code for the software while keeping the structure in mind. 

Step 5: After the coding, test to ensure that the final software product matches your initial requirements. 

Step 6: Consider updating and maintaining the software from time to time to stay updated with the recent technological changes. 

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4. What is Stack Unwinding? 

Stack Unwinding refers to the process of removing entries from the function call stack.  A linear search in the call stack is done when an exception occurs while using C++. In such cases, all the entries before the function from the call stack are deleted. Stack Unwinding is required if this exception can’t be handled with the same function code.    

5. What are stack and its applications?

Stack, also known as Last-In-First-Out (LIFO), lists elements in stacks in such an order that the elements entering the stack first will be deleted at last. This list is ordered, and you can only insert or delete content from the top. In addition, it’s a periodic data list that points to its topmost elements.

Stacks are used in –

  • Creating and maintaining browsers
  • Parsing
  • Doing evaluations, and conversions 

6. What are Queue and its applications?

Queue, also known as the First-In-First-Out list, is another ordered list that allows handlers to insert and delete certain elements from two ends, the REAR and the FRONT, respectively. In real life, a bus queue is a good example of such ordered lists.

Queues are used in 

  • Several appliances like CPUs, disks and printers are known for using queues as waiting lists. 
  • Interruption in operating systems is handled using queues. 
  • Many data transfer methods require queues to facilitate seamless data transmission
  • Most MP3 players and CD players feature and use queues to allow end users to maintain their favorite playlists.   

7. List some of the differences between Errors and Exceptions.

After critical errors, recovery of data is impossible.You can use throw keywords to recover data after exceptions.  
The majority of such errors occur due to the program that is used by the code to run. The program sets specific exceptions for itself. 
Errors are most likely to occur during compilation and running. Most of the exceptions occur while the program is being 

8. How many shells can you use in Linux? 

Let’s talk about the different types of shells you can use while working with Linux.

  • GNU Bourne-Again Shell: This feature allows you to access Korn and Bourne Shell.
  • The Bourne Shell: This type of UNIX shell is fast and convenient. The Solaris OS is currently using the Bourne shells as its default shell type. 
  • The Korn shell: The Korn shell features all the advantages that a bourne shell provides. In addition, the Bourne Shell is a subset of the Korn shell. Korn shell involves immersive segments like arrays, string manipulation techniques, and arithmetic solutions. Korn shells are much more efficient than C shells when writing scripts. 
  • C Shell: This type of shell usually has different names and history records. In addition, they make the job of programmers easier by providing C-like syntax and pre-installed codes.

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9. What are the advantages of using time slicing related to CPU scheduling in different OS?

Time slicing refers to running a taste for a particular time before doing familiar jobs. You can enjoy certain privileges and factors if you do time slicing:

  • The CPU Kernel does not allocate memory to every task. It tries to give equal priority to every single process. Typically a CPU achieves this by running programs that slice by slice. The time in which your PC executes a process depends a lot on time slicing. 
  • When two processes are running simultaneously, you might need to save new details. To save the state of running processes, consider using context-using to lose data from pre-running processes. 
  • Time slicing can be easily integrated into any Operating system.  

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10. Discuss differences between UNIQUE keys and Primary Key 

UNIQUE keys Primary Keys
Unique limitations in the MS SQL database create a unique non-clustered INDEX.Using the primary key, you can create a unique CLUSTERED INDEX.
It helps developers to identify unique data from a table. This allows coders and developers to help find relevant rows from a table. 
You can use NULL values while dealing with UNIQUE Keys. NULL values cannot be used while working with Primary Keys. 
Several unique keys are typically found in a  table One Primary key is seen in a table.

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Wipro is a dream company for thousands of people to start their careers. However, getting selected and preparing for the Wipro technical interview questions can get hectic. Ensure you own the right set of skills for the position you’re applying to. Prior research and revision of fundamental and advanced concepts will enable you to go through Wipro’s technical interview round easily.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What’s EUCALYPTUS in Cloud Computing?

AWS-compatible hybrid and private cloud computing systems require EUCALYPTUS (an open-end software) to be created.

2What does DOM stand for in terms of a programming API?

The full form for DOM is a Document object Model. It is a cross-platform programming interface meant for web documents.

3Is there any eligibility for enrolling in this upGrad blockchain certification program?

Yes, you must have a minimum of 50% score in your Bachelor’s Degree. The program also requires prior coding experience with any high-level language, which may include C++, Python or Javascript.