How to Stay Motivated + Effective While Working from Home

A few months ago, none of us could’ve imagined the world as it is now. Many of us have started working from home because of the pandemic, and it seems highly probable that this situation will remain so for the coming months. So it would be best to adapt to these conditions in the best way possible.

A common problem people have while working from home is a lack of motivation and productivity. This article will help you tackle those issues as we’ll discuss the methods of experienced professionals who work from home use. 

Get Ready for Work 

When you have a habit of getting ready in the morning for the office, why change it? The only time you don’t get prepared for the office is probably when you’re on leave, or it’s a holiday. 

So even if you’re working from home, you can pretend that you’re going to the office. So, follow the usual morning routine you used to follow, i.e., set an alarm, wear the right clothes, eat breakfast, and perform any other activities you usually do.

Pro tip: if you’re using Google Chrome, you can set up separate accounts for home and work with different toolbars. This way, you can have a more ‘office-like’ feeling when you work.

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Make a Designated Workplace

When you imagine your kitchen, what activity comes in your mind? Cooking, right? 

Our brains tend to associate locations with activities, and you can use this to your advantage while you work from home. 

Set a location in your home as your workplace. It can be a desk or a section in the living room. Whatever that location is, make sure that when you go there, the only thing you do is work and don’t do anything else. 

Many freelancers use this method to stay productive. It helps them in staying in focus because their mind gets into a ‘work-mode’ when they go to that location. 

Keep Your Phone Away

Your phone is a dangerous distraction as an average person spends more than four hours a day using their phone. When you’re at home and not at the office, this number can shoot up substantially. 

A standard solution many professionals employ is to keep their phones away while they are working. You can switch off your phone or keep your phone in Airplane mode to make sure it doesn’t distract you.

However, if your phone is a crucial part of your work, you can uninstall any distracting apps from your device or use an app that blocks social media apps (and games) for a specific duration. 

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Work at your Most Productive Times

A fantastic advantage of working from home is you can set your schedule. Some people are early birds, while some are night owls. You can choose the time you feel the most productive in, and start your work then.

Ramping up your schedule this way can help you in enhancing your focus and productivity considerably. 

For example, Steve Jobs used to wake up at 5 AM and work in the morning. He felt the most productive then. So, identify your most productive time of the day and ensure that you’re working at that time. 

Plan Out Your Tasks

Many times we lose the motivation to work because everything seems overwhelming. That’s why you should plan your tasks at the start of the day. 

You can create a To-do list and tick off the things you’ve done. This method is highly effective in staying motivated because when you see the progress you’ve made, you become more motivated to work ahead.

You can create a timetable like you used to have at school when you studied. It will help you stay on track. 

Listen to Music for Concentration

Music can do wonders for you. It can relieve stress, make your work a little more fun, and, most importantly, make you more productive. 

Many freelancers and professionals experienced in working from home recommend listening to music while working. Everyone has a different taste so that you can choose one according to your style. It’s best to listen to music according to the kind of work you’re doing. 

For example, if you’re writing something, listening to classical music or instrumentals might help you more than Ed Sheeran. 

On a side note: make sure you use headphones (or earphones) to listen to music. Otherwise, you’ll be distracting others. 

Let Others Know About Your Requirements

Chances are, there would be other people at your home too, such as parents, your partner, kids, or anyone else, and having company can be distracting. Someone might ask you random questions in the middle of your work, your kid might want to play with you, or your partner might strike up a conversation. 

To ensure you remain productive and things go smoothly, you should communicate your requirements with the people present at your home. Even if you seem like you’re hanging out at home (which you aren’t), they should know that you’re working. 

You can set rules; for example, no one would talk to you when you’re at your desk. Clear communication is always the best solution to this problem.

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Final Thoughts

Working from home is a challenge, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tackle it. We hope that you liked this article. 

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