How Blockchain is Changing Banking Industry?

If you somehow managed to find this article and have no idea what blockchain technology is then congratulations on finally coming out from under the rock you had been living under for the past few years.

Blockchain has been generating a lot of buzz for the past couple of years and now it is one of the most sought after technologies that every big tech company wants to use to its full potential.

This is because blockchain has so many use cases that it has the potential to completely alter so many industries like cybersecurity, data protection, and banking sector.

Blockchain’s impact on banking was inevitable. The only real question was just how much of an impact will it be. The following are some of the most visible ways in which the impact of blockchain has directly affected the basic concept on which modern banking is built upon.

Money Transfers

Traditional banking comes with a lot of red tapes when it comes to sending or receiving money. This goes from a limit on the amount of money you can send to the type of accounts you can send money. This is even worse if you want to make any international money transfers. 

Blockchain has completely disturbed the traditional way in which money was transferred. 

Using blockchain technology, various startups have developed methods to transfer funds in a way that is simple, cheap, direct and free from almost any red tape. In fact, blockchain lets people conduct anonymous money transfers and protect their privacy.

This gives people who switching to blockchain-based money transfers a lot more financial freedom over who they can send the money to and how they send it. This is a massive impact that blockchain has had on banking but this is something that was predicted during the earliest years of blockchain.


blockchain technology

Loans have always been the bread and butter of banking. There is a good argument to be made that without loans, the very concept of banking might not exist.

However, getting a traditional loan from a bank is becoming increasingly difficult as banks have become more and more cautious.

This has led to a lot of people turning to other sources of loans and companies have propped up over the years that provide cryptocurrency loans, or crypto-loans for short.

Crypto-loans are free from a lot of protocols that make getting a bank issue a loan so hard. Crypto-loans are easy to get, instantly delivered and anyone with enough crypto-assets can easily become a lender and start making a profit.

This blockchain-backed service is growing in popularity and can evolve into a serious threat to mainstream banks and loan sharks.

Financial Record Keeping

Trust is what defines banking for a lot of people. But over the years banks have let this trust people have in them down on various occasions.

There is a fundamental flaw with how financial records are maintained by banks and it is that these records can be altered by someone with enough power, clearance, and authority to do so.

Blockchain, on the other hand, is absolutely immutable. This immutability of blockchain is one of its most appealing features and the place where this is most useful is definitely financial record keeping.

No one, not even the people with extreme wealth and power can alter a single record made on the blockchain. This brings an unprecedented level of trust that compels many people to use blockchain for their financial activities over traditional banks.

Complete Transparency

While this might not be true for private blockchain since a majority of blockchains used to perform peer to peer transactions are public permission blockchain, it is safe to say that blockchain has altered how people view financial institutions.

Most banks are very private about their internal operations and how, why, and to whom they are offering privileges. There is virtually no transparency between a bank and its users once they have deposited their money.

This works out pretty well when everything is going fine but the moment anything goes wrong and people start to demand an answer, the banks simply double down on keeping information away from their users.

On the blockchain, however, there is complete transparency. Anyone can see exactly what is going on behind the curtains at any given time and make a big fuzz the moment they find any fishy behavior.

This level of transparency is almost impossible to find in any other financial institutions and this is another way in which blockchain has impacted the very foundations of modern banking.

These are just the four main ways in which blockchain has had an impact on banking. In actuality, there are many smaller ways this impact of blockchain has been felt by financial institutions. The very fact that legendary banks like Barcley’s bank are inventing so much in adopting blockchain technology is sufficient proof of the impact blockchain has made. If you’re interested in mastering the blockchain technology, find this blockchain PG certificate from IIIT Bangalore.


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