Top 7 Highest Paid Science Jobs in India for Freshers & Experienced [A Complete Guide]

Science has always been one of the most exciting and fascinating career choices for students. The field is all about making groundbreaking discoveries and innovations that can change the world and benefit humankind. All scientific job roles strive to research and innovate to improve the lives of people, enhance commercial enterprises, and, most importantly, obtain a better understanding of the world we live in. 

Science seeks to understand the nature of things around us and create pioneering products that can revolutionize the world. This is the reason why careers in science are some of the most exciting and significant. When you choose to build a career in science, you will have immense possibilities to tread undiscovered realms and give birth to radical innovations.

Furthermore, science is an incredibly vast field with numerous branches. You can choose from natural sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), formal sciences (Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science, Logic), Engineering, Medicine, and even more advanced branches like Data Science, Robotics, and Blockchain. 

Naturally, the range of career opportunities in the field of science is wide and varied. There’s plenty of promising job roles to choose from. And what’s great is that almost all scientific job roles come with a hefty yearly compensation. Today, we’re going to talk at length about the highest paid jobs in science field in India.

However, before we begin talking about the high paying jobs in science field, you must remember that just like any other field or profession, the salary packages of scientific roles also depend on a candidate’s educational qualification, skill set, work experience, and training. Other external factors that determine the salary are the company size and reputation and base location.

While well-established organizations and institutions pay higher salaries, newly launched startups may pay mid-scale salaries. Apart from salary, career growth and job security are also two driving factors that attract aspirants towards a particular job profile. 

Now, let’s get straight into the discussion about the highest paid jobs in science field!

7 Highest Paid Jobs In The Science Field

1. Machine Learning Engineer

 Machine Learning Engineers are experts who work under the broad umbrella of Data Science – Artificial Intelligence. They are sophisticated engineers who specialize in Machine Learning. Their primary job responsibility is to design and develop intelligent machines and systems that can perform human-like tasks with minimal human intervention.

They develop advanced ML algorithms to teach computers to learn from experience. Essentially, Machine Learning Engineers build self-running software to automate predictive models. So, with each performance, the machine learns from the result and then performs future operations with a higher degree of accuracy.

Machine Learning Engineers must be proficient in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science. Also, they must have a knack in programming in multiple languages, including Java, Python, R, C, C++, and Perl, Scala, to name a few. The more skill and experience they have, the more salary machine learning engineers receive.


  • Applied Mathematics
  • Programming 
  • Neural Network Architectures
  • Data Modeling and Evaluation
  • Advanced Signal Processing
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Reinforcement Learning


PayScale maintains that the average annual salary of ML Engineers in India is Rs. 6,85,081 LPA. Freshers who have less than one year of experience can get a starting salary of Rs. 5,04,150 LPA. ML Engineers who have 1-4 years of experience earn Rs. 6,92,090 LPA. For those who are in their mid-career (5-9 years of experience), the average annual salary increases to Rs. 11,50,500 LPA. ML Engineers having over ten years of experience earn more than Rs. 19 LPA.

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2. Data Scientist

Data Scientists are highly expert professionals whose primary aim is to create value out of large and complex datasets. They are data wizards who collect vast volumes of data from disparate sources on a daily basis. After gathering the data, Data Scientists clean, organize and process the data for analysis purposes to uncover the hidden patterns in the data. Once the insights are interpreted, Data Scientists use these insights to develop actionable solutions for a wide range of business challenges.  

Data Scientists are well-versed in Data Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Statistics. Usually, they collaborate with Data Analysts to discover the patterns and trends hidden in complex datasets. Together, Data Scientists and Data Analysts use the extracted insights to find solutions for real-world business issues. 


  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Machine Learning
  • Programming 
  • Data Wrangling
  • Data Visualizing & Communication
  • Software Engineering
  • Business Analytics 


According to PayScale, the average annual salary of Data Scientists in India is Rs. 7,07,760 LPA. Entry-level Data Scientists having less than one year of experience usually earn an annual compensation of Rs. 5,50,500 LPA. However, Data Scientists having 1-4 years of experience can earn around Rs. 6,05,550 LPA. In mid-career (5-9 years of experience), the average annual salary of Data Scientists is Rs. 9,93,290 LPA. As experience increases, the salary scale also increases, and it can go as high as Rs. 17 – 20 LPA or more. Learn more about the data scientists salary in India.

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3. Data Analyst

Just like Data Scientists, a Data Analyst also collects and processes large volumes of data. Data Analysts combine the best of both worlds – business and IT. They perform statistical analysis on the data to find out how the data can be used to solve business problems.

Once the insights are extracted from the datasets, Data Analysts must make these insights presentable for everyone to understand. Hence, a Data Analyst’s job involves data munging, data processing, and data visualization. Apart from this, Data Analysts also maintain and uphold the quality and accuracy of data.  

Two of the most pivotal duties of Data Analyst are data analysis and data visualization. Data Analysts not only have to find valuable insights within large datasets, but they must also visualize these findings in various forms of visual, written, and verbal presentations. This helps everyone in the team (including non-technical members) to understand the connotations of data and brainstorm on data-driven business solutions. 


  • Programming 
  • Statistics 
  • Business acumen
  • Computer Science
  • Business Intelligence 
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Mining, Cleaning, and Munging


 According to PayScale, the average annual salary of Data Analysts in India is Rs. 4,11,480. While entry-level Data Analysts earn a starting salary of Rs. 3,17,200 LPA, Data Analysts having 1-4 years of experience can earn around Rs. 4,04,710 LPA. Mid-level Data Analysts having 5-9 years of experience earn Rs. 6,25,940 LPA, whereas senior-level Data Analysts having over ten years of experience earn anywhere between Rs. 17 – 20 LPA.

4. Full-Stack Developer

Full-Stack Developers are programmers who are well-versed in front as well as back end coding and design of websites and software applications. So, they not only create blueprints for the user interface (the side with which users interact) that controls the look and feel of applications, but they also build the backend of the application that controls the program logic and server database interaction.

Full-Stack Developers write the code to manage user interactions on websites, develop servers and databases for website functionality, and custom software solutions using different development tools and technologies.

Since Full-Stack Developers handle both the front and backend of web applications, they must have an advanced degree in Computer Science. Also, they must always stay updated with the latest trends in the domains of web development and programming languages.


  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript coding
  • Application Architecture Design
  • Database & Web Architecture
  • Version Control System
  • API Knowledge (REST & SOAP)
  • Technical Writing
  • Project Management


According to Indeed stats, the average annual salary of Full-Stack Developers in India is Rs. 6,37,362 LPA. Usually, Full-Stack Developers start their career by earning around Rs. 4.5 – 6 LPA. However, as their experience increases, the salary scale also increases. While mid-level Full-Stack Developers can earn Rs. 8 – 10 LPA, professionals who have more than ten years of experience can easily make around Rs. 14 – 18 LPA or more. Click to learn more about full stack developer salary in India.

5. Blockchain Developer

As the name suggests, Blockchain Developers are software programmers who are experts in Blockchain technology. Their primary responsibility is to develop and optimize Blockchain protocols, design the architecture of Blockchain systems, develop smart contracts, and Blockchain web applications.

Blockchain Developers supervise the Blockchain development life cycle, which includes research, analysis, design, testing, and execution. They write Blockchain code in languages like Simplicity, Solidity, Rholang, JavaScript, and C++. Blockchain Developers also design and set up the necessary security measures to protect the integrity of Blockchain systems.

Since Blockchain Developers specialize in Blockchain technology, they must have a sound understanding of the Blockchain architecture, cryptography, smart contract development, and web development. 


  • Coding
  • Cryptography
  • Software Development
  • Peer-to-Peer Networks 
  • Distributed Ledger
  • Blockchain Security
  • Data Structures and Algorithms


According to PayScale, the average annual salary of Blockchain Developers in India is Rs. 5,89,580. Usually, the salary scale for Blockchain jobs is very high since there is a serious shortage of skilled and qualified professionals in this field. So, companies pay high salaries to deserving candidates with the right skills. While the starting salary is Rs. 5 LPA, it can go as high as Rs. 45 LPA. 

6. Big Data Engineer

 Big Data Engineers are developers who specialize in Big Data tools, frameworks, and technologies. They design, build, maintain, test, and implement Big Data solutions for companies and organizations. Big Data Engineers develop large-scale data processing systems using various Big Data tools like Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, MongoDB, Knime, and MapReduce, among others.

They also collect, analyze, and create detailed reports on the data that is flowing to and from the company. Big Data Engineers offer valuable insights into the hardware, software, and data infrastructure of a company to ensure the efficient use of data. 

Before moving to the Big Data domain, Big Data Engineers must have gained adequate experience in software engineering. They must be well-versed with object-oriented design, coding, and developing software platforms (both open-source and commercial).


  • Big Data Frameworks
  • SQL & NoSQL
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mining
  • Data Visualization
  • Statistical and Quantitative Analysis
  • General Purpose Programming languages


 According to Glassdoor statistics, the average annual salary of Big Data Engineers in India is Rs. 7,46,000 LPA. Entry-level Big Data Engineers can earn a yearly remuneration of Rs. 3.5 – 6 LPA. However, Big Data Engineers who have more than four years of experience can earn anywhere between Rs. 8.5 – 12 LPA. Professionals with over ten years of experience usually earn between Rs. 15 – 30 LPA.

7. Database Administrator

Database Administrators have come to play an important role in the industry. They are expert computer systems administrators responsible for maintaining a safe and secure database environment by supervising and performing data security tasks. While their primary responsibility is to maintain data integrity, Database Administrators also maintain company database, monitor database software purchases, handle database access, and oversee the upgrade of existing software products. They supervise quality control and the performance of company databases.

Since Database Administrators work with databases, they must have a sound knowledge of various database management products like SAP, SQL, etc. They also must have excellent organizational and analytical skills, along with a deep understanding of the business requirements of the IT sector.


  • Database Theory
  • Database Queries
  • Database Design
  • SQL
  • Operating Systems
  • Storage Technologies and Networking


According to Indeed, the average annual salary of Database Administrators in India is Rs. 8,55,070 LPA. An entry-level Database Administrator can earn around Rs. 2.5 – 3.8 LPA. After about four years of experience, Database Administrators can earn anywhere between Rs. 4.5 – 6.6 LPA. The salary scale of mid-level Database Administrators who have about 5-9 years of experience ranges between Rs. 7 – 10 LPA. For senior-level Database Administrators having over 10-15 years of experience, the salary scale can go as high as Rs. 15 – 22 LPA.

Wrapping Up

These are the top 7 highest paid jobs in the science field in India. Not only do these job profiles promise high salaries, but they also present tremendous opportunities to climb the promotional ladder quickly. 

If you would like to know more about which career option you should take based on your interests, talk to our career counsellors to know more about the current industry trends, the future scope of various fields, and more.

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