How to Study in Germany without IELTS Score?

Germany is unanimously hailed as a paradise for higher education. Apart from being a home to the world-best universities, Germany is also one of the countries that offer a wide variety of courses to choose from, along with globally valued degrees that set you up for a high-paying job. Moreover, Germany has a rich and vibrant history and a dynamic lifestyle that blends the modern and the classics, the urban and the rural, making you fall in love with the place, especially if you are visiting from abroad!

Therefore it is not surprising that Germany is constantly ranked among the world’s top destinations to host international students. According to recent statistics, there are more than 357k international students studying in Germany, and this number is only increasing with time as every year as thousands of students seek admission into good universities in Germany for higher studies.

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Catering to such huge demands, the German universities offer their graduation and master’s programs in two categories – German or English. For international, non-native English-speaking students need to prove their proficiency in the English language if they are to apply for the English program. Off late, many of the German universities have been accepting without the IELTS, provided you are able to prove your English proficiency through other modes. In this blog, we will give you all the details related to studying in Germany with and without IELTS.

Later in the blog, we will also look at how you can bypass the IELTS alternatives with upGrad by your side and save money while getting higher education from Germany!

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IELTS and German Student visa

You can study in a German university without taking the IELTS test. Yes, it is possible if you know where to look. In fact, some of the universities even allow admissions without taking any English-proficiency tests. In even rarer cases, some universities may even accept you if you’ve studied English as a subject in school or college.

If the program you are aiming for is taught in German or any other language except English, you will not need the IELTS score, but you might need to show proof of your skills in either German or whichever language the course is being conducted in. Some universities may demand a Language of Instruction Certificate from your bachelor’s college. Getting this is fairly simple, and you can just ask your college to give in writing that you had English as the mode of instruction during your bachelor’s.

In certain cases, universities also allow for direct audio/visual interaction to test your communication skills in the language required. In such a scenario, no extra evidence or proof is required.

Barring these specific scenarios, you will require an IELTS score or an alternate certificate.

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Alternatives to IELTS for studying in Germany

As a student from a non-native English-speaking country, you are likely to be asked for one or the other proof of your proficiency with the English language. Broadly, there are three valid alternatives to IELTS that you can look into.

  • TOEFL: Short for Test of English as a Foreign Language, TOEFL is an internationally accepted, standardized English language test accepted by universities across the globe, including Germany. TOEFL tests you based on four skills related to the language: writing, reading, listening and speaking. You are scored between 0-120, and anything over 110+ is good enough for admissions.
  • Cambridge English Certificates: Also known as Cambridge English Qualifications, these are tests that check your fluency in the English language. Based on the Common European Framework of Research (CEFR), there are different levels of the exams. This test also assesses your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. These tests are globally accepted as prerequisites at more than 30,000 organizations and even more institutes.
  • TOEIC Certification: Short for Test of English for International Communication, the TOEIC certification is unlike the other language proficiency tests. This certification focuses on conversational English language skills and your ability to use the language in an intercultural environment. This means there is an added emphasis on the verbal skills in this exam. The TOEIC certification test consists of tasks that analyze your vocabulary, coherency, intonation, pronunciation, and content.

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The upGrad edge: Bypass IELTS while saving a ton of money!

While the alternatives mentioned above to IELTS are good enough, you will still need to sit for the exams and clear them. During COVID times, when it is becoming increasingly difficult to focus on studies, taking one more exam and going through all the hassles and paperwork that comes after that is surely a burden you would want to avoid.

Fortunately for you, upGrad has a solution to these problems: Introducing upGrad Abroad. 

With our Study Abroad program, you get to do a Master’s course from Germany in association with UpGrad. The course is offered by upGrad in association with IU, Germany, and IIIT, Bangalore – thereby offering you a dual alumnus status. You get a chance to receive top-notch education while saving money and eliminating all the hassles that come with manual paperwork and documentation required for applying to universities abroad. You get relaxed English proficiency requirements and specialized training and curriculum from upGrad to improve your English abilities.

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Going to a new country and settling there is a difficult thing to do – and add to that the pressure of doing good in the course, and mingling with the people from different cultures. upGrad allows you to make this transition process extremely smooth. We take care of the end-to-end process of you moving to the destination country to pursue your higher education.

upGrad has a unique learning model. For the first year, you get to study from the comfort of your home. Attend online classes for one year, save money and efforts that would otherwise be spent on travelling to a new country in the middle of a pandemic and eventually move to the university campus and complete your degree. We understand that it is essential to attend physical classes, especially if you wish to develop your interpersonal skills with people of multiple cultural backgrounds. This is precisely why we’ve ensured that the program offers a definite provision for you to go to the respective college and continue your education on campus from the second year onwards.

Apart from saving your time and money (which is a crucial aspect for everyone), studying with upGrad also eases your academic transition by offering you complete support and personalized guidance.

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Join hands with upGrad and avail of the following benefits:

  • Personalized learning journey
  • Live lectures and 24×7 QnA
  • Small group coaching sessions
  • Videos from industry experts
  • Student success mentors
  • Personalized feedback on assignments

Do not wait anymore – Reach out to us today!

Drop us a mail or give us a call – we are here to help you realize your wish of studying abroad while eliminating all the hassles that come with it, which tend to put you on the back foot.

If you have any questions regarding the article, do let us know in the comments below!

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