How do I Find Mentors for Data Science?

Although Data Science has been around us ever since the 1960s, it has only gained traction in the last few decades. This is one of the main reasons why budding data scientists find it quite challenging to find the right mentors. However, this scenario is drastically changing now. With the right approach and by looking at the right corners, you can find data scientist mentors who can help you bridge the gap between theoretical and practical applications of data science. 
Mentoring allows students to acknowledge their weak points and work towards strengthening them. Good data scientist mentors offer constructive criticism that can help students grow and upskill. There are many ways to find the perfect mentor who are well aware of the dos and don’ts of data science.
While LinkedIn is a great platform to search for professional data scientist mentors, there are online platforms that are specifically designed to connect aspiring data science professionals with reputed data science programmers, developers, engineers, consultants, and tutors. these platforms allow you to search for mentors that meet your specific requirements while also offering a chat feature to connect with the person.
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Another excellent way of connecting with peers, mentors, and even potential data scientist employers is tech conferences. Summits and conferences bring together the best minds in data science under one roof and what better a chance to get in touch with them than to attend these events? There are tons of data science conferences held across the globe where the most talented and top data scientists in the industry come to share their knowledge on big data engineering, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics and so much more.
Here are some of the top tech conferences from around the world:

    • Big Data Analytics Tokyo


    • DataWorks Summit


    • KDD


    • Strata Data Conference


    • Cypher


    • The Data Science Conference


    • Predictive Analytics World


  • TDWI Big Data And Analytics Events

Apart from these, you can keep track of local hackathon events and meetups in your town/city.
When it comes to mastering a dynamic field like data science, nothing beats hands-on training. Data science boot camps (both online and offline) are excellent environments to nurture your data science skills with the help of professional mentors. At these programs, you not only get the guidance of seasoned data scientists, but you also grow through peer-to-peer learning. Then again, if you are faced with a time crunch, you can always opt for online data science courses that walk you through diverse data science concepts in a stepwise approach. The benefit of online data science program is that it allows you to learn and grow at your own time and pace and at a fraction of cost as compared to a full-time course.

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Lately, the concept of workplace mentoring has become quite popular in the industry. Since data science is continually evolving, companies are now arranging for formal training programs to train their employees in mastering data science technologies and help them stay updated with the latest trends in the field. Similar to workplace mentoring, some organizations have also started to invest in student mentoring through internships. Thus, while students get a taste of the job experience, they also get the opportunity to learn new things related to the realms of big data and data science.

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So, as you can see, there are many different ways to find and connect with data science mentors. There has never been a better time to begin a career in data science than now, and that’s why you should not waste another minute – get started on the mentor hunt right away and dive into the field of data science!
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What is the scope of a data science career in India?

India is the 2nd highest recruiter of data science professionals, second only to the US as the demand for data experts continues to rise. As a result, career options in data have risen exponentially in recent years. Not only are data science jobs high in demand, but professionals are also highly paid and working in diverse roles with many opportunities for growth.

What is a data mentor?

Data science mentors are experienced professionals or veterans in the field of data science who can help aspirants achieve their goal of a data career. Almost anyone who has relevant experience and expertise can don the hat of a mentor, whether it is a colleague at your workplace, a blogger, a LinkedIn contact or someone with whom you have interacted with at a meetup or conference. Ideally, a mentor will identify knowledge gaps and help amateur data scientists upskill and often connect with potential job opportunities.

What is the career path for a data scientist?

There is no defined career path for data science professionals. Typically, people take up courses in parallel to their studies or jobs and follow their instinct to build their roadmap. However, there are some popular job tracks that help people to succeed in this profession. These are: BI Professional, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Statistician, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer

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