8 Best Big Data Courses For Graduates in 2021 To Elevate Your Career

Big Data?

Humongous data growth is happening at an unprecedented speed. Let’s look at some staggering figures: Globally, data is expected to grow to 175 zettabytes by 2025. Over 200 billion devices are expected to generate vast amounts of data in 2020 alone. More and more data is generated in the last couple of years than in the entire history before that.

 Since 2012, Big Data has generated more than 8 million jobs in the US and 6 million more, globally.

 Are you looking for a job change or probably a career shift in these times of economic slowdown? Have you given a thought of making a career shift in the next-gen technologies like Big Data?

Why is Big Data a great career option?

According to a study conducted by Mckinsey, by 2036, 90% of jobs will be automated, and 30% of those jobs will be leveraging Big Data technology. These numbers indicate that Big Data is in high demand. But there are many reasons for Big Data being in high demand:

  • Big Data impacts outcomes of Machine Learning models as more data one feeds into these Machine Learning models, more robust they become and yes with more accuracy.
  • Absence of Big Data leads to project management failure or loss as a Big Data-based analysis shows various parameters like a trend, patterns, and other related patterns the project has been worked on.
  • Predictive analytics is being vast to make future predictions and identify risks or opportunities for the future. Predictive analytics leveraged Big Data techniques like data mining, modelling, and AI/ML to help businesses make a future analysis.
  • Through user experience, Big Data can collect data from call logs, social media platforms, feedback forms, website logs, and product reviews. This helps businesses to improve their customer experience by promoting their products or services.
  • More data available on the cloud means that there is more probability of data theft. This leads to a demand for more cybersecurity experts who can analyze growing data volumes and take required measures for preventing data theft.

With the technological advancements, career options in Big Data will keep growing, and the skills associated with Big Data will be much in demand.

Big Data is leveraged across the board, but specific industries that benefit most from Big Data are healthcare, banking, media, retail, and energy & utilities. At present, Big Data analytics is the best career move you can make as in the next five years the demand for proficient Big Data professionals will be on the rise and hence more job opportunities in this.

According to Entrepreneur magazine, businesses that utilize Big Data in their operations have experienced a profit increase between 8-10% and an average reduction of 10% in overall cost.

There is an increasing demand for Big Data Analytics skills, but this is an undeniable fact that there is a significant deficit on the supply side for the right professionals, globally.

Even though Big Data is one of the most in-demand jobs with high paying salaries, there are lots of unfilled vacancies because of the shortage of the required skill.

The Career Path of Big Data Analyst

There are numerous career options available for the Big Data professionals; they only need to explore the basis of their potential and interests. Some of the most common career paths Big Data professionals can take are Data Scientist, Big Data Engineers, Big Data Analyst, Data Visualization Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, Business Intelligence Engineer, Business Analytics Specialist, and Machine Learning Scientist.

The top 10 Big Data skills in demand that will get you a lucrative career in 2020 is:

  • Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • Knowledge of Business Domains and Big Data tools
  • Programming
  • Problem-solving
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Data Mining
  • Technical skills
  • Knowledge of Public and Hybrid clouds
  • Working experience

To acquire the above-mentioned Big Data skills, professionals need to take some Big Data course, whether classroom-based or online.

Here is the list of top Data Science courses that will equip you with the necessary skills required:

Top Big Data Courses

1. IIITB PG Diploma in Data Science (upGrad)

This 12-month Data Science course online allows you to kick-start your career with India’s no.1 certification program PG Diploma in Data Science from the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore. The students get five specialization options to choose from according to their background and career aspirations. These include Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence/Data Analytics, and Data Engineering.

Also, they can receive industry mentorship, dedicated career support, and also get to learn fourteen programming tools and languages. The program is for almost everyone right from engineers, marketing & sales professionals, domain experts, software & IT professionals, and also for the freshers. The minimum eligibility criteria is a Bachelor’s degree, with no coding experience required.

 The course offers best-in-class syllabus content by industry leaders and top-notch faculty in the form of videos, case studies, and projects.

2. IBM Data Science Certification

If you are looking to pursue a career in Data Science or Machine Learning, then this is one of the best data science courses available online. The certification provided by the institute comprises a series of nine courses, which help professionals acquire various skills required to work on Data Science projects in the industry.

The course covers a wide range of topics like data visualization, data analysis, libraries, and open-source tools. The course allows you to work on multiple assignments and projects that will enable you to showcase your skills and also add them to your resume. The candidates applying for this certification do not require any prior programming or computer science knowledge as the topics are covered from scratch, and students also get various tips and techniques along with assessments and projects.    

3. Masters of Science in Data Science (upGrad)

This is an 18-months globally recognized Masters program by Liverpool John Moores University. The candidates get an option to choose from five specializations as per their background and career aspirations. They get dedicated career assistance with counselling sessions and mock interviews from hiring managers. Additionally, they also get personalized mentorship with proactive support from industry experts. This course is only for professionals with some years of experience.

4. MBA with specialization in Business Analytics (upGrad)

Now professionals can get an MBA degree from AICTE approved NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education. This course is exclusively for professionals having good work experience. The course from upGrad provides students with an excellent interactive learning and evaluation system. This enables students to complete the course flawlessly without putting any pressure on work and life.

5. Certification Program in Business Analytics (upGrad)

One can become a business analyst and learn skills like business problem solving, exploratory data analysis, predictive analytics, and much more by only taking this 3-months course from upGrad. The course has especially been designed for Analytics aspirants, and they get to work on more than three case studies and projects during the entire course duration.

6. PG Certification in Data Science (upGrad)

You can get a PG certification in Data Science from the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore if you enrol for this course offered by upGrad. You get hands-on experience through industry-based projects, a cutting-edge curriculum, industry mentorship, and peer-to-peer networking in just seven months of the entire course duration.

7. MIT Data Science and Statistics

This is a complete series of 5 courses, which will help students strengthen their foundation of data science, statistics, and machine learning. Students enrolled in this program will learn to analyze Big Data and understand data-driven Predictive Analytics through statistical inference and probabilistic modelling. This will help them extract meaningful data for decision making. 

 Students enrolling for this program are advised to be proficient in college-level calculus, mathematical reasoning, and python programming so that they can make the most of this certification.

 After completing this certification, you would be able to apply for a variety of job roles, including data scientist, data analyst, and system analyst.

8. Applied Data Science with Python Certification

This is a 5-course certification program from the University of Michigan. This will help students learn data science through the python programming language. The eligibility criteria are basic Python knowledge. In this course, they will be taught about python toolkits, including pandas, matplotlib, nltk, and networks, among others. This is one of the perfect courses to get a step closer to becoming a Data Scientist.


There is a compelling requirement for professionals with skills in Big Data analytics and the ability to understand data, have strong business acumen, and come up with insights into this. This is the reason technology professionals with strong Big Data Analytics skills are finding a high demand for themselves as businesses look to leverage the power of Big Data. A professional with these strong skills can master Big Data and become an asset to an organization, boosting not only the business but also their career.

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