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Lilly Herbert is a devoted career specialist, helping many students and people making the right career choice. She usually evaluates the individual’s background, training, and education in order to help and develop realistic goals and help guide them in choosing a profession or type of degree necessary to be successful. When she is not helping others, you can find her exploring the deepness of nature.


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Jobs and Careers with a Prospect for the Future
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Jobs and Careers with a Prospect for the Future

The career you choose is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make during your lifetime. It’s important to find a career that you enjoy and that can provide you with a solid, profitable future. Everyone has talents to share with the world, and there’s no better feeling than finding a fulfilling career where you can share them with others. Although you can always change your mind later in life, it’s important to start thinking about your career when you’re young, so you can make appropriate decisions about your education and training. Many people believe you need to go to university to find a good job, but luckily this isn’t true anymore. There are many careers where all you need is a certification from a vocational school to start working, and you can still make a very good living. University isn’t the right fit for everyone. There are many people that take a different life journey, and become more successful than they ever would have been had they gone to university. For example, many locksmiths run highly profitable businesses and are vital parts of their community. There’s always demand for locksmiths no matter where you live because both homeowners and businesses will want to keep their property secure. Lock technology also advances over time, and old locks will need to be replaced with new ones. Locksmith training is relatively short when compared with the time it takes to complete a university degree, but will still provide you with everything you need to know to get started as a locksmith. Working as a locksmith is also a very satisfying career because you work for yourself, run your own business, and can make your own hours. Since demand stays steady, you don’t have to worry about the economy changing in the future, and you can charge fair market rates depending on your location. Ways in Which Digital Tools Are Transforming the Education Industry Many people think you need a degree and years of schooling to work in the medical field, but working as a medical assistant is another career you can get into with vocational training instead of going to university. Medical assistants get their education through a two-year post-secondary training program and then work with doctors to help them run their offices. Daily tasks include appointment scheduling, running lab samples, and taking patient histories. This is a very satisfying job that can also come with a good salary. Another potentially successful career that you might not have considered is working as a debt collector. Since credit use and overuse is very widespread, particularly in the United States, there’s always a need for debt collection professionals. Debt collectors typically only need an associate’s degree to start working, and you can opt to either start your own debt collection agency or work for an existing one in your area. While debt collection agencies do need to be licensed, they don’t have huge start-up costs, so if you want to run your own business, this is a potentially lucrative option. If you speak more than one language, another career choice with lots of potential for business is becoming a translator. Because of widespread access to the internet, companies all over the world are choosing to do business internationally, and this often means they need documents translated. Translating doesn’t require any specific education other than being fluent in multiple languages (although taking courses in these languages can certainly be helpful). As a translator, you’ll work for yourself, and you get to set your own hours and choose which projects you work on. 7 Jobs That Didn’t Exist But Are Hot Right Now Finally, one of the industries with the most potential for future growth is IT. Information technology careers typically do require a bachelor’s degree in computer or information science, but the payout is often worth it. Since companies need to be digitally savvy to succeed in today’s world, the demand for IT professionals is very high at the moment, and will likely only continue to go up. Salaries in this field start higher than most, so your financial future looks bright working in IT. Electricians are in similarly high demand and often perform somewhat similar tasks, but the education process is different. This is another job to look into as you investigate future career prospects.

by Lilly Herbert

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03 Oct 2018

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