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Advanced Certification in Machine Learning & Cloud
India's #1 Engineering Institute. Learn to deploy Machine Learning models using Cloud Computing.
500+ hours of content; 25+ industry mentorship sessions; 20+ case studies & projects
Advanced Certificate in Machine Learning & Deep Learning
240+ hours of content, 24+ live sessions, 5+ industry projects, case studies & assignments
12 tools & languages, 1:1 mentorship with industry experts
Advanced Certification in Machine Learning & NLP
Study Naive Bayes, Tree Models, Unsupervised Learning, Syntactic & Semantic Processing
Learn how to build a chatbot with 250+ hours of content and11+ tools,languages & libraries

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                      Machine Learning FAQ

                      What Is Machine Learning?

                      Machine Learning explores the study and construction of algorithms that can help in mapping the relationship between input and output on the based of historical data. Machine learning models can predict outcomes without being explicitly programmed to do so. 

                      What is Machine Learning used for?

                      Machine learning has wide applications ranging from customer behavio prediction, medical diagnosis, building recommendation engine, iamge recognition, fraud prevention, portfolio management, self-driving cars, etc

                      What is the best programming language for Machine Learning?

                      Python is the most used language for Machine Learning as it is simpler and easier to understand when it comes to building complex models. 

                      What are the basics of Machine Learning?

                      Using the historical/past data machine learning algorithms can understand the pattern between the input and output. This helps in predicting the output of unseen data on the basis of previous learning. Depending on the complexity of the relationship between the input and the output, the complexity of machine learning algorithms can vary to handle complex problems at hand.

                      What are the types of Machine Learning?

                      Machine Learning broadly has two divisions: Supervised learning and Unsupervised learning. Supervised learning refers to the area of inferring the pattern from labeled training data. whereas Unsupervised learning deals with unlabeled data. 

                      What is the cost of Machine Learning Course?

                      The program fees for Executive program in Machine learning & AI is INR 2,99,000 (incl. taxes)

                      Is Machine Learning a good career?

                      Machine learning is one of the most popular career choice in the field of Computer science. Every industry is now leveraging data to help them build strategies and plan for the future. With Machine Learning, you can solve real-life challenges anf provide smart solutions to many.

                      Does Machine Learning require coding?

                      Our Machine Learning course requires you to have a basic understanding of programming in any language. Although we will be giving you basic programming courses as the preparatory course before starting this program.

                      What jobs use Machine Learning?

                      Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Data Engineers use Machine Learning concepts in their jobs

                      How do I start my career in Machine Learning?

                      You can start your career in machine learning by doing a course in Machine Learning. Once you have a degree or certification, you can apply for Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Data Engineers job roles

                      What are courses in Machine Learning?

                      We have 1 preparatory course about python and SQL, 5 mandatory courses: Statistics Essentials, Machine Learning-I, Machine Learning-II, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. 3 Electives: Advanced Computer Vision with MLops, Advanced NLP with MLOps, AI strategy with MLops 1 Optional Course: Reinforcement Learning

                      What job can you get with Machine Learning?

                      Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Data Engineers

                      Is Machine Learning the future?

                      Machine Learning is the future as there are widespread business problems which are being solved by Machine learning. There is tremendous amount of research going in Machine Learning field.

                      What are syllabus includes in a Machine Learning course?

                      The syllabus includes Statistics Essentials, Machine Learning Algorithms, Deep Learning, Natural Launguage Prorcessing, MLOps. To know more about the course we recommend you to check the brochure provided on the platform.


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