What are Free Courses?

Free Courses are a unique ecosystem within upGrad to help you stay ahead of the curve and experience a part of upGrad's learning experience free of cost. You can choose courses from Business Basics, Data Science, Marketing, Machine Learning & Technology and build your foundational knowledge over a couple of hours. You will have access to Cutting Edge Content that is entirely Self-Paced, a Live Discussion Forum to ask your questions and to interact with others in your class, and a Certificate on successful completion of the course, free of cost.


Quick courses for your busy schedule

Designed in collaboration with leading industry experts to help you develop strong fundamentals.

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  • Business Basics
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  • Industry Webinars
  • Law and Justice in a Globalizing World (2hrs)

    This course will give you an overview on the background of law and justice, globalisation, the repercussions of globalisation on transnational crime. You'll also get insights on drug trafficking and how world is responding to it.

  • Introduction to Research Methodology (4hrs)

    This course will help you learn the basics of business research and why it's so important. You'll also learn how to design a cutting-edge research aim for your study.

  • How do Brands Leverage User Generated Content? (20mins)

    This course will provide you an understanding of what user generated content is, why it is becoming more popular, and how different businesses are utilising it to market their products. 

  • Advanced Writing and Editing for Print Media (4hrs)

    This course will help you learn the concept, characteristics and types of feature writing. You'll also learn the various styles and platforms in writing a feature story.

  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management (2hrs)

    This course will teach you the essentials of supply chain management, including how supply chains operate, how to plan a supply chain, and how to use supply chains to achieve success.

  • Fundamentals of Development Journalism (2hrs)

    This course will teach you the fundamentals of development journalism as well as how to plan, research, and write a news article using the concepts and methods of development journalism.

  • How to build your business from Zero to Zerodha - The success story of Nithin Kamath (1hr)

    Hear from Nithin Kamath, Founder & CEO of Zerodha, about how to build a business from the scratch and the secret ingredient behind Zerodha's success.

  • Financial Analysis (7hrs)

    This course will Introduce you to the key operating levers that you need to evaluate a company's performance. You will understand the importance of managing working capital.

  • Introduction to HR Management and Strategy (3hrs)

    This course will help you learn the fundamentals of human resource management, including it's purpose, scope and functions followed by a brief overview of strategy fundamentals. 

  • The Ultimate Guide to Kickstarting your Data Science Journey (2hrs)

    This course will help you to get answers to all of your questions on when, where, why, and how to grow in the Data Science domain

  • Accounting Fundamentals (5hrs)

    This course will help you learn the fundamentals of financial statements, how to read them, and how to use financial data to make business choices.

  • Academic Writing (6hrs)

    This course will help you improve your academic writing skills to get into the college of your dreams. You'll learn to write strong SOPs, effective thesis statements, essays, along with other areas of academic content writing.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Kickstarting your MBA Journey (1hr)

    This course will help you clear all your doubts on when, where, why, and how to pursue an MBA.

  • How Facebook uses Data Science to Grow their Business

    This webinar will unpack how the world's most successful organisations are using data science to scale and grow their businesses.

  • Effective Business Communication (6hrs)

    This course, by David F. Poritzky, CEO Envista strategies, helps you master your Busniess Communication skills.

  • Introduction to Microeconomics (3hrs)

    This course will help you understand the importance of economics in allocating resources, the economics models and the economic assumption

  • Introduction to Macroeconomics (3hrs)

    Learn how the economic activity of individuals and firms affects the bigger picture - the economy of a country, or the world as a whole.

  • Business Analytics Fundamentals (6hrs)

    This course will help you with learn and apply useful data visualisation tools

  • Career Planning Fundamentals (20mins)

    upGrad's Co-founder & Managing Director, Mayank Kumar, shares his insights and guides you through the key steps needed for building a strong career plan.

  • Introduction to Product Management (8hrs)

    Explore how to be a product Manager and learn some of the key steps of product management.

  • Data Science in E-commerce (13hrs)

    Examine how monitoring and analytical skills are used in E-commerce domain to make business decisions.


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