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The New Age Data Science Careers

Webinar on Data Science careers hosted by Rohan Chikorde, Senior Data Scientist @ Teradata. 

AI for Large Scale AI Product Development

Webinar on AI Product Development using AI hosted by Ashutosh Agrawal, Director - Product Development (AI for Autonomous Driving) @ Bosch. 

Practical Way of Implementing AI and Analytics in the Organization

Webinar on practical usage of AI & analytics in the organisations hosted by Mukesh Jain, Global CTIO "Data'', Global Head of Innovation & VP Insights & Data @ Capgemini (Ex-Microsoft, Ex-Jio). 

Know the Hiring Process for Data Science Roles

Data Science career in mind? Learn from Anish Mahapatra, Lead Data Scientist at Mu Sigma and an upGrad Alumni about what is a typical hiring process for the Data Science roles and how one should prepare for them. Also get to learn from him about the importance of Projects, GH profile, certificates, etc. 

Power of Visualization in Analytics

Visualization of data is one of the key parts of any Role. Without this the efforts spent on conducting analysis and research to come to any conclusion becomes difficult. It allows one to organize data in a way that's both compelling and easy to understand. Data visualization allows for a more efficient transfer of information within your organization. Join us as we host Arijit Mukherjee, Data Science Consultant at Accenture for a webinar on the Power of Data Visualization in Reporting.  

Data Science for Revenue Growth Management

Changing consumer behaviours, advances in data and analytics, channel shifts, and higher expectations from investors such as activists and private-equity firms have created new challenges. In addition, retailers are getting better at all elements of revenue growth management (RGM). Many have embraced new data and technologies, and in doing so, have leapfrogged over manufacturers in their knowledge of what, how, and why shoppers buy.  

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