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Privacy Policy

upGrad (together with its subsidiaries, and international affiliates, hereinafter "upGrad ," "us," "we," or "our" or “the Company”) is committed to security and management of personal data, to function effectively and successfully for the benefit of our stakeholders, customers and for the community. In doing so, it is essential that people’s privacy is protected through the lawful and appropriate means for handling the personal data. Therefore, we have implemented this privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as ‘‘policy’’).

This policy aims to protect personal data of the various stakeholders connected to our organization. This policy is aimed at providing individuals notice of the basic principles by which the company processes the personal data of individuals (“Personal Data”) who visits, uses, deals with and/or transacts through the website and includes a guest user and browser (hereinafter ‘you’, ‘user’).

The purpose of this policy is to describe how upGrad collects, uses, and shares information about you through our online interfaces (e.g., websites and mobile applications) owned and controlled by us, including but not limited to https://www.upgrad.com/ (hereinafter the "website"). This policy is also designed to provide information on how upGrad ensures data security, conducts data transfers and process requests from data subjects.

This policy control applies to all systems, people and processes that constitute the organization’s information systems, including board members, directors, employees and other third parties who have access to Personal Data available within upGrad.

The company is also committed to ensure that its employees conduct themselves in line with this, and other related, policies. Where third parties process data on behalf of upGrad, the Company endeavours to obtain assurances from such third parties that your Personal Data will be safeguarded consistently.

upGrad offers curated and specially designed higher education and industry-relevant certification programs online (“hereinafter individually or collectively referred to as Program”). This Privacy Policy applies to all our services unless specified otherwise.