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MBA in Marketing Course Overview

What is MBA in Marketing?

An MBA in Marketing is a postgraduate degree in business administration specialising in marketing. It is a multidisciplinary course and focuses on preparing potential candidates for the business field. It usually takes two years to complete depending on the course's length and duration. It is one of the most popular courses available for degree holders, which you can pursue after completing a bachelor's degree in any subject or combination of subjects. MBA courses include general management, finance, entrepreneurship, human resources, and management consulting. An MBA in Marketing will prove beneficial if you want to fill higher executive positions in your career. 

Marketing students traditionally study consumer behaviour and the product characteristics they are most likely to procure. In other words, marketing instils sufficient knowledge in you to distinguish human requirements from human needs. In the process, you learn about a customer's demands and provide them with enough resources and products. 

An MBA in Marketing degree will teach you topics like branding, advertising, and market research. It will give you an extensive idea of global markets and online trends, among other popular subjects. With an MBA in Marketing, your options for a lucrative career are limitless and will benefit you in the short and long run. It covers these topics and provides in-depth knowledge on areas like marketing management, sales force management, operations management, and channel strategies for marketing. Moreover, you can create your business and work your skills to raise it to the competitive level. In addition, you can consult and manage several companies. An MBA degree can take anywhere from a few months to two years, depending on the course duration. 

Role of an MBA Marketing Professional

The marketing department of any company plays a pivotal role in promoting any organisation's business. Not only does it spearhead the marketing campaign of the company, but it also coordinates and produces every required material for aiding a business. An MBA marketing professional has numerous duties, all of which revolve around these sections – customers, prospects, a community, or investors. The role of an MBA marketing professional is to create a positive role in your company or business and promote it further to reach the desired audience.

Role of an MBA Marketing ProfessionalHaving said so, let's look at some of the prominent roles expected from an MBA professional.
  • The inception of a brand- Before starting any business, the marketing professional must devise enough reasons to decide why the brand should be available to the public eye. It involves getting to know who the company benefits, what it has to offer, and how it performs its business. These are critical factors to understanding what your brand stands for.

  • Management of a brand- After creating your brand, it only makes sense to market the products. However, sales and marketing can take up a considerable workforce, which is why it is essential to form a management team. Therefore, managing a team teaches you to understand what you expect from your customer in return. It also includes the partners you may need to pair up with for business.

  • Managing marketing campaigns for marketing initiatives- The marketing idea starts the moment we identify the products and services it offers. It helps you to focus on your sales cycle, which in turn assists you in producing materials. It also aids in communications for your business and the buyer or investors.

  • Marketing production and promotion- An ideal marketing professional should assist in marketing responsibilities that rightfully create materials as described by the company. It only helps create an ethical image for the company since it urges the company to provide what it claims to offer. As the products and services may change over time due to demand and other related factors, up-to-date promotion should also mention the status of the products and how they have evolved.

  • Providing content using SEO for your website- One of the perks of an MBA in online marketing includes having the skills to adapt to innovative ways to market your product. Ever since the initiation of the digital era, your website has served as the first destination for people willing to buy a product. It is the first pedestal towards attracting a potential customer to your business. Therefore, you must ensure that your product description fulfils or exceeds customer expectations. The website you operate for your business should enable the latest trend. Furthermore, you must ensure that your website comes up on the first page of google search, facilitating more interaction.

  • Monitoring social profiles- Managing social media is one of the top priorities for the business. An ideal marketing campaign should carry enough information to contribute to the business. It includes managing and maintaining your social media links in such a way that it proves beneficial to your company. You should also seek reviews regarding your business and keep track of your online feedback from potential customers and people considering buying your products/services.

  • Intranet communication and media liaison- When your company makes it to the public eye, it will be prone to media coverage and often cited for information. In this regard, you should place a company spokesperson who will share relevant information about the company and convey its values and goals. An MBA in Sales and Marketing assists you in establishing connections and communications through an interview, a newsletter, or a personal relationship formed through a particular group, often called the intranet. It is one of the critical factors when it comes to online sales and marketing.

  • Customer and market research- Conducting in-depth research allows you to define marketing targets and reach out for better campaigning. It helps you understand the product's goals and how it can influence the customer.

  • Maintaining connection with vendors/agencies -One of the upsides of sales and marketing is that it enables you to oversee relations with agencies and vendors. As an MBA marketing professional, you can handle the selection and management of relations with agencies that produce raw materials for your product. These sections may include ad agencies, P.R. agencies, print vendors, web specialists, etc. You can also contact them regarding marketing support.

Why should you pursue an MBA in Marketing?

Doing an MBA in Marketing from a reputed organization will lend you the added advantage of getting more attention on your resume and help you establish a business out there. However, these are just superficial posts, and reading more would help you with better information on the subjects you would learn. Some advantages of studying MBA in Marketing include developing a robust professional network or landing a position in management along with a handsome salary perk.

This list will detail the perks of getting an MBA in Marketing. So why should you pursue an MBA in Marketing? Is it because it is the most sought-after course or because it has more scope than its competitors?

  • Develop advanced management skills- One of the upsides of having an MBA in Marketing is to showcase the effort you have put into securing it. It includes management skills that help you be more flexible at your workplace. Not only does it help with your attitude, but it also gives you an upper hand in handling stress-related issues at your company.

  • Those with a clear career goal may apply for this course in MBA in Marketing. If you are eager to learn what it takes to be at the top of any management level, you may go for this course. Some of the advantages of developing advanced management skills include being able to form a solution to various levels of workplace challenges.

  • Improve leadership among your peers

  • Develop people management skills and morale

  • Create partnerships and connections with various networks

  • Manage situations of crisis

  • Overlook the finances of the company

  • Promote a positive image of the company

  • Research and interpret data to create reports on industry trends

  • Improve employee communication and retention

  • Hire foremost talents

  • Create functional hierarchies for the company

  • Make the right calls for adverse situations

An MBA in Marketing degree urges you to get out of your comfort zone and explore many options. With relevant industry knowledge, you can apply the latest global business trends and use techniques to improve your company.

  • Access to an extensive list of the business network- Networking opportunities for an MBA aspirant are spread far and wide. While a Master's in Business Administration in Marketing can lend you the desired skills to excel in the industry, it can also open you up to other factors such as introducing an extensive networking industry for business that will only benefit you. As a learner seeking an MBA in Marketing and sales, you will be exposed to the hierarchy of the business industry. In terms of learning, you can expect valuable inputs from your guides and business people, who will assist you with your business skills. As a result, you will always be up-to-date with the latest business environment and contribute.

  • Income from an MBA degree- An MBA in Marketing can fetch you a pretty lucrative amount regarding positions overseas. Hence, you can envision your dreams coming true with a successful degree certificate. For an employee with a typical Master's degree, it is easier to earn a mild figure compared to those with an MBA in Marketing degree. Since marketing is a widely known degree, it is only financially beneficial. Moreover, you can expect twice the salary as your regular Master's counterparts. You can apply for job positions after an MBA in Marketing in these fields: business analyst, management analyst, business operations manager, human resource manager, etc.

  • Build your own company from the roots- An MBA in Sales and Marketing offers you an opportunity to become an entrepreneur. While the world may be full of entrepreneurship, adding yourself to the list will only add to your social and personal gain. Therefore, you can use your skills and ideas to lay out the blueprint of your business and shape it with your hands. Getting into an MBA program will ensure that you seek guidance from suitable profiles, which means seeking the right expertise and following in the footsteps of success. Besides, start-ups are the latest fancy which somehow work with the right plans and setup. As an MBA aspirant, you can communicate with your colleague or co-worker and see if you guys share a common vision. It will help you jumpstart your career, and you'll make news sooner than you know with your company.

  • Learn to negotiate and communicate- One of the upsides of doing an MBA in Marketing is understanding the thoughts that went into it. You can easily share and lay down your terms on any topic. In terms of signing a contractual agreement, you can explain your vision and communicate thoroughly with the concerned suppliers/vendors/agencies. Furthermore, making the proper connection also values how you will achieve or lose your audience's attention and support.AGMAC research team suggests that 85% of B-school alumni entrepreneurs find their own company.

  • Career Change- If you're looking for a change in your career choice, you can opt for this stream and choose an MBA in Sales and Marketing instead. Usually, learners opting for an MBA as a career change either want to move up the ladder to managerial and administrative positions or bring a change from within in the industry in which they are currently working. If you already have some working experience and want to migrate into a career, you can go for this course. In addition, you have an opportunity to excel in your career and be a senior manager or a board director, depending on your goals. While an MBA in Marketing can give you the advantage of getting a higher salary than other degree holders, you can expect a more significant set of responsibilities.

  • Hiring- As an MBA in Marketing degree holder, you can try your luck in the following companies:

  1. Amazon

  2. Deloitte

  3. Facebook

  4. Larsen & Toubro

  5. Nestle

  6. Flipkart

  7. JP Morgan

  8. Apple

  9. Microsoft

  10. Google


  • Positions- While studying for an MBA in Marketing, you need to know the trends and jobs you can expect from your recruiters. Here are some of the departments in which you can find a calling:

  1. Brand Manager

  2. Market Research Analyst

  3. Marketing Manager

  4. Digital Marketing Specialist

  5. Sales Manager

  • Field of Study- Here are some of the top areas of studying:

  1. Customer Relationship Management

  2. Retail Management

  3. Marketing Analytics

  4. Digital Marketing

  5. Market-oriented strategy planning

  6. Pricing

  • Age factor- The incredible thing about MBA in Marketing is that it opens you up to several opportunities regardless of age. Hence, you can opt for the course at any point in time. The typical age at which MBA aspirants take their approach is 27 and higher. It gives you an added advantage since you can gain experience through a career and then make a well-rounded and calculative decision about whether or not to go for higher studies.

To summarise, the above pointers will ensure that you have a good reason to pursue an MBA in Marketing, setting aside any second thoughts.

Where can you study for an MBA in Marketing?

While you can point out a few colleges and universities that provide an all-rounded approach to MBA in Marketing, we will be assisting you with a list of such institutions which are accredited and well-regarded. Bear in mind that these colleges are top-notch universities in India.

  1. S P Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR), Mumbai

  2. Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad

  3. Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi

  4. N.L. Dalmia IMSR, Mumbai

  5. NIILM Center for Management Studies, Delhi

  6. School of Management, KIIT University, Odisha

  7. MIT School of Business (MIT-SOB), Pune

  8. Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai

  9. KJ Somaiya IMSR, Mumbai

  10. Balaji Institute of Modern Management, Pune

Eligibility for MBA Marketing

Students from non-business backgrounds can choose to pursue an MBA in Sales and Marketing, keeping in mind that they match a few criteria for eligibility for an MBA program.

A. You must possess a minimum of 50% marks from a recognised institution as a candidate.

B. You must have a Bachelor's degree certificate in BBA, B.Com, and the like.

C. You must appear for an entrance exam like CAT, CMAT, IIFT, and IBSAT. Conducted by reputed agencies, these entrance exams pave the way for you to be admitted to the choicest institutions.

Skillset- You will be expected to possess the following skillset to pursue an MBA in Sales and Marketing.

I.Entrepreneurship Skills- These skills assist you in judgment and help you identify a market gap, enabling you to fill the void with your business. Besides, having a technical understanding of your organisation will only help you make a dynamic change.

II.Communication Skills- You must be able to make an outstanding effort towards communicating with your counterparts and conveying messages at all levels.

III.Leadership skills- A natural leader can turn tables anytime and tackle an adverse situation. You must also be zealous to make reforms and inspire others in the journey.

IV.Strategic thinking- To try out new ideas according to the situation's needs is the most critical skill when managing a group of people or an organisation. Thinking out of the box sets a businessperson from the rest.

V.Teamwork- Understanding what works best and what doesn't is the first step toward evaluating the effort put forward by your group. It would help if you synchronised yourself with the group morale to deliver the best performance.

VI.Critical Approach- You must often deal with critical decisions to ensure that your organisation lives up to its level. Whether changing the layout of work or evaluating certain aspects of your work environment, you must take a decisive step, keeping in mind what is best for your organisation.

VII.Customer psychology- Customer psychology is the speciality in psychology that dictates how customers base their thoughts, behaviour, and feelings on their shopping patterns. It deals with the market behaviour of customers on the whole.

VIII. Other required skills include negotiation, analytical thinking, determining target audiences, time management and vice versa.

MBA Marketing Specialisations

We understand that MBA comes as the core subject for MBA in Marketing. Apart from the main areas, this course offers other specialisations. This list provides an insight into the curriculum covered.

  • Applied Operations Research- In this specialisation, you will learn about the quantitative tools you can utilise to understand the decision-making and problem-solving approaches in manufacturing. It is an analytical method that has proven to be extremely helpful for managing organisations. Some of the other areas in which Applied Operations Research is used are Finance, Budgeting, investments, Purchasing, Procurement of Supplies, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management.

  • International Business Management: The area of International Business Management is self-defining in that it focuses on the global economy. It involves an extensive study of global trades and businesses. Since the emergence of worldwide business and economic ideas, the need for all-rounded research on business trends has increased. As a result, countries have created a competitive workforce to overtake the title of business mogul. Furthermore, companies willing to expand their business and crew in other countries and establish a successful venture is an intensive study area. In this scenario, International Business Management deals with international situations and culture, taking care of the business establishment. If you acquire enough knowledge of International Business Management, you can serve in the organisation's managerial, advisory, and business development roles.

  • Enterprise Research PlanningEnterprise Research planning or ERP is defined as software designed to oversee the organisation in management and resource planning. It considers accounting, project management, procurement, risk management, risk compliance, and supply chain operations. Some popular ERP systems are Netsuite ERP, Sage ERP, and SAP ERP. The ERP modules in the software include material purchasing, inventory control and management, product planning, accounting, finance, distribution, human resources, and marketing. It is an integrated software signed to function in real-time.

  • Supply Chain Management: Supply Chain Management or SCM in MBA in Marketing is generally regarded as a stressful area where you ensure that your product or service does not reach a halt due to internal and external factors. It involves a focus on the fields of logistics and operation. A career in supply chain management will open you to positions such as Business Operations Manager, Strategic Sourcing Manager, or the V.P. of Supply Chain Operations.

  • Logistics Management: A specialisation in logistics management will ensure that you develop innovative management strategies to handle logistics in your organisation. The curriculum deals with modern solutions to the business of goods carriers and takes inventory and transportation services into account. It involves coming up with customised logistics solutions and gives you an upper hand in matters of shipping finance and the management around it.

  • Product Design and Development: In the product design and development course, you learn about the various concepts of designing as it asserts their importance in business. Developing and designing a product ensures that you increase a specific product's productivity and effectiveness, helping the industry with its fruition. Hence, design is a crucial factor in any reputed brand. It is applied in different fields such as architecture, advertising, medicine, science, and information technology.

  • Total Quality Management: An MBA in comprehensive quality management imparts advanced knowledge regarding an organisation's working in all departments. It covers theories, techniques, and tools required in profitable or non-profitable areas. It assists by evaluating the process, developing, and establishing new and improved customer programs.

  • Strategic ManagementStrategic Management comes to play in matters of competitive marketing. It is based on an analytical approach to the organisation's uniqueness compared with the competitive market on a broader range. When a product goes into the market and collides with another product, a strategy is designed to make it stand out. Studying strategic management gives you a deep insight into established and emergent enterprises.

  • Project Management: A project management course depends on learning strategic skills and making workplace decisions to benefit the organisation. It helps develop leadership skills and the like. A project management position ensures that you get opportunities in the area of Banking sectors and I.T. sectors, marketing and designing companies, trading, and universities that offer posts for learning MBA subjects.

  • Business Process Management: A Business Process Management course prepares you for consulting sectors, especially the business world. In this course, business solutions are taught to students who can utilise them for any problems arising in their company. This program combines business methodologies, tools, and procedures to form a unified branch that benefits any business model. Some job positions available to business process management experts are Strategy Planner, Business Consultant, Business Analyst, and Business Process Manager, to name a few.

  • Maintenance Management: Maintenance management deals with the company's assets and the direction of the resources available for business. Though it is usually not explorable for an extensive study, it ensures that all production processes occur efficiently and with the available resources. The key to a successful business is product efficiency.

Top Recruiters in MBA

Sales and Marketing positions are open to the masses depending on several factors. The foremost of this recruitment includes an angle of global competition.

Top Recruiters in MBA
  • Amazon- In terms of recruiting MBA degree holders, Amazon hires most positions in the fields of Human resources, Information Technology, Marketing, and Retail Management.

  • Apple- Apple is renowned for recruiting MBA holders from ivy league colleges and universities.

  • BCG- Ranked no. 10 on Fortune's 100 best companies, BCG boasts an excellent working environment and recruits MBA graduates from a country list spanning 45 different nations.

  • JP Morgan- JP Morgan Chase and Co. recruit MBA degree holders inclined towards sales, investments, private banking, and the likes.

  • Google- Google usually recruits in the field of Human resources, Marketing, and Information Technology.

  • Deloitte- This company has merged with several firms and delivered excellent services to the masses. Deloitte usually hires MBA candidates working in the field of Real estate, Retail, and Technology.

  • Accenture- Accenture offers services in terms of digital, cloud, and security components. Accenture generally recruits MBA candidates from the field of Information Technology.

  • Morgan Stanley- Morgan Stanley is another top investment and banking firm which usually recruits MBA degree holders in numerous fields throughout the year.

  • AT Kearney- AT Kearney is a leading company when it comes to consultancy sectors. This company usually recruits a good number of MBA graduates yearly.

  • Microsoft- Microsoft Corporation is one of the most renowned multinational companies that generally hire MBA graduates in finance, marketing, operation, and sales.

Here is the list of India's tech and banking giants with the topmost functionality and recruitment.

  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)- TCS is recognised as one of the largest sectors in terms of multinational companies and operates in more than 40 countries globally. Not only that, it is one of the biggest private sector firms in the history of India. TCS recruits MBA candidates from B-schools in India.

  • Reliance Industries Limited- Reliance Industries Limited, or Reliance, is an Indian conglomerate based in Mumbai, India, offering energy and telecommunications services. The company holds the run for one of the largest gainers in terms of market capital. Every year, it hires MBA graduates in huge numbers.

  • Cognizant- Cognizant offers a vast range of job opportunities for MBA graduates specialising in Human Resources and Information technology. They deal with products and services about digital and I.T. components.

  • Wipro- Wipro is an Indian multinational company with a reputation for hiring MBA graduates from the topmost B-schools like IIM colleges and IIT, Kharagpur.

  • Infosys- Infosys is regarded as one of the largest recruiters in this nation. It is also well-known for its working environment and dedicated layout.

  • ICICI Bank- ICICI Bank is a banking service and financial provider that deals with banking assets and the like. It mainly provides job opportunities to the country's topmost B-school MBA graduates.

Some of the other firms that deal with the digital marketing scenario offer various job opportunities to MBA degree holders. The digital industry comprises e-commerce, strategy, SEO, and online advertising. It is a top-notch industry for an MBA aspirant. If you are interested in Finance, Human Resources, and Marketing, you can opt for these competitors:

  • Flipkart

  • Amazon

  • GoDaddy

  • PayTM

  • SnapDeal

Top Colleges/Institutes offering MBA in Marketing

Some of the top educational institutions that offer an MBA degree in Sales and Marketing are listed below.

  • IIM Ahmedabad

Course Offered: PGP with Specialisation in Marketing

Duration: 2 years full-time course

  • IIM Bangalore

Course Offered: MBA with Specialisation in Marketing

Duration: 2 years full-time course

  • IIM Calcutta

Course Offered: MBA with Specialisation in Marketing

Duration: 2 years full-time course

  • ISB Hyderabad

Course Offered: PGPM with Specialisation in Marketing

Duration: 1-year full-time course

  • FMS Delhi

Course Offered: MBA with Specialisation in Marketing

Duration: 2 years full-time course

  • IIFT Delhi/Kolkata

Course Offered: MBA(I.B.) with Specialisation in Marketing

Duration: 2 years full-time course

  • SPJIMR Mumbai

Course Offered: PGDM with Specialisation in Marketing and Operations

Duration: 2 years full-time course

  • XLRI Jamshedpur

Course Offered: PGDM- Business Management with Specialisation in Marketing

Duration: 2 years full-time course

  • IMT Ghaziabad

Course Offered: PGDM Marketing

Duration: 2 years full-time course

  • TAPMI Manipal

Course Offered: PGDM Marketing Management

Duration: 2 years full-time course

Why an online MBA in Marketing Course is better than an Offline MBA in Marketing Course

It is much easier for people working offline to opt for an online rather than an offline course. It facilitates time management and lends an upper hand in multitasking. Thus, an online MBA in Digital Marketing is the best decision for anyone who wants to allocate a learning task to their busy and occupied timeline. Besides, an online MBA is an excellent way to jumpstart your career and look for better opportunities with the help of higher studies. An online MBA in Marketing is more prevalent than offline and distant courses. Eight lakh students have resorted to online MBA in the past fiscal year. It only serves as a trust factor.

If you still haven't convinced yourself, here are some salient features of an online MBA course.

  • Flexibility- It is the most flexible Master's program available out there. You can attend online classes from the convenience of your home and access the lectures through a recording device. You can view the video anytime and according to your need.

  • Experts- You can connect with top industry experts in a virtual session, either a webinar or an online meeting. You can attend these interactive sessions from the comfort of your home without travelling.

  • Scheduling Exams- You can quickly reschedule your exams at your convenience. If an emergency has taken you by chance, you can communicate with the institution and set it according to your timings and timetable.

  • Pricing- One of the main benefits of an online MBA in Marketing is that it offers courses at an affordable range. As a result, you tend to feel more confident in pursuing these courses, and it also helps you with budgeting and cutting down additional costs related to relocating and commuting.

  • Live Projects- Live Projects are an area that stays intact despite the distinction between both online and offline courses. With the commencement of live projects, you can virtually carry out projects and improve your performance efficiently.

MBA in Marketing Course Syllabus

Marketing students can learn about one of the most talked-about specialisations.

These include the following areas.

  • Advertising Management

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping

  • Advanced Interactive Marketing and Measurement

  • Business Management and Operations

  • International Marketing

  • Marketing for Apparel and Accessories

  • Special Product Marketing

  • Sales and Merchandising Studies

  • Master Certificate in Internet Marketing

  • Integrated Online Strategies

  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development

  • Business Economics Programs

  • Advanced Social Media Marketing

  • Advanced Email Marketing

  • Advanced Mobile Marketing

  • Advanced Search Engine Marketing

  • Business Marketing Operations

  • Interactive Marketing

  • Marketing Research

  • Marketing for Travel and Tourism Operations

  • Search Engine Marketing and Usability

An MBA in Marketing prescribes the following syllabus and is subject to the topics laid by different universities and colleges.

Semester-I Numbering

Subject of Study


Accounting for Managers of Marketing and Information Technology for Management


Fundamentals of Management and Organisational behaviour


Principles of Marketing Management


Business Communication and Retail Marketing


Statistical Methods for Business Decisions

Semester-II Numbering

Subject of Study


Consumer Behaviour and Market Research


Fundamentals of E-Business


Financial and Human Resource Management


Indian Ethos and Values/Environmental Science


Personality Development and Quantitative Techniques

Semester-III Numbering

Subject of Study


Advertising and Sales Promotion


Managerial Economics/Entrepreneurship


International Marketing


Sales and Distribution Management


Summer Internship Project


Elective (Opt any four subjects)

  • Corporate Communication

  • Marketing Laws

  • Principles of Public Relations

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Digital Marketing and Marketing Strategies

  • Customer Relationship Management/Strategic Product Management

Semester-IV Numbering

Subject of Study


Information System and Applications/Advance I.T Tools and Equipment


Service Marketing and Business Marketing


Case-based Industrial Analysis Project/Major Research Project


Strategic Brand Management


Elective (Opt any four subjects)

  • Retail Buying Techniques

  • Marketing Audit and Rural Marketing

  • Contemporary Marketing Management

  • Direct Marketing and Event Marketing Decisions

  • Emerging Marketing Concepts

  • Non-profit Organisations and Marketing


Projecting MBA in Marketing Industry Growth in 2022-23

An MBA in Marketing can fetch you several fulfilling positions. Apart from being one of the oldest disciplines in management studies, Marketing boasts of an ever-growing market that only improves with each passing day. It adapts to the recent trends and is projected as a highly profitable industry. Let us look at one of the top industries where you can utilise marketing.

  • Retail

  • Real Estate

  • Telecommunications

  • Informational Technology and Operations

  • Manufacturing Industry

  • Aviation Industry

  • Hospitality

  • Market Research

  • Tourism

  • Banking

  • Outsource

  • Education

  • Sales

MBA in Marketing Specialist Salary in India

Job Title

Average Salary per annum

Marketing Manager

INR 744,357

Sr. Marketing Manager

INR 1,828,750

Marketing Executive

INR 282,169

Digital Marketing Manager

INR 772,790

Deputy General Manager

INR 1,318,298

Sr. Product Manager

INR 2,922,447

Business Development Manager

INR 727,549

Operations Manager

INR 550,940

Business Analyst, IT

INR 654,601

Regional Sales Manager

INR 1,524,222

Marketing and Business Development Manager

INR 828,238

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

INR 4,384,408

Channel Sales Manager

INR 610,914

Area Sales Manager

INR 808,461

Marketing Analyst

INR 395,294

Account Manager

INR 542,334

Customer Success Manager

INR 795,111

Marketing Associate

INR 438,386

Relationship Manager

INR 497,864

Business Development Executive

INR 312,437

Source: PayScale

Factors on which MBA in Marketing Specialist salary in India depends

An MBA in Marketing depends upon several factors. The given list will help you identify the sections in which you may need some assistance.

  • Institution- The top 10 recruiters of MBA in Marketing nationwide recruit MBA candidates from top B-Schools such as IIM Bangalore, IIT Kharagpur, etc. Therefore, choosing the correct intuition is very important if you want to be paid a decent amount.

  • Organisation/Brand- An MBA recruitment can either land you in a well-known company or place you in an emerging organisation. Depending on the organisation and its policies, your salary may differ.

  • Skillset- In terms of salary negotiation, recruiters look into our practical skills in marketing. It can be a significant area of focus if you wish to seek a decent salary. Your experience is also linked with your skillset.

  • Demographic- Depending on your job location and the company headquarters, you can expect a hike or a fall in your salary. Some top cities offering an average of 7-8 LPA include Gurgaon, Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai

MBA in Marketing Specialist Starting Salary in India

The starting salary for an entry-level MBA in Marketing candidate ranges from Rs. 3 LPA to 4 LPA.

MBA in Marketing Specialist Salary Abroad

The average base salary of an MBA in Marketing is USD 103,000 per annum. Those who have opted for a Master’s in Sales and Marketing are generally male with a 53.3% margin, while females constitute a total of 46.0%. The average salary per annum of a male MBA degree holder is USD 62,000 - USD 193,000, while their female counterparts earn an average salary of USD 53,000 - USD 153,000.

Job Title

Average Salary per annum

Marketing Director

USD 117,019

Marketing Manager

USD 79,144

Sr. Marketing Manager

USD 115,316

Vice President (VP), Marketing

USD 152,912

Product Marketing Manager

USD 97,046

Business Development Manager

USD 94,239

Sr. Product Manager

USD 137,361

Sr, Product Marketing Manager

USD 134,741

Product Marketing Director

USD 166,890

Business Insight and Analytics Manager

USD 105,406

Project Manager (General)

USD 81,653

Marketing Coordinator

USD 51,773

Digital Marketing Director

USD 112,955

Executive Director

USD 103,589

Operations Manager

USD 74,132

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

USD 228,901


USD 155,855

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

USD 184,212

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

USD 162,115

Director of Operations

USD 121,958


Factors on which MBA in Marketing Specialist Specialist Abroad salary depends

Getting a marketing position being an MBA in Marketing can be a taxing job. Here are some factors to help you with the right reasons for claiming a handsome salary as an MBA.

  • Internships- If you are looking to earn a decent salary in marketing as an MBA graduate, you may consider opting for a few internships that will help you with a practical and hands-on approach.

  • Networking- Networking is essential to getting to know the industry. It is one of the most acceptable ways of gaining more information and ideas regarding the jobs that you can expect. It starts with an MBA institute, where you correspond with various people.

  • Job Sites -Job sites are regarded as one of the critical elements when it comes to finding a suitable job. Suppose you want to land a job that offers a decent package. In that case, you can opt for a readily available and reputed site with information about available job vacancies, recruitments, and job positions.

  • Location- If you want to look for a high-paying job, you should ideally move to a demographic with more demands for a high standard of living. Your job must cover aspects such as living expenses and travel charges along with a decent amount for investment outside the usual costs.

MBA in Marketing Specialist Starting Salary Abroad

The starting salary for entry-level candidates with MBA in Marketing is USD 40k-50k annually.

The Accelerating Demand for the MBA in Marketing Courses in India

With the growing economy, the demand for MBA in Marketing has seen a substantial increase throughout the years. Students who have chosen an MBA in Online Marketing have an added advantage of excelling in managerial and executive positions along with having the upper hand in the major decisions of their organisation or company. A large number of people have become successful entrepreneurs. Consulting firms are one of the most widely known enterprises and provide for many sectors and have a steady workforce. All of these factors have proven beneficial for an MBA in marketing candidate. The most significant areas in which marketing is widely utilised are tourism, retail FMCG, hospitality, market research and media, and advertising.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about MBA in Marketing

    What does an MBA in Marketing candidate do?

    An MBA in Sales and marketing will help you enter industry roles such as Communications Manager, Marketing Manager, Market Research Analyst, Advertising and Promotions Manager, Sales Manager, and Public Relations Specialist, among many other functions.

    Is doing an MBA in Online Marketing a good choice?

    An MBA in marketing prepares you for executive positions in leading companies as well as preparing you for companies abroad. It can assist you in qualifying for managerial posts and likewise.

    Is an MBA in Sales and Marketing in demand?

    Marketing is a lucrative and adaptable sector in the global market. With a suitable position in marketing, you can easily fetch a high-paying role and work with world-class facilities. It also provides scope for work satisfaction and is a fulfilling career option.

    Who should do MBA in marketing?

    An MBA in marketing is best suited for people with a job experience of two to five years. The experience does not have to be explicitly in the field you want to specialise in. However, if you already work in the field, the specialised MBA course can significantly help to you relaunch your career. Therefore, MBA in marketing would be best suited for people who have prior experience in marketing but want to rejuvenate their learnings. 

    What does MBA in marketing include?

    MBA in marketing incorporates a broad range of business topics such as organisational behaviour, management, strategy making and finance. All these base subjects will be accompanied by the specialisations such as digital marketing, behavioural marketing science, luxury marketing, customer behaviour, market research analytics, customer analytics, social media marketing, brand management etc. 

    What is MBA in advertising?

    MBA in advertising is a post-graduate degree of two years which offers a range of topics to learn about the advertising industry. This course aims to make the students understand how to apply the advertising concepts skillfully in the market.

    What are the questions asked in an MBA in marketing interview?

    Some of the fundamental questions asked in an MBA in marketing interview include: what is marketing? What interests you the most about marketing and sales? What is the primary difference between marketing and selling? Etc.

    Does MBA in marketing require math?

    Not particularly. The course itself does not include math. However, in two years, the students will learn business administration, finance, sales and many more subjects. On that note, you would still need to qualify for the CAT exam, which includes extensive mathematics

    Can an MBA in marketing be done after BA or BCom?

    Yes. You can pursue MBA in marketing after graduating with BA or BCom. 

    What are the jobs after doing MBA in marketing?

    An MBA in marketing extends opportunities to become a brand manager and manage the brand's integrity. You can become a sales manager and manage your own sales team. You can also become a business development manager and look over the growth and development of the organisation or work as an SEO manager who takes care of the SEM responsibilities. You can also become a digital marketing manager or Social Media Manager, which are comparatively new concepts that hold great importance nowadays. 

    Which is better, MBA in marketing or international business?

     If you are good with communication and have the knowledge of analysing the marketing trends, company competitors etc., you can definitely go for an MBA in marketing. On the other hand, if you are more into management operations or aspects like the world economy, you can go for MBA in international marketing. 

    What is the average salary of people with an MBA in marketing?

    The salary of an MBA in marketing graduate depends on their chosen job. Such as, if you decide to be a marketing manager, the average salary can be $80,000. But, if you are to be a marketing director or Senior marketing manager, the average salary would range from $100,000 to $118,000. 

    Is it a good idea to do an MBA in marketing at 22 years?

     If you have a Bachelor’s degree and are mentally prepared to pursue MBA, then you should go for it. Unlike most degrees, MBA does not have an age limit. You can do it later as well. However, most people prefer gaining some work experience and then doing MBA to boost their career, but you can definitely do it at the age of 22 without any work experience. All you need to do is clear exams like CAT and GMAT, and you are good to go!

    Can an undergraduate with a low GPA pursue MBA in marketing?

     In order to pursue MBA in marketing, you need to have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. You might also need a GMAT score of at least 600 and 2+ years of experience based on your chosen institute.  

    Do you really need an MBA to work in marketing?

    No. There is no hard-bound rule that you must have an MBA to work in marketing. However, there is no doubt that an MBA can significantly smoothen your journey as a market personnel. 

    Which one is better, MBA in marketing or HR?

    Both marketing and HR are inevitable parts of any organisation and are in high demand. You will be living a fast-paced life, and if you are spontaneous, out-going and good at talking, you would love marketing. On the other hand, if you are good at communicating, have a charming personality and have a good eye for identifying talent, you might like being an HR personnel.  

    Is a distance MBA in marketing as good as an on-campus MBA in marketing?

    Both online and on-campus MBA courses are good to go for candidates, as they both extend a smooth transfer of knowledge. However, if you want to juggle your degree alongside your job, then an online MBA would be a better option for you. 

    What is the best advice for someone who is completely new to marketing?

    ome of the best pieces of advice for a fresher in marketing would be to create a buyer’s journey map, carefully choose your team, go for a specialised course in marketing no matter how old you are and leverage the digital platforms and trends to their fullest. 

    Which is more valuable, a marketing degree or a computer degree?

     Looking at current circumstances, both degrees are equally valuable. The aspect that makes the difference is how you perform in that field. If you choose a computer degree and perform mediocrely, you can’t expect a great salary; the same goes for marketing. Hence, all that matters is how you excel in your chosen field.