Advanced Certificate Program in Machine Learning

Advanced Certificate Programme in
Machine Learning

  • IIT Delhi
    Accredited NIRF #2 India
  • Duration: 7 Months
    Start Date: Aug 31, 2021
  • Program Fees
    INR 1,18,000 (Incl. Taxes)
  • Application Deadline
    July 31, 2021
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Earn more than you invest in the programme

Get a certification without quitting your job

You Invest
Rs. 1,18,000
Time Spent
04 - 06 hrs/week

To be eligible for the course, you need

Bachelor's degree in
Engineering, Science or Commerce
Minimum 50% marks
Programming familiarity preferred

Designed to meet your career aspirations

The right course for you aligns with your career goals

Fresher - Mid Level Managers
1 - 10 yrs of experience, upskill to
Read data insights better
Latest trends in ML
Implement ML models to your current projects
Senior Executives
10+ yrs of experience, upskill to
Lead Data & ML Teams
Build ML capabilities in your organisation
Understand underlying mathemetics, optimization and evaluation metrics
Certification from IITD that gives you an edge
You learn live and interact with top ML faculties from IITD

Our curriculum focuses on industry-relevant skills

Live sessions
Hours of Learning
Topics covered
0 topics
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Learn at your own pace, Pay at your own comfort

Start learning from

Rs. 6,581/month

for 18 months at 10% interest or Rs. 1,18,000 incl. taxes

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Rs. 6581/month for 18 months

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10% interest

Rs. 18,025/month for 6 Months

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Application Submission

In order to enroll, you need to complete the application before the application deadline.

Entrance Test & Application Shortlisting

Attempt a 40 minute entrance test with 18 questions on programming and mathematics. Applications will be shortlisted based on your profile and test score.

Offer Letter and Enrollment

The list of all shortlisted candidates will be announced by IIT Delhi within 5 days after applications are closed and an offer letter will be sent to the shortlisted candidates. Details regarding payments and enrollment will be shared in the offer letter.
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Time Commitment
Selection Criteria
More information on Machine Learning
Since you’re interested in this
Machine Learning in the Cloud

The latest sensation in this field is machine learning in the cloud. It is concerned with taking machine learning capabilities up to the cloud and making them more easily available and accessible. Solving problems for different industries mainly:

1. Knowledge gap, wherein the in-house team isn’t ML or data science proficient.

2. Scalability. Using ML for small projects is easy. But the same cannot be said for larger ones and this extends to both hardware and software.
3. Costs. As the size and scope of projects increases, more investment is needed for hardware and software to execute more complex algorithms.


The solution to all these problems comes with taking machine learning to the cloud.

1. The knowledge gap is bridged because ML in the cloud doesn’t require very deep skills or hardcore knowledge.

2. Scalability becomes easy since the cloud is limitless in a sense and ample space is available for an everyday business to meet its requirements.

3. Taking ML to the cloud is cost-efficient since it operates on a pay-per-use basis. Companies pay for what they use.

Machine learning in the cloud is, thus, the technology of the future. More and more companies will adopt it and choose it when they want to benefit from ML and AI capabilities. And when this happens, they will need professionals who can work well with ML and in the cloud as well.

Why Is Machine Learning Important in Today’s World?

The main focus of machine learning is to help organizations enhance their overall functioning, productivity, and decision-making process by delving into the vast amounts of data reserves. Apart from this upfront benefit, machine learning has the following advantages:

1. Timely Analysis And Assessment: By sifting through massive amounts of data such as customer feedback and interaction, ML algorithms can help you conduct timely analysis and assessment of your organizational strategies.
2. Real-time Predictions Made Possible Through Fast Processing: One of the most impressive features of ML algorithms is that they are super fast, as a result of which data processing from multiple sources takes place rapidly. This, in turn, helps in making real-time predictions that can be very beneficial for businesses.

3. Transforming Industries: Machine learning has already started to transform industries with its ability to provide valuable insights in real-time. Finance and insurance companies are leveraging ML technologies to identify meaningful patterns within large data sets, to prevent fraud, and to provide customized financial plans for various customer segments.

So, there are opportunities galore for machine learning engineers, and the indispensable nature of their jobs ensures that machine learning salaries in India are consistently elevated.

Skills Needed to Learn Machine Learning

To make your career to grow as a machine learning engineer and earn the highest possible machine learning salary in India, you need to have update yourself with:

1. Statistics and probability: Your understanding of algorithms has a lot to do with your knowledge of theories. Hidden Markov models, Naïve Bayes, and Gaussian Mixture, amongst other models, are great examples.

2. Data evaluation and modeling: You can use different methods, such as regression and classification, to measure the error or accuracy of a given model. You also need an evaluation strategy to go with it.

3. ML algorithms: Knowing how different machine learning algorithms work and which algorithm fits in a particular situation is very important. You would need to develop an understanding of subjects like partial differential equations, gradient descent, quadratic programming, convex optimization, and others.

4. Programming languages: For a career in machine learning, you also need to be skilled in different programming languages, such as Java, R, Python, and C++.

5. Signal processing techniques: Feature extraction is very important to machine learning. You may have to work with several advanced signal processing algorithms, including bandlets, shearlets, contourlets, and curvelets, amongst others.