Salary in Abroad After LLM Course

Factors on which Law salary depends in Abroad

While, as an Indian, getting paid in dollars and pounds might sound fancy and lucrative, the cost of living must also be considered. Some countries are more expensive than others and hence, the pay range there is higher. 

Other factors that determine the salaries abroad are:

  • Experience: In foreign countries, practical expertise matters a lot. Hence, the years of experience you have and the number of cases you have worked on will determine your salary, promotions, and salary hikes. 
  • Specialization: Since the salary hike depends on the type of law you have specialized in, you can opt for a specialization that is trending. But, it is better to stick to a course that you truly enjoy. This will help you gain expertise faster and climb up the promotional ladder.

LLM Starting Salary in abroad

The starting salary for lawyers joining either the government or private sectors after completing the LLM degree can be between USD 88k to USD 140k per annum depending on the specialization. Not all specializations offer the same range and benefits though. While corporate law is popular in India, the Middle East countries have more opportunities flowing in the human rights sector over others.

Specialization wise Law Salary abroad

1. LLM Course (Cyber Law) Salary abroad

There is a great scope for students who have completed their LLM with a specialization in cyber law. The starting salary of cyber lawyers is around USD 70,000 per annum. If you join Google, you can expect a pay of around USD 90k per annum. 

2. LLM Course (Corporate Law) Salary abroad

Corporate law deals with all the legal functioning of a company or corporation. The task of a corporate lawyer is to check various stages of the company’s legal infrastructure. Sometimes, corporate lawyers also oversee other legal aspects along with the specific legal teams.

Hence, a corporate lawyer does earn more. The average starting salary of a corporate lawyer is USD 70k per annum. Experience and the company you work for also determine the pay scale. Tesla, for example, pays around USD 121K per annum to their corporate lawyers

3. LLM Course (Human Rights Law) Salary abroad

Human Rights lawyers are the most sought-after profession given the international relations among countries. As a human rights lawyer, you can work with international agencies and also build a solid resume.

In terms of salary, you can expect to make around USD 70k per annum as a fresher with no experience. As you gain experience, you can expect an increase in not only your salary but also in your position within the agency.

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