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Rushford Business School

Why DBA over PhD

Why choose a DBA over a PhD?

Program Focus

Career Enhancement

Research with Impact

Time Commitment

Networking Opportunities


Scholar-practitioner approach towards addressing real-world business problems.

Career enhancement in business management, executive leadership, or consulting.

Solving business problems and creating an impact through research.

Suitable for mid-career professionals who want to pursue advanced education without taking an extended break from their careers

Experienced professionals from diverse business backgrounds, providing excellent networking opportunities within the business community.


Ideal if you are interested in pursuing a career in academia or conducting research at a high level

More suited for individuals interested in conducting in-depth research and contributing to the theoretical foundation of their academic field.

The focus tends to be more on theoretical contributions and advancing the knowledge within a specific academic discipline.

PhD programs are longer and more intensive, often requiring 4-6+ years to complete.

More focused within academic circles and research communities.

Key Highlights Of the Rushford DBA Program

Key Highlights of the Program

10 Specialisations Offered

180 ECTS Credits

70+ Hours of Live Faculty Lectures

Same Alumni Status as On-campus Students

Earn a 'Dr.' Title

1:1 Thesis Supervision

3 Days Immersion in Dubai

Dedicated Student Support

Exclusive access to leadership faculty from industry giants

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