Master of Science in Data Science

Master's of Science in Data Science

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    Aug 30, 2021
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Rs. 6,80,000/yr
Data Analyst
Entry Level
Rs. 15,00,000/yr
Tech Lead
Mid Level
Rs. 26,00,000/yr
VP Data Scientist
Senior Level
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Careers transitioned through the course
Sharath Jois

Sharath Jois

Sr. Data Scientist, Affine Analytics

Raghavi Premkumar

Raghavi Premkumar

Senior Analyst, Accenture

Rananjoy Bhatacharya

Rananjoy Bhatacharya

Data Scientist, Gramener

Naman Kansal

Naman Kansal

SC Manager Analytics, Nykaa

Poornima Tomar

Poornima Tomar

Data Scientist, PayPal

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Bachelor's Degree
Minimum 50%
Any stream
is applicable

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0-3 yrs of experience in any domain
Transition into Data Role
Data Analyst
Business Analyst
Data Scientist
Mid to Senior Level
3+ yrs of experience in any domain
Upskilling for the future
Sr. Data Engineer
Sr. Business Analyst
Sr. Data Scientist
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 Khathirula Md

Khathirula Md

Process Engineer Analytics, Amazon

Rohan Chakraborty

Rohan Chakraborty

Business Development Trainee, BYJU'S

Samit Saxena

Samit Saxena

Associate Consultant, Infosys Consulting

Shrikanta Damodar

Shrikanta Damodar

Sr Business Systems Analyst, Honeywell

 Sachin Katiyar

Sachin Katiyar

Senior Systems Analyst, NSEIL

Our curriculum focuses on industry relevant skills

Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders with customised specialisations.

Data Toolkit
Machine Learning I
Specialisation Course - I (DA, BA, DE, DL, NLP, Generalist)
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What our learners say about our curriculum

Abhishek Soni

Abhishek Soni

Consultant Data Scientist

Daraksha Anwar

Daraksha Anwar

Quality Assurance Analyst, Amazon

Sai Vineeth Grandhi

Sai Vineeth Grandhi

Assistant System Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services

Thareeq Adam

Thareeq Adam

Senior Associate, Axtria

Vishal Ranjan Pandey

Vishal Ranjan Pandey

Associate, Aarambh Lekha

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Alumni Testimonial


Subramanya Srinivasa

APN Software Services Inc

upGrad's professional approach to education was encouraging as well as refreshing in these times. Never felt like I missed real physical classes.

Aayushi Aggarwal

Data Analyst, Ganit

upGrad has groomed me not only with the course content but also with additional efforts they you industry ready. It was a wonderful experience and it...

Pramodini V Nayak

Data Analyst, Newmedia, London

Learning with IIITB and upGrad has been an amazing journey. The deadline keeps you on your toes and makes you very disciplined and well organized. I...

Prachi Agarwal

Associate, Sattva Consulting

It is because of this course that I am where I am today. It helped me kickstart my career from nothing after a 2 year gap....

Navya Somesh

Data Scientist, Common Bank of Australia

They are highly helpful as they align you and your preparation in the direction of your goal and after this you feel your goal is right...

Gunjan Trivedi

Head of Global Operations, Whiteklay

I will not deny that I loved the way upGrad has branded itself. It is now also the best Startup on LinkedIn in 2020!

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More information on data science
Since you’re interested in this
Data Science Industry Prediction 2021

If there is one good thing that the COVID-19 situation has shown us more vividly, it’s to rely on data more. To get the most out of the generated data, organisations need to spend more on innovations, problem-solving approaches, and employees’ upskilling. Here are two reasons why you can't escape data science upskilling:

1. How Many Job Opportunities Will Be There for Data Science Experts?
- More than 2,50,000 e-commerce firms exist globally. Therefore, it is evident that these firms will require a large workforce of data analysts and data scientists to analyse enormous amounts of data generated every day. 
- According to the latest survey conducted by Analytics Insight, in 2021, more than 3,037,810 new job openings will spring up. Startups and MNCs are posting job roles for data science experts globally and in the US. It vividly indicates that data is a big hot job openings aggregator. 

2. Why Can’t You Escape Upskilling Yourself?
- Regardless of the skills, degree, or experience, there is always a path to pursue Data Science as a career option. 
- As per the data science industry prediction 2021, the US and India are the top two countries to generate demand for more than 50,000 data scientists and over 300,000 data analysts job opportunities.
Skills required to prepare yourself as data analysts are Statistics, programming (using Python or R), Machine Learning, Multivariable Calculus, Data Wrangling, Data visualisation, Data Intuition, and Data Communication. 
upGrad has an unparalleled collection of data science courses with varying prices and duration. Check it out today!

Top 3 Exciting Industries For Millenial Data Scientists

If you are someone with an analytical mindset and tech chops, data science asks for honing your business acumen, global awareness, critical thinking, and relationship skills. The following industries are the top 3 that infuse your passion for data science.

1. Music and Data Science Analytics
Data science has a significant contribution to the music industry. Data science analysis helps companies to analyze trends and predict the next big hit. If your calling is in the music industry, imagine joining companies like Spotify, Hungama, Saavn, Pandora etc. 
As a data science analyst, you assess market trends to help your company release relevant music that your audience is going to enjoy. Well, if you are interested in movies, check out how data science is already transforming the movie industry.

2. Travel and Data Science Analytics
Watching National Geographic and TLC has inspired many millennials to consider a job in the travel industry. Here, data science can help you take a flight to land a job in companies like Tripadvisor, Expedia, Trivago, and the coolest AirBnB. 
You know working for these companies is a rewarding experience, but to attract a reward like that you have to be the person helping your travel company forecast bookings through artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

3. Food and Data Science
Data science controls AI-enabled restaurant-management software. Consider Zomato or Swiggy.
Think about how the surge price increases or decreases, how they market your favourite dish from your favourite or similar restaurant through geo-location, control food product availability, pricing, and changing trends in customer and general market preferences.

You just need the theoretical and practical skills to ace in your domain with data science analytics. Wait no more, drill the rig here. You choose data science because the power of data rewards your cognitive muscles for the betterment of your future and that of the world.

Most commonly asked R interview questions!

Over the past few years, the R programming language has gained significant traction in the Data Science and Machine Learning communities. This is mainly because it is a multi-purpose language that can be used for statistical analysis, data visualization, data manipulation, predictive modelling, forecast analysis, and much more. Here, we’re going to focus on the first part of landing a job in the domain – the R interview. Here are the 2 most commonly asked questions in R interviews!

1. What is R?
- R is a programming language and environment specifically designed for statistical computing and graphics. It comes with an extensive catalogue of statistical and graphical methods including linear regression, classification, clustering, time-series analysis, statistical inference, and ML algorithms, to name a few.

2. Name the different data structures in R.
R has four primary data structures:
- Vector: It is a sequence of data elements belonging to the same type. Members within a Vector are known as components.
- List: It is an R object that can contain elements of different types, including numbers, strings, vectors, or another list.
- Matrix: It is a two-dimensional data structure that can bind vectors of the same length. The elements within a Matrix must be of the same type – numeric, or character, or logical, or complex. 
- Dataframe: It is a more generic version of a matrix, that is it can contain elements of different data types. A Data Frame combines the characteristics of Matrices and Lists like a rectangular list, and its columns usually have different data types.

If you are interested to know more about data science, check out upGrad’s data science programs. Happy learning!