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Salary in India after Data Science Course

Factors on which Data Science Course salary in India depends

Like any other industry, the salary of a Data Scientist primarily depends on the following factors:

1. Educational qualification/ Technical Knowledge:

Not only the college you have studied at, but the quality of education is what is more important. Technical knowledge of the programming language preferred by Data Scientists are Python and R. Additionally, the better the data-related skills you have, the more chances are that you will be able to secure a higher-paying job.

2. Experience:

The years of experience is another factor essential to determining your current salary or the salary hike you will receive when you change a job. Freshers can expect to make an average of Rs. 10 lakhs annually. Professionals with two to three years of experience can earn around Rs. 30 to Rs. 40 lakhs annually. And a mid-level Data Scientist can make around Rs. 1 crore per annum.

3. Additional specialization:

Being a multidisciplinary field, there are various avenues that you can take once you have completed a degree in data science. The specialization you can opt for, and the corresponding salaries are discussed in the later section.

4. Location:

Your location also plays a vital role in determining your salary. People looking for remote jobs can look to work-from-home options while making an average of Rs. 20 lakhs per annum, depending on the level of their expertise. 

5. Company:

Your salary package also depends on the company you join after earning a degree in data science.

Some of the top companies that hire Data Scientists, along with the salary package, are:

  1. Amazon offers an annual average salary of Rs 15 lakh to competent data scientists. As a global e-commerce company, many roles need the expertise of a Data Scientist to ensure smooth backend processes.
  2. Flipkart offers an average of Rs 24 lakhs as annual compensation. Although an Indian-origin firm, Flipkart offers fair competition to Amazon. It employs Data Scientists to work on its Systemic Intelligence section.
  3. IBM offers an annual package of at least Rs 10 lakh. This American technology company values its Data Scientists and pays handsomely to competent professionals. 

Data Science Course Starting Salary in India

People who have just started their journey as Data Scientists are known as entry-level professionals. In India, these entry-level professionals or freshers can make an average of Rs. 7 lakh annually after completing their data science course.

For those with some work experience, switching a job can help them get a good hike in the average salary. Suppose a data science professional begins a career with an annual average salary package of Rs 7 lakh. In that case, they can expect to bag a package of Rs 10 lakh annually while switching jobs. But those with exceptional skills, knowledge, and capabilities can even land a job that pays more than junior data scientists’ take-home yearly salary.

Specialization-wise Data Science Course Salary in India

Data science is a very diverse field consisting of statistics, programming, and machine learning subjects. Hence, you can even change your professional journey when opting for a specialization once you have finished the data science course. This also determines the salary that you can take home.

Data Science Course (Machine Learning) Salary in India

Machine learning uses advanced data regression techniques to determine the correct path for predictions and also help provide accurate assessments. As machine learning deals with enabling a machine to think independently, a Data Scientist who can also deal with machine learning programming can easily earn a salary of around Rs. 6 lakh per year as a fresher. This salary becomes around Rs 19 lakh annually once you become a senior Data Scientist with machine learning expertise.

Data Science Course (Data Mining) Salary in India

Data Mining Analysts are people who have experience in data mining and data science. If you become a Data Scientist with an experience in data mining, you can make models that would predict future risk and fraud. For example, if you work in a bank, you can use your expertise to create models that predict credit card frauds and assess risk to prevent the bank from facing financial loss. Hence, you can easily make around Rs. 5 lakh yearly as a fresher.

Data Science Course (Quality Analysis) Salary in India

As a Data Scientist, your job would be to create predictive models. But when you take your career a step forward and help polish the collected data with qualitative analysis, you can work towards doing the whole data collection process on your own. In other words, you can be a one-person team! As a Data Quality Analyst, you can expect to make at least Rs. 5 lakhs per year as a fresher.

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