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Shreemoy Nayak

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Project Manager at Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

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Bachelor's degree from National Institute of Technology Rourkela (2011 - 2015)


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Shreemoy is a student of UpGrad and BITS Pilani Big Data Engineering program. He's a Mechanical Engineer in a PSU and NIT Rourkela alumnus.


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Shreemoy’s stint in Big Data being a Mechanical Engineer
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Shreemoy’s stint in Big Data being a Mechanical Engineer

Shreemoy Nayak is an alumnus of UpGrad and BITS Pialni Big Data Engineering program. I am a mechanical engineer currently working as a project engineer. My job is to execute the projects at the site and deliver them on time. Though my job doesn’t involve data analysis at the scale of banking or FMCG industry, it demands a certain level of awareness for planning and executing a project. During my 2-year experience, I’ve come across situations, more often than not, when things don’t go as planned and the engineer-in-charge needs to make informed decisions to complete the job in time while making sure the expenditure doesn’t exceed the sanction. In these cases, a sound knowledge of exploiting the data, both financial and otherwise, from previous and ongoing projects those are similar to the current project, comes in handy. In today’s world data-driven decision making has taken the front seat and Big Data is going to be the next big thing. With a sound knowledge of statistics, I searched for online courses related to data analysis and came across this PG Program in Big Data Engineering offered by BITS Pilani in association with UpGrad on Facebook. Initially, I was apprehensive. But 7 months into this program and I am sure I’ve made the right decision. upGrad’s Exclusive Software Development Webinar for you – SAAS Business – What is So Different? document.createElement('video');   Abhimita Debnath on Taking a Step Towards Big Data Engineering The program starts with a preprogram preparatory module which mainly covers programming with Java, basic Data Structure and SQL. This is very helpful for those who are from a non-computer science background. I personally found the preparatory module very helpful. The curriculum of this program is well designed to transform you from a novice to a professional in data engineering, provided you put in the effort it demands and ready to walk the extra mile. There are professors from BITS Pilani, Industry experts and UpGrad teaching staffs who will take you through every relevant detail in Big Data Engineering through video lectures, case studies and assignments. Above all, there is a discussion forum where you can interact with peers and get your doubts cleared. UpGrad organizes fortnightly webinars where industry experts explain practical uses of all the theories you have learnt during the weeks. The program is adequately paced so that one can easily manage the coursework along with his/her job. In a way, this program is different from other online courses available on the internet as every student gets a dedicated student mentor who constantly keeps in touch with you and helps you with any problem you face during the program. He constantly motivates you to utilize the resources to the maximum and reminds you of the deadlines if they are close. Explore Our Software Development Free Courses Fundamentals of Cloud Computing JavaScript Basics from the scratch Data Structures and Algorithms Blockchain Technology React for Beginners Core Java Basics Java Node.js for Beginners Advanced JavaScript Big Data Engineers: Myths vs. Realities Being a mechanical engineer if I can come this far, even when my job has no direct relation with data engineering, then any person with any prior knowledge or current involvement with data engineering can achieve a lot from this program. This program also offers placement opportunities like any full-time university program. So, for any aspiring Big Data enthusiast, I’ll strongly recommend to take-up this course. Explore our Popular Software Engineering Courses Master of Science in Computer Science from LJMU & IIITB Caltech CTME Cybersecurity Certificate Program Full Stack Development Bootcamp PG Program in Blockchain Executive PG Program in Full Stack Development View All our Courses Below Software Engineering Courses If you are interested to know more about Big Data, check out our Advanced Certificate Programme in Big Data from IIIT Bangalore. In-Demand Software Development Skills JavaScript Courses Core Java Courses Data Structures Courses Node.js Courses SQL Courses Full stack development Courses NFT Courses DevOps Courses Big Data Courses React.js Courses Cyber Security Courses Cloud Computing Courses Database Design Courses Python Courses Cryptocurrency Courses Learn Software Development Courses online from the World’s top Universities. Earn Executive PG Programs, Advanced Certificate Programs or Masters Programs to fast-track your career. Read our Popular Articles related to Software Development Why Learn to Code? How Learn to Code? How to Install Specific Version of NPM Package? Types of Inheritance in C++ What Should You Know?

by Shreemoy Nayak

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22 Jun 2018

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