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5 Tips to Hire the Best Recruits
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5 Tips to Hire the Best Recruits

The recruiting process has changed along over the recent past. Although the wake of the internet may have seemed to make things easier, it simply hasn’t. Recruiters have to work extra hard to get the right candidates and talent regardless of the power of the internet. While the internet makes it easier for both you and the candidates to find each other, it takes some patience, hard work, and creativity to make it work. Apply for a Demo Course Click on Apply Now button to register a Demo Course Apply Now Here are the 5 best ways to hire the best talent: Describe / Define the Job Detailing what job entails is one of the best ways to find the right talent. Gone are the days when all there was, was a job description. Today, you need to define what the job is all about, what the candidate will be entitled to do, and such. Some of the best candidates will often prefer a job post offering room for growth. Have a Strong but Basic Pitch More and more candidates will be willing to take up a more superior job than they already have. As mentioned earlier on, the top candidates will be looking for a place/way to grow, and not just a job position. Use this to your advantage when talking to the candidate for the first time, or when drafting an email, or if you hit the answering machine. Offering the candidate a more superior position will most certainly be convincing to the candidates. Draft a Compelling Advertisement You’ll need to be creative when writing a job advertisement. The ad should not only be convincing, but compelling and easy to understand as well. Instead of asking for skills and years of experience required, outline what the candidate will be doing, what they will learn, and even become in the future. An excellent example of a compelling advertisement is asking the candidates to help you use their background and expertise in making the position much better. 6 Key Elements which will Make YOU a Better Leader than You Are! Have an Efficient Resume Database Identifying the top talent within hundreds of resumes can be tiring and time-consuming. Finding the top candidate also means you need to call them within the shortest time after they have submitted their resumes. That said, you will need an efficient resume database capable of sifting through thousands of them to find the top talent. You’ll also need to keep old resumes active for future reference. You don’t need to call them all the time, simply drafting an email with a copy of the job description, then emailing it to all of them should do. Be sure to mention how you got their resume and inquire if they would be interested in the position on the job ad. Here is some good research from Redline on why candidates refuse a job offer. Network Networking holds the key to finding a good job. The same applies to recruiters; you need to socialize and network with other people to identify the top talent to add to your candidate database. Asking friends, family, and people in your network for help finding the right person for a specific position should give you tons of leads, and possibly the person you have been looking for. How you describe the job post also determines whether or not people will be receptive to the same. It would, therefore, be advisable to describe the job compellingly. This way, even unwilling candidates will want to submit their resume for consideration. This leaves you with dozens of resumes to sift through as you look for the perfect candidate. Produce Effective Results – Get Better at Getting Better   Combining the power of networking, compelling advertising, and searching through resume databases should make it possible for you to find the best candidates for the post. It all starts with how well you can compel a candidate to submit their resume, and be willing to ditch their current position for the new one. A compelling job description will be recommended if you are to find the best talent for the position. Talk to our Counselor to find a best course suitable to your Career Growth Click on Apply Now button to talk with our Counselor Apply Now

by Joel Williamson

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19 Feb 2019

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