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Digital Marketing Course Overview

Introduction to Digital Marketing Courses

Social media and online marketing have recently helped generate massive wealth for companies worldwide. Those who have adopted these techniques have benefited massively, while others have been left behind. Digital marketing professionals have been the forerunner in this massive revolution. Digital marketing is not just about creating a good marketing campaign for a product. It is much more than that.

Digital marketing is about knowing the ins and outs of the market. It is about understanding customer dynamics and their pressure points, which translates into a beautifully designed campaign built to lure in customers and sell them the product. An excellent digital marketer can get inside a customer's head and understand the challenge from their perspective. 

If that seems exciting, you have come to the right place. This article will provide an in-depth guide as to how you can pursue a career in the field of digital marketing. It contains some of the best courses you can take to prepare yourself for all the challenges you might expect in this field and gain insights into the different salaries and job opportunities available both in India and abroad. So get your creative minds ready and hop onto the bandwagon to be a part of this digital revolution that is changing the world for the better. Digital marketing is the best solution for modern-day lead generation for businesses.

About Digital Marketing

The use of digital channels to promote goods and services and engage consumers is referred to as "digital marketing." Websites, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels with a similar function are used in this kind of marketing. 

Digital marketing is a novel technique for businesses for brand marketing and to interact with customers and comprehend their behaviour. It has some of the same ideas as conventional marketing, just that it is done on a digital platform. Traditional and digital marketing plan/methods are frequently combined by businesses. Will explain digital marketing in the below sections in details.

Why Digital Marketing Course?

Why should you take up a digital marketing courseHere are some key points as to why one should consider a digital marketing course:

  • An ever-expanding industry:

    As more people access the internet, the number of people shopping online will increase. This automatically translates to improved jobs and better work opportunities for a digital marketer. This is still a growing industry, and the scope for marketing growth and development is immense. A good digital marketing course will set you up on the path to success.
  • Mobile access

    The coronavirus pandemic has shifted the work culture in various domains. It has opened doors for remote workers to contribute to the company's growth without being physically present. Since digital marketing is a job that requires technological use, it has helped this industry to grow immensely. 
  • Cheap and affordability:

    Unlike traditional degrees or diplomas, becoming a digital marketer does not require specific degrees or prerequisites. You will just need to acquire the relevant skills and show them in a presentable manner. The various course certificates you acquire through courses or google Analytics exams can help build your profile.
  • A worldwide audience:

    The Internet is accessible to anyone and everyone. Thus any content you create will have a global audience. This opens up massive opportunities if you can master the trade. An excellent digital marketing course will set you up on this path.
  • Flexibility in schedule:

    Today, as companies globally are following the hybrid or remote model, you can enrol in an online digital marketing course to learn at your desired pace. Online courses give you the flexibility to set your schedule and upskill while maintaining your existing personal and professional commitments.
  • Better salary:

    As mentioned before, this is a growing field, and the demand for good digital marketers is at an all-time high. Since there’s a skills crunch, companies are willing to pay hefty compensation to deserving candidates. The best part is that for digital marketing roles, you can climb the promotional ladder relatively faster than traditional marketing positions. Moreover, you can choose to set up your freelancing agency. The possibilities are endless.


Who should do a Digital Marketing Course?

If you have read through the benefits of a digital marketing course, you can quickly figure out that anyone can go for a digital marketing course. It is one of the most important reasons to get into this field. Whatever your background or educational qualifications, a digital marketing course is for you if you have the drive and motivation to learn and upskill yourself.

Sales and market professionals, business owners, freelancers, freshers, and anyone can acquire this valuable skill. Since it is all about advertising your product and understanding the market dynamics, a digital marketing course can be a valuable option for people looking to switch careers.

When to do a Digital Marketing Course?

The right time to do a digital marketing course would be today. You will be ahead of the competition, which will ramp up in the coming days. Since online courses are also available, you can even opt for them while doing your daily jobs. This will help you in upgrading yourself and finding better opportunities.

Types of Digital Marketing Courses

Now that the basics are sorted, let us look at the various courses that one can choose from.

1.  Full-time

You will find a variety of courses that you can avail of both online and offline. The courses can vary from one or two-week boot camps to full-fledged programs running up to two years. It generally depends on the level of skill you want to develop, and if you are looking to become a professional digital marketer, you can choose an online course. You can find various courses on marketing on upGrad.

You can choose a course that suits your preference and demands.


Also, you can opt for a one to two-year diploma, BBA, MSc, and Mba courses that will provide a degree holder in digital marketing. Such courses are available at some of the premier institutes in both India and abroad. Some popular schools are IIDE, Amity university, IIT-M Business School, IMT Ghaziabad, etc.

2.  A part-time digital marketing course

If you are a working professional or a college student and want to change your career or improve on learning a new skill, then opting for a part-time course might suit you. If you want to specialize in any particular area of digital marketing, such as SEO, SEM, Email marketing, etc., then opting for a part-time course might be ideal for you. 

3.  A one-year digital marketing course

One can search for various diploma courses for digital marketing. These one-year diploma courses are generally attached with guaranteed job offers that will help you to kickstart your career. The minimum criteria for such courses are also low, with some regarding only a higher secondary certificate as adequate. You can visit their website for further information.

4.  An online digital marketing course

With the growth of online Edtech firms, one can learn all the skills necessary to become a successful digital marketer from the comfort of their homes. Various online platforms have state-of-the-art digital marketing courses packed with information you can learn at your convenience.

They have also tied up with some of the most prominent institutes in the world to design and certify their programs. This provides an added seal of approval for anyone getting these certificates.

Why is an online Digital Marketing course better than an offline Digital Marketing Course?

A few years ago, an online degree or certificate was not given much importance in the professional community. However, this has changed post-pandemic when education has shifted online. Along with the rise of Edtech companies and their ability to recruit good professionals to design and monitor their courses, the narrative has shifted entirely.

  • Gives you the flexibility of time: 

    Whether you want to learn digital marketing while pursuing your job or current degree, then opting for an online course might be more beneficial for you. An online course allows you to plan your schedule and be flexible with your learnings. Interacting with your teachers and clearing your doubts is also highly convenient.
  • An access to recorded lectures:

    Once you purchase the course online, you get access to all the recorded video lectures that you can watch in your comfort. You can also refer to the videos anytime, from anywhere This is not possible if you select an offline session. Also, the assignments and tests are neatly arranged and recorded for further reference.
  • Cheap in comparison to offline courses:

    They are generally more expensive than their online counterparts. This is attributed to the logistics and operations costs. Also, offline institutes teach their students via physical classroom sessions, which can be costly. Instead, you can opt for online classes that are more affordable. You can pursue an online course while keeping your existing job. 
  • Location flexibility:

    Good offline institutes for digital marketing can be limited to tier-1 cities in India. This presents a problem for the majority of the population who want to pursue their dreams. Online coaching institutes help with the best digital marketing courses. You connect with some of the best colleges worldwide and learn from the best teachers, all by sitting in the comfort of your home. All you need to learn are the electrical equipment and a good internet connection.

Thus online platforms have many advantages when it comes to honing your skills, and you can avail the various courses available on them.

Digital Marketing course admission procedure

Well, now that your mind is made up about being a digital marketing expert, you might next have some questions as per the skill, requirement, eligibility criteria, and the various exams that one can take to get admitted to a digital marketing course. All such doubts have been discussed in this section.

1. Skill required for a digital marketing course

One can start with a fresh canvas while opting to join a digital marketing course. Anyone on the internet can decide to become a digital marketing expert and do so by diligently completing a course and getting certified for it. 

All the necessary skills one requires to excel in this field will be taught during the courses. You can then display these skills on your resume by building a portfolio of projects and certificates.

2. Eligibility

You can opt for structured diplomas in digital marketing across prestigious institutes such as IMT Gaziabad, ICASR Gurgaon, YMCA Delhi, etc. For most offline degree courses, the requirement can be a bare minimum of +2 passed or a graduate degree in any field with 50% aggregate marks.

In the case of online courses provided across various platforms such as upGrad, candidates must have graduated with at least 50%. Whereas for bootcamps, one can apply after clearing class 12 exams. These learning programs are  open for everyone willing to upskill. Some advanced-level courses might require you to finish some introductory courses to understand the trade better.

3. Digital marketing course admission 2023

Here is a list of the top digital marketing courses you can start in 2023. A wide variety of courses from different institutes have been selected for this list.

Course Name


Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication

MICA + upGrad

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

MICA+ upGrad

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing Specialisation

University of Illinois

MA in Digital marketing

CBS Internation Bussiness School, Germany

MA Digital Marketing

University of Portsmouth, UK

Advanced Diploma in Marketing Management

Indian School of Business Management and administration 

BBA Digital Marketing

Christ University



4. Digital marketing course entrance exams

To answer this question, you must first select your preference. The type of exams you must qualify for depends on your destination. In India, for a structured MBA course, you might be required to qualify for the CAT, XAT, or NMAT or some regional exams that can be specific to the universities you want to attend. 

The scene changes when you want to go for a digital marketing degree from abroad. Here the courses are generally taught for one year, and to qualify for them, you need to send your overall profile and cover letters which their admission committee will screen. Depending on your profile, you might be called for further rounds of interviews. 

Colleges abroad generally look for English proficiency, requiring you to qualify for tests such as IELTS and TOEFL. Some of the most prestigious colleges offering digital marketing courses are King’s College London, University of Reading, University of Kent, University of Portsmouth, etc.

4.1. Digital marketing courses without entrance

In India Digital marketing bootcamp courses do not require you to give any entrance test. The learners need to have completed their 10+2 and a bachelor's degree.

One can also opt for an online digital marketing course. Most of these courses are open for all and allow everyone to acquire knowledge and hone their skills. 

A basket of courses can be clubbed together to acquire various skills and improve your portfolio by creating multiple projects that will make you job-ready. Some courses also offer direct interaction with industry personnel. This can provide valuable experience to the learners.

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

Digital marketing covers a variety of skills and tools one should master to build the perfect ad campaign. The syllabus of digital marketing courses helps you gain an insight into the same. Let us look at some of the subjects taught in a typical digital marketing and communication course.

Digital marketing course subjects

It is always suggested to understand the syllabus of a course you want to study thoroughly. This will help you to understand if the course is providing the skills necessary for you. The curriculum of the DM MICA program at upGrad include:




A brief description of the course and the significance of digital marketing in the industry. It will help you prepare for the concepts that lay ahead.

Fundamentals of Marketing

Comparing and contrasting traditional marketing methods with digital marketing.

Metrics and Channels

Learning more about the process of digital marketing and enhancing your knowledge of the different tools to engage customers digitally.

Customer Centricity

How to analyse trends in consumer demands and identify target audience? Learning more about understanding the customer.

Web Page Designing

Learning how to set up the ideal web page for a given brand. A web page that not only takes care of the needs of existing customers but also draws the attention of the target audience and builds a new client base.

Blog Creation

On the internet, words are a very powerful tool. Covering tools like Wordpress, the course teaches you to build an engaging and informational blog post around the central idea of the products or services offered.

Search engine Optimization or SEO

SEO is an essential tool that is useful in driving potential customers to your website or the product page. It is the art of understanding and using the online algorithm for your benefit.

Social Media Marketing or SMM

Social media has become a prominent tool for connecting with your customers and building a robust online presence. SMM will teach you how to utilize the power of social media to gather an audience and turn them into potential customers.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM in Digital Marketing

These are paid adverts on various websites and apps. SEM helps improve web visibility. 

Programmatic and display advertising

The programmatic ads are the ones which the advertisers purchase and place using the software as opposed to the manual methods. The display ads are more visual as they contain images, video, text, and audio. 

Web Analytics

Creating an ad or post is vital for attracting customers. Similarly, checking the performance or analytics of the post is equally important to understand the best way to sell your product. Web analytics will equip you with the latest techniques to improve your post visibility.

E-Commerce Management

An understanding of e-commerce will help you build a high-traffic website through keyword research, product pricing, and reviews

Email Marketing

Speaks of the tricks as to how one can send product emails and ensure that they are opened and acted on by customers.

Ad Search Campaign

Designing advertisements is integral to any online business or website. This module will equip you with the latest tools to help you achieve it.

Content Strategy and Marketing

Developing good quality content that can reach out to customers and boost your sales is a mandatory skill for any digital marketing expert. Marketing it successfully and building the correct pitch is also equally important.

Affiliate Marketing

It is the strategy to develop sales via a third party. The third party is paid some commission for every unit of product sold via it.

Top Digital Marketing Course Specialization

Now, digital marketing is an umbrella under which there are various techniques and skills in which one can specialize. Here is a list of the different types of digital marketing courses you can choose depending on your interest.

Digital marketing in the different types

  • SEO optimization course:

    A specialization in search engine optimization or SEO will make you master all the strategies that can be used to design your content in such a way that the algorithm of google promotes it. This will help you rank higher on a google search page and drive higher traffic to your page. 

    The algorithms are changed frequently by Google; thus, a good SEO expert must remain up to date with it to keep their page up on the SERP. An SEO optimization course will help you to do that effectively.
  • SEM marketing course:

    Search Engine Marketing is the strategy of making paid advertisements that appear on top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). The payment schemes of these adverts generally depend on the “Pay-per-click basis”. This can be an effective strategy to gain customers for your products. 
  • Affiliate marketing course:

    Another important skill that every digital marketer should have. Affiliate marketing is utilizing an already existing audience to sell your product. Content creators use this popular technique to sell products.

    As an affiliate market expert, you will be required to understand how and who can help you increase your brand image and approach them with a campaign and offer that they simply can't refuse. 
  • Social media and content marketing:

    Most social media platforms provide a marketplace where one can list and sell their products. A specific strategy is to stand out consistently to ensure that your product gets sold. One can learn this by completing any of the social media marketing courses. 

    Whether it be Facebook or Instagram, the power of running ads on them is unparalleled to get you new customers. Their advanced AI tools give you the perfect canvas to create the best adverts. You just need expertise in them, and these courses help you do that.

    The content of your post is equally important be it running a campaign or posting on the web page. The crisp and direct approach to pitch even the most complex products and/or services to any customer is what makes content marketing plan so important. Coupled with your knowledge about the target audience and their demands, content marketing is an integral specialisation to hold.
  • Data Analytics in digital marketing:

    Being a digital marketing expert means being aware of how your content is helping the company generate sales and how customers react to it. A course on data analytics will help you understand all the technical aspects associated with it and how you can track such data to improve your existing ad campaigns or build better ones.
  • Email Marketing:

    Being able to write attractive emails and generate leads through them is an important market strategy that various brands employ to sell their products.

    Hence, creating good quality content and generating customer leads from them is an essential skill that every digital marketer should acquire. Various good courses can teach you the skill of writing attractive emails that get read by customers.
  • PR:

    In both traditional and digital marketing, PR plays an important role in generating brand awareness and increasing engagement. However, since the digital network is much more widespread and visible, one needs to be familiar with the intricacies of algorithms and content marketing to reach people online.

    Therefore being able to effectively use the online tools to your benefit is a huge learning step in the digital marketing course.
  • Audio marketing:

    Marketing is about understanding the psychology of your customers. A good expert will understand the pressure points of the customers and present how their product is solving the same effectively. Audio marketing on music apps such as Spotify is a powerful tool to build brand influence. Understanding and segregating which group of people to target and who are the most likely to buy your product will help you to design ads suited for them. 

    All these ideas form the core of any digital marketing course. Even though you might specialize in any of the fields mentioned above, a basic understanding of customer psychology and market behaviour is a must for any aspiring digital marketer.

Projecting Digital Marketing industry growth trends in 2022-23

The digital aspect of marketing is estimated to grow by 33% in 2022. A total of 45% of ad investments go into digital ad campaigns. An amount of 1,07,987 crore is estimated to be invested in an ad campaign in 2022, which is 22% more than the previous year. 

Whereas traditional marketing techniques such as TV ad spending is estimated to grow by 15%, print ads will grow by 5%.

Global digital marketing and advertising agency is estimated to grow from $350 billion in 2020 in 2020 to $786.2 billion by 2026, making the annual growth rate 9%. The total ad spend globally will increase by 11%, of which 66% will be invested in the digital medium.

So the potential is astronomical and vast amounts of cash flow in the market daily. With the required expertise, you can tap into it and grow your wealth in the financial year 2022-23 itself.

Influencer Marketing: Study show, When marketers were asked where they would be investing the most of the resources, 34% answered social media influencer marketing. 11% admitted this has the greatest return on investment. Of the marketers already present in the influencer trend, 56% say it is effective, and 46% plan to invest more in 2022. 

Video Marketing: More than 89% of marketers will spend half or more than half of their digital marketing resources on short videos as they are the most popular in today’s generation. 46% of the total marketer who strategically invests in short video content or “reels” and “shots” considers them effective and a powerful tool to catch the viewer’s attention within 20 seconds. Video marketing receives the highest investments and will only grow as people nowadays prefer videos over blogs.

Social Media Marketing: The size of the social media market is worth $72.2 billion. Almost every business, or if we try to put it in numbers, 91% the businesses implement social media marketing. 82% of b2b businesses use LinkedIn advertising, and over 96% of companies use LinkedIn to promote their content. The average person spends 2 hours daily on social media, and 91% of them access them using their smartphone, so mobile optimization is no longer avoidable. Nearly half of the users trust influencers’ brand recommendations.

SEO Trends and relevance: Today the SEO industry’s worth is $80 billion. In 2019 it was $43 billion and by 2023 it is expected to grow to $86 billion. Businesses say 53% of the traffic on their website comes through organic research which is the result of effective implementation of SEO. And More than half approximately 55% of the total traffic is due to the blog posts the websites generate. Most businesses, or almost 49% of the businesses admit that organic search has the greatest return on investment so this industry will continue to thrive.

Email Marketing: The current worth of the email marketing industry is $9.62 billion and is estimated to grow to $17.9 billion by the end of 2027. The number of email users is estimated to grow to 48 billion by 2024. Most small businesses say email marketing has the highest return on investment and is the most effective way to generate leads. 87% of companies use email marketing which is the second most popular way to spread brand awareness, exactly behind the most popular medium, using social media.

Websites trends: A consumer creates an opinion about your website in approximately half a second, as your website conveys the brand’s picture. 75% of consumers admitted judging a business’s credibility by the website. 72% of small businesses have a website. A consumer reverts from your website if it takes more than 2 seconds to load. However, a website with an amazing UI/UX design can convert 400% more efficiently.

How do you do a Digital Marketing course in India?

Digital marketing is one of the highest in-demand courses today. It promises high salary and steady career growth with ample opportunities to learn new marketing concepts. 

As the digital marketing sector grows in India, more aspirants are willing to enter this domain. Hence, the demand for both offline and online digital marketing courses is skyrocketing. 

Most online marketing courses offered by reputed institutes like upGrad feature a comprehensive syllabus, including case studies and live projects. You can also seek additional help from books or magazines. Here are the most effective tips for learning digital marketing in 2022.

1. Take professional courses: As mentioned before, enrolling in professional courses and learning via a structured approach is one of the best ways to master digital marketing concepts. Remember that you must have sheer determination and commitment to excel in this field.

2. Read digital marketing books: The more you expose yourself to reliable content the richer your knowledge becomes. Reading at least one or two digital marketing books is highly recommended.

3. Read Blogs:
Blogs by many trusted websites can provide knowledge to specific skills in digital marketing. For example, blogs on social media marketing, influencer marketing, or email marketing.

4. Do Internships: One of the most effective ways to learn is to put yourself out here in the industry. Doing some internships helps you to build a richer resume and gives you the chance to hone your skills as you observe the market.

5. Podcasts: Many creators put valuable content on podcasts. You can listen to them in your free time.

6. Follow digital marketers: Follow the experts and learn from what they are doing to improve business. This tip can put you ahead of your peers by a huge margin.

7. Webinars: Attend webinars and connect with your fellow marketer to grow your network and your overall knowledge.

Study Digital Marketing Course in India

If you are aspiring to study online digital marketing courses in india then you should conduct thorough research on the various digital marketing courses available across the country. Here is a list of the major institutes and the online marketing classes/programs they run to help you get started. 

1. Mumbai

If you are getting started then Mumbai might be an ideal location for you. This is because the average starting salary of a digital marketer is higher by about 5-30% in Mumbai than the national average payout as compared to other cities like Delhi or Kolkata. BC Webwise, The Glitch, Indigo Consulting, and Blink Digital are some of the largest digital marketing agencies in Mumbai.

Here is a list of some of the best institutes and their courses in Mumbai.

Course: Institute


Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication: MICA + upGrad

INR 1,09,045

Executive Management Programme in Strategic Innovation, Digital Marketing and Business Analytics: upGrad 

INR 1,50,000

Post Graduation in Digital Marketing: IIDE Mumbai

INR 3,30,509 + GST

Certified Digital Marketing Course: IIDE Mumbai

INR 1,15,000

Digital Marketing Training Online: School of Digital Marketing


Advanced Digital Marketing Course: School of Digital Marketing


Advance Diploma in Digital Marketing (ADDM): Operating Media

INR 26,000

Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing: Compufield

INR 25,500

Advance Digital Marketing Diploma: DMTI

INR 34,900

Full Stack Digital Marketing (FSDM): TBS digital marketing institute


Advanced Digital Marketing Course: Opteron Academy


2. Bangalore

Bangalore, India's third most populous city, is a centre for technology. In Bangalore, there has been a significant increase in digital marketing companies over the past few years.

Independent agencies like Happy, 22Feet, and Langoor have been bought by larger international agency networks. This demonstrates that the city has a skill pool that is appropriate for digital marketing.

If we remove the traditional advertising and public relations firms that also provide digital marketing services, A number of significant multinational corporations have made Bangalore their central location for localising content and conducting digital marketing efforts for international markets. For instance, IBM collaborates with its Indian advertising firms to localise ads for various markets.

Best Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore Offered by:

Course: Institute


Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication: upGrad

INR 1,09,045

Executive Management Programme in Strategic Innovation, Digital Marketing and Business Analytics: upGrad 

INR 1,50,000


INR 64,200

Digital Academy 360

INR 60,000 onwards



Digital Vidya 

3. Delhi

In India the Delhi NCR region is considered the hub of the digital marketing industry. It contains some of the most prominent institutes as well as some of the best companies that are working in this space. Big companies such as Google, Asian Paints, ITC Limited, Reliance, etc., are constantly looking for good quality digital marketers to help them expand their business.

Various top institutes across Delhi offer some of the best digital marketing courses in India. Institutes such as IIT Delhi, YMCA, and DSIM provide a wide variety of masters and diploma courses that prepare the students to become industry-ready. The duration of a course can generally last from 2 to 12 months depending on the type and syllabus of the course. 

According to a payscale report, digital marketers in Delhi are paid 43% more in the Gurgaon region, hence there is a great opportunity to be unraveled here. Institutes such as Digiperform, IIDE, Digital Marketing Profs, etc are institutes in Delhi that even offer placement assistance along with your course. Here are some of the best courses in Delhi.

Course Name


Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication


Executive Management Programme in Strategic Innovation, Digital Marketing and Business Analytics


Certificate Course in Digital Marketing

AIMA New Delhi

Full Stack Digital Marketing Programme

NIIT Pitampura

Digital Marketing Master Course

Digital Paradise, New Delhi

Digital Marketing and Media Management

YMCA New Delhi

Masters in Digital Marketing

Delhi School of Internet Marketing

Digital Marketing Course

Expert Training Institute, New Delhi

Certification Program in Digital Marketing

Internet Marketing School, Malviya Nagar

Digital Marketing Course

EduPristine, Connaught Place, New Delhi

4. Kolkata

Institutes such as IIM Calcutta, NIFT Kolkata, and IIDE are known for grooming some of the best digital marketers. For a short-term course, the fees may range from 10 thousand to 1 lakh rupees, whereas for a long-term MBA program in Digital marketing, one might need to pay between 60 thousand to 6 lakh rupees.  The digital marketing industry in Kolkata is growing rapidly. Here are some of the best courses you can choose in Kolkata.



Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication


Executive Management Programme in Strategic Innovation, Digital Marketing and Business Analytics


Certificate in Digital Marketing

NIFT Kolkata, Karmick Institute, Kolkata, Calcutta Media Institute

Executive Program on Digital Marketing

IIM Kolkata

Diploma in Digital Marketing

Seven Boats Academy

BBA Digital Marketing

Brainware University, Sister Nivedita University

PGD in Digital Marketing

Calcutta Media Institute (CMI)

MBA Digital Marketing


5. Chennai

Digital Marketing is a high-demand skill that can help you secure better packages at your current job or get better-paying jobs. If you are a resident of Chennai, then you can opt for any of the following courses to upskill yourself.



Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication


Executive Management Programme in Strategic Innovation, Digital Marketing and Business Analytics


Digital Marketing Course


Digital Marketing

Knowledge Hut

Digital Marketing Program


Classroom Digital Marketing Course

Search Advisors

Digital Marketing Certified Courses

Digital Academy

Online Live Digital Marketing Course

Digital Scholar

Study Digital Marketing Courses Abroad

The digital marketing industry is booming across the globe. The average pay for a digital marketer is higher if you opt to go overseas. The general cost of getting an abroad degree is also higher, but if you can make the initial investment, then the ROI is relatively high working abroad. Another advantage of pursuing a degree abroad is the wide variety of courses that one can choose and the flexibility offered in the programs.

Anyone looking to go for such a degree should look to build a strong profile, preferably with some prior work experience. You will also be required to take IELTS or TOEFL tests and GMAT if you apply for an MBA program. There are various scholarships that one can use to fund their studies. More information about these can be found on the respective universities' websites.

Course Name


BBA Business Administration: Digital Marketing (4 Years)

Westcliff University, USA

MSc Business Management: Digital Marketing & Communication (2 Years)

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

MBA in Digital Marketing

EALDE Business School

MBA in Digital Marketing

University of Cumbria

MA Digital Marketing (2 Years)

University of Portsmouth, UK

Why study Digital Marketing abroad?

  • Greater ROI 

  • Higher salary packages

  • Numerous unique specialization options 

  • Excellent global networking opportunities

The accelerating demand for Digital Marketing Courses in India

There hasn't been a better time to make money from the comfort of your home than now. With internet service rates decreasing dramatically, nearly everyone has access to an internet connection, leading to a steep increase in the number of people entering the digital marketing ads industry. Freelancing is at an all-time high. A new startup is being launched every day. This has called for a massive demand for digital marketing experts. 

You can offer your services on a full-time or part-time job basis or work on individual projects as a freelancer. Anyone with a laptop and an internet connection can learn about digital marketing from the hundreds of online certified courses and exploit this skill to earn a living.

You can even consider opening an agency where you provide work to other people to complete projects. The possibilities are endless. Thus don't waste any more time thinking about it too. Register and acquire this valuable skill to earn a better living for yourself.

Digital Marketing Salary in India

If you are considering a career in digital marketing, then an obvious question you should be wondering is how much you can earn by being a digital marketing expert in India. According to AmbitionBox, the average salary of a digital marketer is 3.5 Lakhs per annum. This amounts to 25 to 26 thousand rupees per month. The salary depends on your skill set and the years you have spent working in the industry.
Specialization wise digital marketing course salary in IndiaInterested to know more about salary? Please visit the page - Digital Marketing Salary in India

Digital Marketing Salary in Abroad

As the Indian digital marketing industry is gradually aiming toward unprecedented growth, candidates are profusely working towards improving their skillset for better opportunities. It is no secret that digital marketing opportunities and monetary benefits range across nations. Experience and skills are not the only required parameters to gauge salary expectations. Based country and region play a key role in defining expected digital marketing salary. This section will inform you of varying digital marketing salaries abroad

The data presented here is representative of the salary that an average digital marketing expert makes in the USA. The average salary is expected to change as you choose different locations. Thus the average salary of a digital marketing expert in the US is 1,20,000 dollars or 90 lakhs per annum. If you are looking for more information on the average salary, you can visit this link. One should remember that the cost of living in the US is also higher compared to India. Hence, they should evaluate their options carefully before making a decision.
Specialization wise digital marketing course salary in AbroadInterested to know more about salary? Please visit the page - Digital Marketing Salary in Abroad

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Digital Marketing

    Is digital marketing a promising career?

    Yes, digital marketing is one of the hottest required skills currently in the market. A good digital marketer will have a variety of job and earning opportunities

    What are the qualifications to become a digital marketer?

    Generally, for a Diploma course, the minimum qualification is above 50% aggregate score in 10+2. The minimum requirements can change depending on the specific course you opt for.

    The average salary of digital marketing managers in India and Abroad?

    The average salary of digital marketing managers in India is 5.5 Lakhs. The average salary of a digital marketing manager in the US is 11399.50 USD.

    What are the 5Ds of Digital Marketing?

    The 5Ds of Digital Marketing include Digital Devices, Digital Platforms, Digital Media, Digital Data, and Digital Technology. 

    What are the different Digital Marketing strategies used by companies and agencies?

    Some of the most used digital marketing strategies include:

    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Social media Marketing
    • Pay-per-click marketing
    • SEO/SEM
    • Influencer marketing
    • Advertisements and retargeting ads, etc.

    What is digital marketing? What are some of its benefits?

    Digital marketing can be very effective in promoting products or services to consumers. It can quickly and efficiently reach a large audience and be customized to target specific consumers. Comparatively, digital marketing is also more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods.

    What are some challenges of digital marketing?

    Digital marketing has its own challenges like various other forms of marketing. One challenge is that there is a lot of competition online, and it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd.

    What is the future of digital marketing?

    The future of digital marketing is likely to continue to grow and evolve. As a growing number of businesses rely on digital channels to reach consumers, new and innovative strategies will continue to emerge. Additionally, digital marketing will become even more effective and widespread as technology advances.

    What is the difference between SEM and SEO?

    SEM refers to getting traffic via paid ads, and SEO is more about acquiring, monitoring and analyzing organic (unpaid) traffic patterns.

    Name some essential tools used for digital marketing?

    There are many different digital marketing tools that businesses can use. Some common ones include SEO tools, social media management tools, email marketing platforms, and analytics software. These tools can help businesses to research keywords, track their website traffic, manage their social media accounts, and more. Additionally, they can help businesses to measure the results of their digital marketing campaigns. Some of these tools are Google Google PageSpeed Insights, Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google Search Console. 

    What is the general workflow required for digital marketing campaigns?

    The workflow in digital marketing can vary depending on the specific strategies being used. However, the workflow generally involves creating content, optimizing it for search engines, and promoting it through online channels. Additionally, it is important to track the results of digital marketing campaigns so that you can adjust and improve them over time.

    What topics are covered under a course or certification in Digital Marketing?

    Topics covered under a course or certification in digital marketing can vary depending on the program. However, common topics include SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and content marketing. Additionally, many programs also cover analytics and tracking, which are essential to effective digital marketing.

    What are the different job roles available under Digital Marketing?

    Some important job roles and responsibilities under the broad digital marketing domain include SEO specialists, PPC managers, social media executives, and content writers. Additionally, many companies also need digital marketing managers to oversee all of the company's digital marketing efforts.

    What are some important technical skills required to succeed in a digital marketing career?

    Some important technical skills required for a digital marketing career include experience with web development, graphic design, and online marketing tools. Many employers also prefer candidates with experience working with data and analytics.

    What is digital marketing strategy? What are some pitfalls to avoid while working with any digital marketing strategy?

    Several pitfalls can occur while working with digital marketing strategies. First, it is important to make sure that the strategy is properly planned and executed in order to avoid any issues. Moreover, it is also necessary to monitor the performance of the strategy on a regular basis in order to ensure its effectiveness. Finally, it is also important to be flexible and adaptable to changes in the market in order to maintain a successful digital marketing strategy.

    What are the important 4 Ps of Digital marketing?

    The new 4Ps of digital—process, people, platform, and performance—offer new ways to meet consumers' needs and customize messaging for audiences that expect personalization. The old “4Ps”— price, product, promotion, and place — have been the cornerstone of a successful marketing strategy for over 50 years.

    What are the three types of digital media?

    In Digital Marketing, depending on the kind of strategy you wish to execute on your media, digital media can be of the following three types: 

    • Earned media
    • Owned media
    • Paid media

    What are some key characteristics that distinguish digital marketing from traditional marketing?

    Some important characteristics that set the two types of marketing apart are: 

    • Segmentation
    • Costs
    • Defining the target audience
    • Purchasing intent
    • Customer engagement
    • Longevity
    • Measuring profitability