Salary in Abroad after Digital Marketing Course

Factors on which Digital Marketing Course Salary Abroad depends

The factors affecting your salary abroad are similar to those in India. The overall salary package is higher abroad, but the cost of living is also on the higher side. The factors are

1. Location: Your work location determines your salary. The higher cost of living in an area, the higher the salary.

2. Specialization: Depending on the market demand, different digital marketing jobs have varied demands. This also plays a role in your salary.

3. Experience: The more experienced you become at your job, the higher the pay you can expect.

4. Company you work for: Your salary also depends on the company you work for and its types of work. 

Digital Marketing Course Starting Salary in Abroad

The digital marketing salary for an average certified digital marketer in the USA is 30 to 40 thousand US dollars. This salary can change depending on the experience level, and experienced digital marketers can earn as high as 1 lakh 20 thousand USD. That can amount to 90 lakh per annum INR.

Specialization-wise Digital Marketing Course Salary in Abroad

1. SEO Specialist Salary in Abroad

The average salary of an SEO specialist working in the US is 55 thousand USD.

2. PPC Specialist Salary in Abroad

The average salary for pay-per-click professionals ranges between 45 thousand at the entry level to 1.7 lakh USD per annum.

3. Social Media Specialist Salary in Abroad

A social media specialist can be paid around 52 thousand USD.

4. Digital Marketing Manager Salary in Abroad

The average salary of a digital marketing manager is around 1.2 lakh USD.

5. Content Writer Salary in Abroad

The average salary of a content writer is around 70 thousand USD.


Digital marketing is booming, and there is no doubt about its lucrative job prospects in the coming years. The current scenario presents a shortage of good quality digital marketers. Thus with a higher population of people opting for e-commerce, there will be even greater demand for good-quality digital marketers.

This opens up great opportunities for people looking to build a career in this field. With the availability of online courses provided by upGrad and other edTech platforms,  it has become even easier to become a certified digital marketer. Thus if one is ready to put in the effort to upgrade and upskill themselves, digital marketing may be the perfect opportunity for you. 

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