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Learn from experienced sales professionals with a passion for teaching

10+ Master Class and Case Studies

Learn how to build confidence and deliver an impactful sales pitch based upon the 6 Principles of Influencing and Learn the secrets of Top Sales Performers

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Execute what you learnt by opting for the Paid Internship Program with the scaling Organisation

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10+ hours of group career coaching

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Program creators

Vishal Sonawane

Vishal Sonawane

Principal Consultant and Trainer

PhoenixPros Consulting

  • Exp - 20 Years
Pallavi Shivhare

Pallavi Shivhare

ICF ACC Performance Coach, Sales and Talent Management Specialist

Self Employed

  • Exp - 28 Years
Biju Mohan

Biju Mohan

Upskilling Consultant | Trainer | Coach

Self Employed | Ex Royal Bank of Scotland Business

  • Exp - 28 Years
Amarpreet Bahl T

Amarpreet Bahl T

Executive coach and corporate training

Self Employed | Ex Panasonic

  • Exp - 10 Years
Jasbir Baweja

Jasbir Baweja

Coach | Facilitator | Image Consultant

Coach & Chief Facilitator at Positive First | Ex Standard Chartered Bank

  • Exp - 20 Years
Punit Sahani

Punit Sahani

Trainer and Consultant

Self Employed | Ex Tech Mahindra

  • Exp - 17 Years

Learn with a world class curriculum


Prospecting and Lead Generation

Week 1 to 2

Develop core sales skills by understanding the fundamentals of impact-based communication, lead generation, consumer needs, Technical Skills and Planning & Organising Techniques

Topics Covered

  • Program orientation
  • Business Development: Core Concepts
  • Planning, Organising & Time Management For a Sales Person
  • Prepping For a Sales Meeting: The Non-Negotiables For Effective Meetings
  • Cold Calling & Appointment Setting: Maximizing Customer Outreach
  • Building Rapport & Trust: The Foundation of Strong Customer Relationships
  • The Communication Fundamentals
  • Communicating With Impact & Command Body Language, Speaking With Impact & Linguistic Skills
  • History of Silicon Valley and the world's tech giants, Tech & startups scene in India
  • Fintech & EdTech: An overview
  • Overview of Cloud Computing and Web Development

Understanding Customer Needs and Building Relations

Week 3 to 4

Learn how to build confidence and deliver an impactful sales pitch based on the 6 Principles of Influencing

Topics Covered

  • Effective Probing: Unearthing Client Challenges & Needs
  • Master Your Sales Pitch
  • Impactful Sales Presentation That Wins Business
  • 6 Principles of Influencing: Learn the Secret of Top-Sales Performers
  • Skilful Objection Handling
  • Perception Management
  • Corporate Etiquette & Professionalism
  • Introduction to artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data science
  • Introduction to coding and Computer Operating System

Negotiation Strategies and Closing

Week 5 to 8

Explore Negotiation Strategies, follow up technique along with Email Etiquettes and The Secret of Great Communicators: Listening, Probing & Reconfirming

Topics Covered

  • Negotiation techniques to win deals
  • Mastering deal-closing skills
  • Resume and LinkedIn Profile building
  • Telesales: Core Concepts
  • Email Etiquette Essentials
  • Mastering Conversational Skills
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Interview Prep (Mock Interview)

Paid Internship

Week 9 to 16

During the internship program, you will learn how to create, expand and manage organization sales and marketing channels. Also, get an opportunity to perform market analysis and monitor competition. Deal with customers under the guidance of the experts. Working closely with the Manager or assigned staff member, and completing all allocated tasks.

Topics Covered

  • Working closely with the Manager or assigned staff member, and completing all allocated tasks
  • Research and generate lists of potential customers
  • Help develop customer relationships and retain existing accounts
  • Identifying potential weaknesses and improvement suggestions.
  • Observing and carrying out sales processes.
  • Assisting managers with negotiations.

Get a real world understanding through industry projects

Sales Process Optimization
Sales Process Optimization

Performance Improvement

Identify areas of inefficiency in the sales process and recommend ways to optimize them by analyzing data, conducting interviews with salespeople, and making recommendations

Sales Playbook Creation
Sales Playbook Creation

Building Sales Tools & Resources

Analyze the current sales pipeline for a business and recommend ways to improve it, such as by identifying new lead sources or improving lead qualification. It would involve data analysis, stakeholder interviews, and collaboration with the sales-team

Sales Pipeline Analysis
Sales Pipeline Analysis

Prospects Visual Representation

Conduct a thorough analysis of the competition for a particular product or service and provide recommendations to differentiate from competition by market research and analysis

Sales Team Training
Sales Team Training


Develop skills such as prospecting, discovery, objection handling, and closing by collaborating with the sales team

Sales Forecasting
Sales Forecasting


Use historical sales data to develop a sales forecast for the upcoming quarter or year. This could involve data analysis, collaboration with the sales team, and making assumptions about market trends and economic factors.

Tools and Technologies covered

The upGrad Advantage

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Paid Internship

Industry projects

Interview Opportunity

Career guidance sessions

Performance Report

Admission Process

Pricing Plans

1. Program Fees
EMI options available*
INR 75,000 + GST INR 1,00,000
EMI Partners
Tenure (Monthly) Interest (Flat) EMI
12 10.25 INR - 8,269
18 10.25 INR - 5,769
24 10.25 INR - 4,519
36 10.25 INR - 3,269
Tenure (Monthly) Interest (Flat) EMI
12 10 INR - 8,250
18 10 INR - 5,750
24 10 INR - 4,500
36 10 INR - 3,250
  • The credit facility is provided by a third party credit facility provider and any arrangement with such third party is outside upGrad's purview.
  • A processing fee will be charged on the basis of the payment method selected.
  • ₹ 10,000 as Downpayment has to be paid before the program begins.
  • Standard Interest based EMI Plans of Propelld have Reducing interest rates mentioned are approx. 10 -10.25% flat rate for 10% flat rate for Propelld.
  • Standard Interest based EMI plans for Liquiloans mentioned is Flat interest Rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tech Sales Excellence Bootcamp is a comprehensive training program designed to equip sales professionals with the skills, knowledge, and strategies they need to succeed in today's competitive marketplace. Our program is built upon a proven curriculum that has been tested and refined over many years, and our instructors have experienced sales experts with a passion for teaching

Anyone from Final year students pursuing their graduation wanting to kick-start career in sales can apply for the program

At Tech Sales Excellence Bootcamp, we believe in the power of practical learning. That's why our program is designed to be hands-on and interactive, giving you the opportunity to apply what you've learned in real-world scenarios. Our instructors are dedicated to providing you with the support and guidance you need to succeed, and our small class sizes ensure that you get plenty of personalized attention.

By the end of this Bootcamp, you'll be confident in your ability to sell and you'll have the tools and strategies you need to succeed in today's fast-paced sales environment.

Our instructors are experienced sales professionals with a passion for teaching. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom, and they're dedicated to helping you succeed. Our instructors will provide you with personalized attention and support, and they'll work with you to help you achieve your goals.

Our program is designed to be flexible and accessible. One is required to dedicate a minimum of 10 hours per week to gather the best the outcome

Whether you're just starting in sales or you're a seasoned veteran looking to take your skills to the next level, Tech Sales Excellence Bootcamp has something to offer. Our program covers all the essential topics in sales, from prospecting and lead generation to negotiation and closing deals. You'll learn cutting-edge techniques and strategies, and you'll have the opportunity to put what you've learned into practice through real-world scenarios and hands-on exercises.

80 Hours of Live Training, Learn from world-class instructors and become a high-tech sales representative

10+ Master Class and Case Studies where you will Learn how to build confidence and deliver an impactful sales pitch based upon the 6 Principles of Influencing and Learn the secrets of Top Sales Performers

During this program we offer you the option to pursue, "Paid Internship" as an added advantage of the program.During the internship program you will learn how to create, expand and manage organization sales and marketing channels. Also get an opportunity to perform market analysis and monitor competition. Deal with customers under guidance of the experts.


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