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MS in Data Science in USA: Top Universities, Fees, Eligibility, Career Scope

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14th Feb, 2023
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MS in Data Science in USA: Top Universities, Fees, Eligibility, Career Scope

MS in Data Science is usually a 2-year course like most other master’s degree programs. It has established itself as a feasible course in much of the developed world, especially the USA. India, a developing country, is yet aiming to secure a full-scale flourishing of such a demanded course. Only a few colleges are providing a Masters in Data Science India, including the top IITs, Loyola College Chennai, Christ University Bangalore, Fergusson College, Pune and several other new colleges in the private sector, which are newly established. 

Due to the lack of infrastructural facilities and inefficient faculty, the education quality in India has yet to evolve and reach what the US is currently offering to its data science candidates.

However, things are changing for the good, and this course is making its mark in several ways. Given the sheer demand and necessity among students to study in this course, more and more programmes are being set up. On the contrary, a Masters in Data Science USA is the best course one can pursue. There is a huge career scope in this field. 

Let’s dive in to learn more about the scope of data science course in USA, the available options to explore and the top colleges. 

Top Universities Offering MS in Data Science in USA

More than 70 universities in the US offer a master’s degree in Data Science with in-demand skills and proficiency in state-of-the-art technology to obtain field expertise. The topmost colleges include some of the biggest names in the education industry, such as Stanford University, Harvard University, University of Southern California and more. The cost of studying, however, varies from one institution to another. From academic fees to living expenses, studying at US colleges can be costly, depending on various factors. Here’s a list of top Masters in Data Science USA colleges and their estimated admission fee. 

Stanford University

Stanford University is one of the most renowned institutions in America as well as the world. It offers a 2-year long course of MS in Statistics- Data Science which usually costs nearly INR 46,74,302 ($56,487). The core courses comprise Numerical Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics and Algorithms, Optimisation and several others.

Harvard University

Harvard University offers a 16-month MS in Health Data Science program, which uses computational techniques and statistical models to approach emerging public health concerns. The course combines two of the most in-demand fields, medical sciences and computer engineering, to create an exceptionally talented group of biomedical professionals. The program nearly costs around INR 43,40,736 ($52,456).

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University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania offers an MS in Engineering, and Data Science, an 18-month-long program suitable for aspiring data scientists. Some core courses are Probability and Statistical Programming, Languages and Techniques, and Mathematical Statistics, among others. The cost of studying (only the academic expenditure) is around INR 46,99,127 ($56,787).

New York University

New York University charges around INR 30,91,760 ($37,362.64) for its MS in Data Science course. The course is of 2 years, and the core programmes include Introduction to Data Science, Probability and Statistics for Data Science, Machine Learning and Big Data.

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University of California 

University of California, Berkley offers a 2-year long course of MS in Informatics and Data Science. This course focuses on building the necessary skills to manage and analyse data at technical and managerial levels. The admission fee at Berkely for the data science course is estimated to be around INR 57,92,503 ($70,000). 

These are some of the Data Science courses in the USA. There is increasing demand for this course among students. This is why more and more universities are granting a master’s degree in Data Science.

Eligibility Criteria 

American Universities have stringent admission procedures where several requirements should be met to get into one. Students need to fulfil all the eligibility criteria, starting with GRE and GMAT scores, which are the basic prerequisites for applying for a degree in the USA. The GRE course tests the intellectuality of a student for a master’s degree in Data Science. Students should essentially have a graduation degree in the STEM field. On the other hand, language exams like IELTS scores are required to test English proficiency. However, the requirements vary from one university to another.

To begin with, Stanford University demands a four-year under graduation degree with an IELTS score of 7.0 and a GPA of 3.96 out of 4. Stanford doesn’t accept applications from students with a three-year under graduation degree. So a student must complete their master’s degree or choose an integrated course in order to stand eligible for Stanford. 

The University of California accepts a three-year graduation degree, but the student must score first division with an IELTS score of 7.0 and above and a GPA of 3.27 out of 4, which is quite high. 

Harvard and New York University accept three-year undergraduate courses’ students with the same GPA of 3.0 out of 4, but as per the IELTS requirements, Harvard accepts a score of 6.5, whereas NYU extends it to a 7.0. 

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Career scope 

With an estimated market value of around 650 billion dollars by 2029, the data science market is one of the most burgeoning in today’s world. The United States is no exception. The job satisfaction rate is also higher for this field, with an unemployment rate comparatively lower than in other fields. 

After completing your education in an American university, if you’re aiming to work in the American market as well, San Francisco offers the highest-paying jobs in the Data Science field. Core skills like Data Optimisation, Data Mining, and Business Intelligence from Big Data can help you obtain some of the most lucrative opportunities in the US and global data science market.

Here’s what your future awaits as a data science professional in the US market!

Data Science RolesAverage Annual Salary
Data Scientist$145,436 (INR 1,20,34,836)
Data Analyst$72,524 (INR 60,01364)
Business Intelligence Analyst$80,373 (INR 66,50,869)
Machine Learning Engineer$130,180 (INR 1,07,72,401)
Data Architect$93,221 (INR 77,14,042)
Data Analytics Consultant $85,494 (INR 70,74,632)

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Going abroad is a big decision for one to make. A lot of things must be considered for making such a major step. Students who want to pursue a master’s degree in Data Science and are considering going abroad and the US must research and know their options well before cementing their choice. There are diverse data science courses in US, so seek out the best in the market to make the right choice and boost your career!

While the ones aiming to obtain an American master’s degree in data science from the comfort of their home can check out Executive Post Program in Data Science & Machine Learning offered by upGrad! Taught under the guidance of the University of Maryland, the course is equipped with in-demand topics within its course curriculum to prepare learners for the dynamic data science industry. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Which is the best country to pursue an MS in Data Science?

The USA is the best option to obtain a master's degree in Data Science in the present times, given the number of renowned institutions offering this course in this country with higher employment opportunities. Students from all over the world wish to study in America, which makes the competition much higher. However, many Indian candidates are already reaping the benefits of dynamic American education in such institutions.

2How to get admission to top US universities for an MS in Data Science?

The eligibility criteria vary from one university to another. But the GRE and GMAT scores are very important for getting admission. Also, a student must take an English proficiency test – either IELTS or TOEFL- and he/she must secure a decent score. Applications can be made from the sites of the respective universities.

3What is the scope of pursuing an MS in Data Science?

The expansion of Big Data as a field is further fueling data science to grow tremendously. There are enormous employment opportunities and a huge demand among students to get seats in leading institutes with data science courses. As the course is expected to expand even more, especially in the USA, global candidates have their eyes on bagging opportunities.

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