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The Best Time to Learn is Now: Free Learning Week Powered by UpGrad

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9th Feb, 2017
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The Best Time to Learn is Now: Free Learning Week Powered by UpGrad
We, at UpGrad, have set out on a mission to build careers of tomorrow by delivering the best learning experience and that is what is central to everything we do. We believe that every professional today needs to constantly up-skill to remain relevant, in this ever-evolving era of technology and automation. 
In our pursuit to help today’s professionals become future-ready and build the careers of tomorrow, we are proud to present UpGrad Learning Week.
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From Feb 13 to Feb 19, 2017 – 100+ hours of content on UpGrad‘s Learning Platform will be offered free-of-cost. Anyone can sign up for the learning week and get free 7-day access to our modules across courses such as Digital Marketing, Product Management & Entrepreneurship. In addition, UpGrad’s industry experts will be conducting free workshops and career counselling sessions throughout the week. 
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So what’s in store?

  • Data Analytics – Data Analytics Fundamentals, Machine Learning: Clustering Algorithms, Case Study: Uber’s Supply-Demand Gap & more.
  • Digital Marketing – Social Media & Email Marketing, Digital Marketing Analytics, Website Designing for Marketers & more.
  • Product Management – Product Planning, User Research, Case Study: Grofer’s Market Sizing & more.
  • Entrepreneurship – Idea identification & assessment, Legal Foundation, Fundraising & Valuation & more.

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100+ sessions, 10+ events, 25+ experts and a lot more awaits. Here’s a glimpse of some of the amazing events lined up:

Trends and Opportunities in Digital Marketing, Data Analytics as well as Product Management. Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals, Fundraising for Entrepreneurs and lots more – all conducted by renowned experts in these domains.

upGrad’s Exclusive Data Science Webinar for you –

ODE Thought Leadership Presentation

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What more can I expect?

  •  You can book a FREE Career Counselling Session with UpGrad Experts and get answers to all your questions.

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  • Aiming for a specific job role? Targeting a specific company? Give a mock interview to our expert panel and prepare well!

Top Essential Data Science Skills to Learn

With this initiative, we aim to have 10,000 professionals learn new skills through the week and urge them to take charge of their career because there’s never been a better time than this!

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Apoorva Shankar

Blog Author
Apoorva heads Content Marketing at UpGrad. Additionally, she heads UpGrad Online Scholarship (A Swades Foundation Initiative). She has dabbled with Business Development at UpGrad, prior to this. Before working at UpGrad, Apoorva was busy providing research support to Members of Parliament - with a focus on education and technology.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1How good is upGrad's career counseling session?

upGrad connects you with the top career counselors in the business who will work with you to find the best job options. They can also assist you in developing your value proposition. When you enroll in an upGrad course, you will be given a professional route to follow, which will aid you in making decisions about your future endeavors. upGrad's career counselors can also assist you in sticking to your timeframes and objectives. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, career counselors would also help you with interview preparations, job hunting, wage negotiations, and other necessary preparations. Overall, upGrad's career coaching sessions are excellent and totally worth it.

2What are the features of upGrad courses?

Multimedia lesson content (video, text, and file attachments), assessments, autonomous examinations, and interactive questions linked with lessons are all features of upGrad's courses. upGrad also provides a peer-to-peer learning forum that is fully connected with the student's current learning level. There is also a scheduler, calendar, TA, tutor interactions, and live sessions with instructors and industry experts throughout the courses. upGrad's placement preparation and career assistance workshops are ideal for various professions and learners, including final-year students as well as early-career software professionals with 0-2 years of experience.

3Will upGrad help me with job placements?

Yes, upGrad can help you with job placement. upGrad offers its students access to a Job Portal with skilled jobs from leading companies. The site now offers over 100 positions across domains and cities, with around 50 new firms hiring every quarter. upGrad also hosts employment fairs and hackathons in addition to the job portal. These are recruiting drives designed to connect you with the industry's finest talent admirers. They may also connect you with a variety of possibilities and help you discover the right career. You may take part in collaborative projects and win amazing prizes by completing tasks. Finally, you will get the opportunity to apply what you have learned to real-world situations.

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