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From Marketing Manager to Holistic Digital Marketer: Story of Isha Ostwal

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27th Mar, 2017
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From Marketing Manager to Holistic Digital Marketer: Story of Isha Ostwal

The publishing industry has seen a massive upheaval over the course of the last few years and the entire industry has had to adjust to the stark and sudden change. Isha Khanolkar Ostwal was faced with the consequences of this change when Healthcare Executive, a 5-year-old healthcare magazine for which she managed marketing and communication, decided to go digital.

Isha’s extent of knowledge about digital magazines involved converting the print magazine into a PDF format. She soon realized that her issues were not just limited to developing the magazine for digital audiences. Everything had to be realigned, including the fact that now they did not have email IDs of customers to send the e-Magazine to Her team had started to call customers to ask them for their email IDs to be able to build a new database.

All these new complexities led Isha to thinking that she needed to arm herself with new knowledge relevant to the challenges she was facing. Her search for the right solution led her to the UpGrad Digital Marketing Certification Program.

On what got her interest, Isha says –

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“The modules covered exactly the problems that the magazine was facing – social media, email marketing, SEO, SCM. It was almost like it was tailor-made for our problems.”

Once the program set sail, Isha found many highlights in her learning experience.
The ‘time-bound’ nature of the program ensured that she met her assignment deadlines despite having her hands full with managing work and looking after her daughter. Amidst such a demanding schedule, it’s only natural for one to re-prioritise learning. Despite this, the Program renders flexibility to learning as it is entirely conducted online.

But what held Isha’s interest throughout the program were the real-life examples that the experts cited in their lectures. Finally, the ‘mentorship calls’ really stood out for Isha, where she connected with subject matter experts, who helped her with solutions to specific problems she was facing with the magazine – all in all, creating an inspiring learning experience.

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With the essential learnings obtained from the program, Isha was all set to go back to the drawing board and rework, not only the presentation of the magazine on a digital platfor but also develop the app. With the fundamental changes made on acquiring and converting traffic,

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The readership of the magazine has already increased by 30%

…and the team is currently in the process of changing the way they deliver content.
From Marketing Manager to Holistic Digital Marketer: Story of Isha Ostwal UpGrad Blog

“So we are hopefully excited to see a lot more readers in terms of the way that we engage with them.”

A true achievement for Team UpGrad was converting Isha into a believer where online education is concerned, as she was previously skeptical about how the classroom learning experience could be delivered to someone in the comfort of their home. However, Isha was amazed at the flexibility and quality of the learning platform, which made the lectures, assignments and discussion forum available at one place and helped Isha become a ‘certified holistic marketer.’

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Vineeta Hazra

Blog Author
Vineeta works at UpGrad as an Assistant Manager of Marketing Communications. Previously, she has worked at BlueStone as Senior Executive of Marketing Communications and has extensive Marketing experience from her stints at Newbridge and Tata Global Beverages as well.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What are the short-term digital marketing courses offered by upGrad?

If you wish to master the entire landscape of digital marketing within a short span, you can choose from upGrad’s two digital marketing certification programs. The first one is an advanced certificate in digital marketing and communication that has a duration of five months and the second is an executive management programme in strategic innovation, digital marketing and business analytics that spans a duration of four months. Both these programs are divided into different modules that give you basic and advanced insights into SEO, SEM, content, branding, analytics, campaign management, email marketing, CRM and marketing strategy.

2Can I pursue an upGrad certification course alongside my job?

Yes, you can. The beauty of all the upGrad programs is that you can pursue them alongside your full-time job. The digital marketing programs in particular are designed for working professionals. Thus, you can have your job and upskill simultaneously. They’re highly flexible and all the modules are conducted online by industry leaders, subject matter experts and mentors. Despite them being distance-learning programs, students can benefit from one-on-one interaction, resume feedback, live sessions, group activities, networking opportunities and placement assistance.

3What are the soft skills required to become a digital marketer?

If you wish to take the plunge into digital marketing, it is important to have analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. While these are the two main skills that will help you in the long-run, other skills you should have include adaptability, multitasking, strong work ethics, willingness to learn and listen, ability to communicate with employees and clients and thirst for knowledge. If you have these skills before you sign up for a certification course, you will be able to grasp the modules better. However, certain skills can even be learned on the job or by doing an internship.

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