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Launching UpGrad’s Data Analytics Roadshow – Are You Game?

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15th Dec, 2016
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Launching UpGrad’s Data Analytics Roadshow – Are You Game?

We, at UpGrad, are excited to announce a brand new partnership with various thought leaders in the Data Analytics industry – IIIT Bangalore, Genpact, Analytics Vidhya and Gramener – to bring to you a one-of-a-kind Analytics Roadshow!
As part of this roadshow, we will be conducting several back-to-back events that focus on different aspects of analytics, creating interaction points across India, to do our bit for a future ready and analytical, young workforce. 

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Here is the line-up for the roadshow, to give you a better sense of what to expect:

9 webinars

– These webinars (remote) will be conducted by industry experts and are aimed at increasing analytics awareness, providing a way for aspirants to interact with industry practitioners and getting their tough questions answered.

11 workshops

– The workshops will be in-person events to take these interactions to the next level. These would be spread across 6 cities – Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune. So, if you are in any of these cities, we are looking forward to interact with you.

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2 Conclaves

– These conclaves are larger events with a pre-defined agendas and time for networking. The first conclave is happening on the 17th of December in Bengaluru. 

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– Time to pull up your sleeves and showcase your nifty skills. We will be announcing the format of the event shortly.

“We find that the IT in­dustry is ab­sorb­ing al­most half of all of the ana­lyt­ics jobs. Banking is the second largest, but trails at al­most one fourth of IT’s re­cruit­ing volume.
It is in­ter­est­ing that data rich in­dus­tries like Retail, Energy and Insurance are trail­ing near the bot­tom, lower than even con­struc­tion or me­dia, who handle less data. Perhaps these are ripe for dis­rup­tion through ana­lyt­ics?”

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Mr. S. Anand, CEO of Gramener, wonders aloud.

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Apoorva Shankar

Blog Author
Apoorva heads Content Marketing at UpGrad. Additionally, she heads UpGrad Online Scholarship (A Swades Foundation Initiative). She has dabbled with Business Development at UpGrad, prior to this. Before working at UpGrad, Apoorva was busy providing research support to Members of Parliament - with a focus on education and technology.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Is learning data analytics beneficial?

The apparent benefit of learning data analytics, and the one most commonly emphasized by students in higher education, is that it is in great demand. Simply put, data analysts are important, and with a potential skills shortage on the horizon as more organizations and sectors begin to engage with big data, their value will only grow. In practice, this implies that graduates with analytical abilities will be able to charge greater wages and get first dibs on open positions. Aside from the financial rewards that a strong demand for data analytics may give graduates, the big data boom has also resulted in a wave of new possibilities for skilled workers. The capacity to think analytically and approach issues in the appropriate manner is a talent that is always important, not just in the professional sphere but also in everyday life, and analytics is all about solving problems.

2Are the upGrad certificates useful in the long run?

The UGC has approved to operate and issue undergraduate and postgraduate formal degrees to students who complete upGrad’s online programs. It's not just about the certificate's worth; the learning quality is also excellent. Unlike most online platforms that focus solely on video content, upGrad goes a step further by combining access to comprehensive video content with the opportunity to learn directly from top industry experts, and by allowing students one-on-one interaction time with industry experts, so that all students can make better career decisions.

3Is upGrad a free or paid platform?

upGrad offers a number of free courses that you can opt for before you decide to enrol in an actual degree program. Choose from Business Fundamentals, Data Science, Marketing, Machine Learning & Technology, and Technology to build your basic knowledge in only a few hours.

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