Salary Abroad after Management Course

Factors on which overseas Management salary depends

The remuneration of a Business Management professional primarily depends on the following factors, for all industries of the global economy. 

Educational qualification

Earning a degree from a Tier 1 College could land up a higher salary as compared to the relatively lower tiers. Similarly, the level of education i.e. whether you have pursued a Master’s degree or a PhD./ Doctoral degree will command a better price in the market for you.


Owing to the cost of living across cities and countries, obviously the geographical location of your posting impacts your salary.

For instance:  For instance:  if you plan to work in countries like Switzerland ($123,500 per annum) or the United States ($102,100 per annum), your salary will be considerably higher than compared to other countries like Germany ($77,200 per annum) or Japan ($80,000 per annum)

Years of Experience

The years of experience are another factor that is essential for determining how high up the salary ladder you will be when getting a job or changing companies. Typically, a fresher fetches a lower salary as compared to a professional with decent years of experience.

GMAT Score

There is a direct correlation between the GMAT scores and the base salary. The better your GMAT score, the better your chances of bagging a higher package

Management Starting Salary Overseas

A fresh MBA graduate may expect a salary range from $30,000 to $50,000 per year. It varies across organizations, job profiles, and specializations. 

Some of the best countries for Management professionals are Switzerland, The United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, etc.

    1. Canada - $111,00
    2. Switzerland - $ 140,900
    3. Canada - $111,100
    4. Singapore - $105,300
    5. United Kingdom - $122,900
    6. Australia - $116,200

management salary in abroad

Specialization-wise Management Salaries in abroad

Across the world, specialization is an instrumental and noteworthy factor dominating the remuneration figures. The base salary as well as the average salaries vary across Finance, Marketing, Operations, Hotel Management, etc.

1. Management in Finance Salary abroad

A graduate with an MBA in finance can work in different sectors like asset management, accounting, corporate finance, and more. Doing so, a candidate can expect a starting salary of $101,000 per annum in the United States. A Financial analyst can typically earn $35-65k per annum while a Financial Consulting Manager can fetch $90k per annum on average.

2. Management in Marketing Salary abroad

Marketing is a discipline that can be applied to various fields of marketing like advertising, brand management, social media marketing, and more. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that marketing managers earn an estimated annual salary of $145,000 The job titles include Product Marketing Manager, Senior Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, etc.

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