Master of Business Administration (MBA) Liverpool Business School

  • Degree: LBS & IMT
    AACSB Member
  • Duration: 18 months
    Start Date: Sep 30, 2021
  • Pay Rs. 9,375/month
    Zero Interest Loan
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IMT Ghaziabad
IMT Ghaziabad
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You Invest
Rs. 9,375/month (Excl. Taxes)
Time Spent
10 hrs/week
Opportunities for you post your MBA program
Jobs you can get in the next 18 months
Rs. 8,00,000/yr
Business Analyst
Entry level
Rs. 13,00,000/yr
Marketing Manager
Mid level
Rs. 14,00,000/yr
Business Developer
Senior level
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Yogesh Dadke


Shaibal Nandy

Digital Marketing Specialist, Accenture

Prasanna Samel

Manager, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited

Gaganjot Kaur

International Partnerships Specialist

Mobinul Islam

FSO, Integrace Health

To be a part of this program, you need

Bachelor's Degree
Minimum 50% marks
2 yrs Work Experience

Slide into your dream designation

The right programme that aligns with your career goals

Mid Level Managers
3+ yrs of experience, can transition into
Operations Manager
Marketing Manager
Business Analyst
Experienced Professional
8+ yrs of experience, can transition into
Senior Manager
Regional Manager
Supply Chain Manager
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How an MBA from LBS gives you an edge
Learn from top-industry experts and proficient faculty members

Our curriculum focuses on industry-relevant skills

Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders with customised specialisations.

Operations & Supply Chain Management
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18 Months
Course Duration
4 Months
Industry-Relevant Projects
Number of Projects
Live sessions
Thesis Supervision
8 Weeks
Research Methodology
6 Elective Options
in the first year
Topics covered
0 topics
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On Campus Fees

Rs. 2700000*

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upGrad Fees

Rs. 400000

for 18 months without immersion

You save Rs. 23L + 18 months of salary & work experience

Now pay at your own comfort

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Rs. 9375/month

Rs. 4,00,000 without immersion (incl. taxes) or Rs. 5,70,000 with immersion (incl. taxes)

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Rs. 20833/month **

for 18 months

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Rs. 9375/month

for 60 months at 10% interest

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Rs. 25,000

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*EMI applicable will vary basis specialisation chosen

Get access to upGrad's dedicated support, every step of the way
Get access to upGrad's dedicated support,<span style="color:#E95454">&nbsp;every step of the way </span>
Student Support Team available 9 AM - 9 PM IST
Get access to upGrad's dedicated support,<span style="color:#E95454">&nbsp;every step of the way </span>
1-on-1 feedback session with Teaching Assistance
Get access to upGrad's dedicated support,<span style="color:#E95454">&nbsp;every step of the way </span>
Live sessions with experts to clarify academic doubts

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Industry Projects
Rs.4,00,000 (without immersion)
18 months
Masters Degree
Rs. 5,29,800
24 months
Masters Degree
Rs. 4,00,000
18 months
Masters Degree

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More information on business administration
Since you’re interested in this
3 Essential ways make you job-ready for the future:

Ever since technology dawned, the job market has been progressing rapidly along with it. Even if you have a ‘stable, traditional’ job now, 5 years down the line you might have to run your own one-person or 10-people company. How do you stay on top of such changes? Here’s how:

Whatever skills you are interested in, take it up and get good at it. There are a lot of free courses and paid ones as well if you want to take things up a notch. It’s about being able to catch the opportunity should it arrive. 
Be a self-marketing pro
The kind of clothes you wear, how you hold yourself, what you tell about yourself- it’s all coming out in front of people to form the ‘brand’ of you. At a personal level, learn about the formal marketing that companies have departments for. 
Becoming a “master”
Now, ‘master’ might seem like a too-out-there word. In reality, it’s the perfect one because only when you aim for mastery, will you fall somewhere close enough to it. Your experience and knowledge should be wide in both depth and breadth. Being an expert in the field also makes you the automatic go-to for any project. 

The above 3 ways are seemingly simple. But when they are put in action, the wheels start moving and your career starts taking off garnering high-paying salaries and quick promotions in the corporate realm.

5 points to tackle the “Introduce Yourself” question:

MBA admission often warrants the question: “tell us about yourself,” “Introduce Yourself,” or any other similar topic with the same underlying meaning. This makes it crucial to nail the question with the best possible answer. Here are a few tips on how to handle the ‘Introduce Yourself’ question.

Do not do any of these:

  1. Do not repeat what is already included in your resume. You also don’t need to add adverse events or family instances in your record. 
  2. Do not stretch or over impersonate yourself and also do not counterfeit skills or achievements.
  3. Plan something unique.
  4. Present the assessors with a picture of what your values and motivations are. Reflecting on what you are today from what you were. You can add certain traits that have made you a better person. Present your strengths and life objectives that define you. 
  5. Filter the appropriate thoughts.

It is not required of you to spit out all your thoughts about yourself. By analyzing what the institution demands of their students, work on the essential skills and traits that will help you secure your MBA course entry. 

The above points in the topic will help you in this attempt forward. It would help if you recognized situations and probabilities in what to count when answering this “Introduce Yourself” question.

Practical ways to grow your business:

Keeping a business alive amid a fast-changing economy warrants talent and skilled entrepreneurs and employees. In a game of profits and losses, business owners are expected to carry an ocean of knowledge and dedication to ensure meeting revenue goals. 

Here are some key tips that can help:

  1. Know your competition well
    As business landscape transforms faster than ever, knowing other key players in the industry is crucial for success. Researching on the latest technology leveraged by your competitors will help you stay ahead in the game.
  2. Don’t skimp on employee satisfaction
    Innumerable research studies attest to the fact that happy employees contribute more productively to your company. Addressing their concerns and creating a sense of community will go a long way keeping them in your organization.
  3. Leverage web-marketing
    Social media presence has become vital in generating online conversations leading to high website traffic. This can further help promote events and discounts more efficiently. Online platforms also allow you the opportunity to see direct customer feedback about your services, practices and products.

Running a business is a complex process that constantly requires churning out data and finding new opportunities. Profits, personnel and procedure all have to be taken into account to ensure that your business grows and in both reputation and revenue.