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6 Ways To Boost Brand Growth on LinkedIn in 2024

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4th Mar, 2021
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6 Ways To Boost Brand Growth on LinkedIn in 2024

Before we get into discussing how to boost brand growth on LinkedIn, let’s first take a look at the significance of the platform. 

LinkedIn is one of the most widely used professional networking sites. Launched in 2003, the site is considered among one of the most influential social platforms. In late 2019, India became LinkedIn’s second-largest market to hit a user base of approximately 62 million people, second only to the US market. Contrary to popular belief, LinkedIn is not a relatively new social media platform. It has been around much longer than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat! 

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While LinkedIn helps in networking with industry peers, colleagues, fellow students and potential employers, it can also be an incredible platform to grow brand awareness. 

Why Do You Need a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

Unlike many other platforms, LinkedIn isn’t about product-led sales marketing. Whatever your organization sells, you don’t want to keep harping about it to your LinkedIn followers. Or very soon you won’t have many left. As opposed to hard-selling and pushily prospecting, you need a different approach to boosting brand growth on LinkedIn. 

According to this research, around 59.9% of LinkedIn’s user base is between 25 and 34. Since most people on LinkedIn aim to grow their network and careers, it’s no surprise that such a large portion of the platform’s user-base is in the older millennial generation. For most brands, this is the ideal target age group, as this generation is the one with significant disposable income, and they’re also more likely to make independent purchase decisions. 

Another report found that LinkedIn generated 277% higher leads on average than Twitter and Facebook. This was true for B2B, as well as B2C marketers. 

How To Boost Brand Growth On LinkedIn 

Now that you’ve seen the numbers reflect LinkedIn’s true marketing potential let’s understand how to facilitate brand growth on LinkedIn. 

1. Start By Creating a LinkedIn Company Page 

Whatever your brand maybe, if you want to boost brand growth on LinkedIn, you first need to set up a company page. 

A company page gives your business the opportunity to present your brand’s story, mission and vision. It also helps you engage with followers, share your brand’s progress or achievements, post about career opportunities, and improve your word-of-mouth publicity. Such pages also help improve your search ranking since search engines like Google rank LinkedIn company pages higher up on the results page. Consequently, your company’s website views and traffic may also increase. 

2. Set Engagement Goals and Follow Through with The Right Action

To ensure your brand engages with the right audience, you will have to be in it for the long haul. What does that mean? It means you have to be prepared to put in efforts for a long time and monitor them closely. 

When it comes to brand growth on LinkedIn, first think about your platform-specific goals. What exactly do you wish you accomplish? Do you want to use LinkedIn to establish yourself as an industry leader? If yes, you should start sharing research, white papers, case studies, and even giving interviews or statements on relevant topics. 

Do you wish to connect with other organizations to collaborate or sell to them? Are you interested in connecting with customers from a specific industry or niche? Whatever your goals may be, you need to plan the right course of action to achieve them. A great place to start is by creating stellar content that can deliver value to your readers. 

Remember, the average LinkedIn user is more aware, conscious and well-read than any other platform. Ensure anything you share from your brand page offers value to them and doesn’t just take up space on their timelines. 

3. Create and Share Valuable Content 

When it comes to content, LinkedIn demands that you offer real value. In simple words, if you want LinkedIn users to engage with your content, it has to be really inspiring, insightful or helpful. Whether that ends up being statistics from a recent industry report, quotes from industry leaders, an ad campaign, etc. – you need to make sure it will elicit engagement based on the value to adds to the reader. However, it’s also essential to ensure your content is audience-facing and doesn’t focus only on your brand‘s needs.

Ongoing engagement and building familiarity require you to post consistently. Does that mean you should bombard your users with new posts every day? Well, it depends. Some brands get the best engagement and results when the post only on certain days and specific times. However, it pays to experiment and see what’s working best for your company page. 

4. Experiment with Formats 

Text-only updates are a thing of the past. Today, rich media formats like video add a dynamism level to your page that can help boost brand growth on LinkedIn. Statistics show that on LinkedIn, users are 20 times more likely to re-share videos, as opposed to any other format. Similarly, other formats like carousels are a great way to cut through the clutter, make your brand visible, and boost awareness.


Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn even allows you to post PDFs, Microsoft Word documents and PowerPoint Presentations. Whether it’s Netflix, Amazon, Unilever, Google or even HubSpot, each of these brands experiment with various formats to keep users engaged and invested. Whenever the opportunity arises, don’t hesitate to share memes, trending format-based posts or even GIFs. 

5. Build a Community 

It may be a professional social platform, but if you want to boost brand growth on LinkedIn, you have to try and nurture a community. One of the simplest forms of making audiences feel like your brand cares is to respond to comments regularly. But how do you ensure people comment on your posts? Well, apart from creating posts around topics that interest your audiences, you should also ask questions and try to start a dialogue with your audiences. 

Whenever you have the opportunity to add a warm, personalized, positive and friendly comment on LinkedIn, go for it. Of course, you should stay within your brand guidelines, but when a brand takes the time to comment on individuals’ posts, it shows that you care.

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6. Hashtags and CTAs

When it comes to social media platforms, hashtags have become the lifeblood for discovering relevant content or resources. On LinkedIn, like on many other platforms, hashtags are searchable. If users click on hashtag links, they will be redirected to similar posts. If you’re looking to boost brand growth on LinkedIn, it pays to use relevant and popular hashtags, as any people looking for information on specific topics can connect with your brand.

Once you have gained a user’s attention, please make the most of it by adding calls to action wherever possible. Whether you’re encouraging them to download something, sign-up for a webinar, or even buy something, CTAs are incredibly important. This LinkedIn Business report found that updates with links included in the CTA got up to 45% more engagement.

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Final Thoughts 

When it comes to brand growth on LinkedIn, different strategies work for different brands. However, learning the fundamentals of LinkedIn marketing will help you get stater. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Why is LinkedIn considered a good marketing platform?

Compared to all other social media platforms, LinkedIn is considered to be a more effective platform than others. It is one of the major platforms in B2B social media. The following are the reasons, why you should not miss LinkedIn in your marketing strategy:
1. Helps in the creation of brand awareness and improve social reputation
2. Higher lead generation compared to Facebook and Instagram
3. Helps you to engage with others in a better way and gain insights
4. A good platform for link building and driving traffic. Business content is usually shared more on LinkedIn than Facebook and other platforms.

2What are the best ways to start with LinkedIn marketing?

The first step in LinkedIn Marketing is to create your business LinkedIn page, through which you will communicate with your targeted audience. Other LinkedIn marketing tips include:
1. Post-high-quality content using CTAs and hashtags
2. Connect with your audience through individual search and joining groups.
3. Use matched audience feature to retarget the audience who are already in the sales funnel.
4. Start your group.
5. Use sponsored updates
6. Grow your email marketing list.
7. Use InMail feature
8. Take advantage of LinkedIn endorsements.
9. Use LinkedIn Sales Solutions service
10. Be on users/customers radar

3What are the dos and don’ts of LinkedIn marketing?

LinkedIn is a very different platform than other social media platforms and is designed for professionals, therefore you need to keep in mind the dos and don’ts of LinkedIn marketing.
Do’s of LinkedIn marketing
1. You need to keep your business page and posts on LinkedIn professional and should add value to users
2. Optimize your business page using targeted keywords.
3. Mix your content posting to keep your audience engaged
4. Do join industry-specific groups and become an active contributor in such groups
5. Listen to what people are saying on your posts, general posts, trending topics and engage accordingly. It helps to improve brand reputation
Don’ts of LinkedIn marketing
1. LinkedIn is not a platform for selling products or making sales pitches. Use the platform to improve brand reputation.
2. Don’t use wordy posts to engage with the audience.
3. Don’t pulldown other brands by making negative remarks.

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