Fundamentals of Java

Variables & Datatypes | Conditionals & Loops

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What You'll Learn

Know How To Code In Javascript

  • Literals & Variables
  • Operators - Precedence & Associativity
  • Data Types - Strings
  • Boolean, Null, and Undefined
  • Type Coercion
  • Arrays - Properties and Methods
  • String Literals
  • Window Object
  • for and while Loops
  • Variable Declaration & Initialization

Cover JavaScript Concepts like

✔️ Variables
✔️ Data types
✔️ Conditions
✔️ Loops

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Fundamentals of Java
Fundamentals of Java

JavaScript is the language of the internet. With this program, set off on your path to becoming a JavaScript developer. Learn how to set up a coding environment in JavaScript, start coding in JavaScript, and more. 

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