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- Bachelor’s degree + 50%
- Successful completion of the Executive PG Program in Machine Learning & AI from IIITB mandatory. Min. 1 year work exp. in tech domains preferred.


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Source - India Today, 2021

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    Programme Overview

    Key Highlights

    Designed for Working Professionals
    Designed for Working Professionals
    6 Practical Hands-on Capstone Projects
    6 Practical Hands-on Capstone Projects
    15+ Case Studies and Assignments
    15+ Case Studies and Assignments
    Executive PG Programme from IIIT Bangalore & Alumni Status
    Executive PG Programme from IIIT Bangalore & Alumni Status
    Dedicated Student Success Mentor & Career Mentor for 360 Degree Support
    Dedicated Student Success Mentor & Career Mentor for 360 Degree Support
    Live Coding Classes & Profile Building Workshops
    Live Coding Classes & Profile Building Workshops
    Student Support is available 7 days a week, 24*7
    Student Support is available 7 days a week, 24*7
    No Cost EMI Options Available
    No Cost EMI Options Available
    Career mentorship Sessions(1:1)
    Career mentorship Sessions(1:1)
    Exclusive Job opportunities Portal
    Exclusive Job opportunities Portal
    High Performance Coaching(1:1)
    High Performance Coaching(1:1)
    AI Powered Profile Builder
    AI Powered Profile Builder
    Just-in-Time Interviews
    Just-in-Time Interviews
    Personalised Industry Session
    Personalised Industry Session
    Career Bootcamp
    Career Bootcamp
    750+ Hours of Learning
    750+ Hours of Learning

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    Minimum Eligibility

    Bachelor’s Degree with 50% or equivalent passing marks. Miniview more

    Who Is This Programme For?

    Ideal for Engineers, Software & IT Professionals, Data Profeview more

    Industry Relevant Learning

    Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Laview more

    Job Opportunities

    Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, MLview more


    Experience 750+ hrs of best-in-class content by leading faculty & industry experts. 

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    Personalised Industry Session

    Sessions by an industry expert for a small group of 10-12 learners with similar profiles to discuss real life applications of concepts and personalised coaching

    High Performance Coaching (1:1)

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    Profile Builder (AI Powered)

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    Hours of Learning
    Case Studies and Assignments
    Live Sessions
    Coding Assignments

    Pre-Program Preparatory Content

    3 Weeks
    • Introduction to Python
    • Python for Data Science
    • Data Visualisation in Python
    • Data Analysis Using SQL (Optional)
    • Advanced SQL & Best Practices (Optional)
    • Data Analysis in Excel (Optional)
    • Analytics Problem Solving (Optional)
    • Math for Machine Learning

    Statistics and Exploratory Data Analytics

    5 Weeks
    • Exploratory Data Analysis
    • Cloud Essentials: Intro to Git & Cloud
    • Investment Assignment
    • Inferential Statistics
    • Hypothesis Testing
    • Lending Club Case Study

    Machine Learning - I

    7 Weeks
    • Linear Regression
    • Linear Regression Assignment
    • Logistic Regression
    • Naive Bayes
    • Model Selection

    Machine Learning - II

    7 Weeks
    • Advanced Regression
    • Advanced Regression Assignment
    • Support Vector Machine ( Optional)
    • Tree Models
    • Model Selection - Practical Considerations
    • Boosting
    • Unsupervised learning: Clustering
    • Unsupervised Learning: Principal Component Analysis
    • Telecom Churn Case Study

    Deep Learning

    8 Weeks
    • Intro to Neural Networks
    • Convolutional Neural Networks - Industry Applications
    • Convolutional Neural Networks - Assignment
    • Recurrent Neural Networks
    • Neural Networks Project - Gesture Recognition

    Natural Language Processing

    7 Weeks
    • Lexical Processing
    • Syntactical Processing
    • Syntactic Processing -Assignment
    • Semantic Processing
    • Case Study: Classifying Customer Complaint Tickets

    ELective 1: DL with MLops

    10 Weeks
    • Cloud Essentials: Intro to AWS
    • Working with AWS: case study
    • MLOps: Introduction
    • MLOps: Data Lifecycle
    • MLOps: Model Lifecycle
    • MLops Assignment
    • Advanced CV
    • MLOps + Deployment: DL (Theory)
    • MLOps + Deployment: DL (assignment)

    Elective 2: NLP with Mlops

    10 Weeks
    • Cloud Essentials: Intro to AWS
    • Working with AWS: case study
    • MLOps: Introduction
    • MLOps: Data Lifecycle
    • MLOps: Model Lifecycle
    • MLops Assignment
    • Advanced NLP
    • MLOps + Deployment: NLP (Theory)
    • MLOps + Deployment: NLP (assignment)

    Elective 3: AI Strategy

    10 Weeks
    • Cloud Essentials: Intro to AWS
    • Working with AWS: case study
    • MLOps: Introduction
    • MLOps: Data Lifecycle
    • MLOps: Model Lifecycle
    • MLops Assignment
    • AI Strategy Framework, Structured Problem Solving/ Data Storytelling
    • Mapping ML with Data architecture strategy
    • Executing AI Strategy
    • AI strategy: Assignment


    4 weeks
    • Capstone
    • News Recommender System
    • Credit Card Fraud Detection
    • Eye for Blind - (Image Captioning)
    • Sentiment analysis based Product Recommender system
    • Sales forecasting
    • Style Transfer using GAN's

    Reinforcement Learning (Optional)

    • Classical Reinforcement Learning
    • Assignment - Classical Reinforcement Learning
    • Deep Reinforcement Learning
    • Reinforcement Learning Project

    Research Methodologies

    8 Weeks
    0 Assignment
    • Introduction to Research and Research Process
    • Research Design
    • Literature Reviewing
    • Research Project Management
    • Report Writing and Presentation Skills
    • Scientific Ethics

    Master's Dissertation

    16 Weeks
    0 Assignment
    • Investigate dietary patterns and metabolite fingerprints of takeaway (fast) food consumers using PCA and clustering methods
    • Investigate a diagnosis of eye diseases using imaging ophthalmic data
    • Structure medical images with information geometry
    • Using Social media feed to place tweets regarding natural disasters on a map
    • Preventing credit card fraud through pattern recognition
    • Developing a recommender system for a Media giant
    • Risk modelling for Financial activities and Investment Banking

    Industry Projects

    Learn through real-life industry projects sponsored by top companies across industries
    • Engage in collaborative projects with student-mentor interaction
    • Benefit by learning in-person with Expert Mentors
    • Personalised subjective feedback on your submissions to facilitate improvement


    Learn from leading ML & AI faculty and industry leaders

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    Learning Support

    Learning Support
    • Industry Expert Guidance
    • Student Support: Student Support is available 7 days a week, 24*7 You can write to us via or for urgent queries, use the "Talk to Us" option on the Learn platform.

    Career Assistance

    Career Assistance
    • Career Mentorship Sessions (1:1)
    • High Performance Coaching (1:1)
    • AI Powered Profile Builder
    • Interview Preparation

    Practical Learning and Networking

    Practical Learning and Networking
    • Networking & Learning Experience

    Job Opportunities

    Job Opportunities
    • upGrad Elevate: Virtual hiring drive giving you the opportunity to interview with upGrad's 300+ hiring partners
    • Job Opportunities Portal: Gain exclusive access to upGrad's Job Opportunities portal which has 100+ openings from upGrad's hiring partners at any given time
    • Be the first to know vacancies to gain an edge in the application process
    • Connect with companies that are the best match for you


    *Programme length implies 18 months of learning and full programme duration may vary depending on university.

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