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    Program Overview

    Key Highlights

    Designed for Working Professionals
    Designed for Working Professionals
    7+ Case Studies and Projects
    7+ Case Studies and Projects
    Timely Doubt Resolution
    Timely Doubt Resolution
    IIIT Bangalore Alumni Status
    IIIT Bangalore Alumni Status
    Job Placement Assistance with Top Firms
    Job Placement Assistance with Top Firms

    upGrad has been instrumental in helping us in finding candidates with key skill sets in Data Science and Analytics
    - Val S, Director at Animaker


    Top Skills You Will Learn

    Statistics, Predictive Analytics using Python, Machine Learnview more

    What You Can Become

    Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Product Analyst, Machine Learnview more

    Who is this program for

    Engineers, Software and IT Professionals, Marketing & Sales view more

    Minimum Eligibility

    Bachelor’s degree, no coding experience required

    Programming Languages and Tools

    Post Graduate Diploma from IIIT Bangalore
    Complete all the courses successfully to obtain this prestigious recognition from IIIT Bangalore
    Post Graduate Diploma from IIIT Bangalore
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    • Connect with a global network of accomplished IIIT-B Alumni
    • Widely recognised program in Data Science
    • Network with data science experts across industries

    Over 200 Careers Transformed

    Our Hiring Partners

    Opening the doors to the best in the industry

    Empowering learners of tomorrow

    Over 2,300 students have completed this course and started working at their dream job, whats stopping you?


    Learn from India’s leading Data Science faculty and industry leaders


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    Hours of Content
    Case Study and Projects
    Live Sessions

    Preparatory Course

    4 Weeks
    3 Assignments
    • Data Analysis in Excel
      8hr 55min
    • Introduction to Python
    • Python for Data Science
      10hr 10min
    • Visualisation using Tableau
      6hr 5min

    Statistics and Exploratory Data Analytics

    7 Weeks
    3 Assignments
    • Analytics Problem Solving
    • Assignment: Statistics and Hypothesis Testing
    • Exploratory Data Analysis
      10hr 10min
    • Hypothesis Testing
      10hr 10min
    • Inferential Statistics
      8hr 55min
    • Data Visualisation in Python
      5hr 5min
    • Assignment: Uber Supply-Demand Gap
      5hr 20min
    • EDA Case Study
      5hr 15min

    Machine Learning I

    8 Weeks
    3 Assignments
    • Linear Regression
      13hr 15min
    • Assignment: Linear Regression
      6hr 15min
    • Logistic Regression
      7hr 50min
    • Support Vector Machine
    • Unsupervised learning: Clustering
      8hr 30min
    • Unsupervised Learning: Principal Component Analysis
      7hr 40min
    • HR Analytics Case Study

    Machine Learning II

    8 Weeks
    3 Assignments
    • Advanced Regression
    • Boosting
      8hr 10min
    • Tree Model (optional)
    • Time Series (optional)
    • Neural Networks (optional)
    • Model Selection
      4hr 45min
    • Model Selection: Practical Considerations
    • Telecom Churn Case Study
      10hr 40min

    Big Data and SQL

    5 Weeks
    2 Assignments
    • Advanced SQL
      9hr 10min
    • Data Analysis Using SQL
      7hr 40min
    • Assignment - SQL
      8hr 40min
    • Introduction to Big Data
    • Big Data Storage and Processing Framework - Hadoop
      5hr 25min
    • Big Data Ingestion and Processing
      7hr 40min
    • Big Data Processing Using Apache Spark
      8hr 55min
    • NYC Parking Case Study: Apache Spark
      9hr 30min

    Elective - Deep Learning and Neural Networks

    10 Weeks
    1 Assignments
    • Convultional Neural Networks
    • Convultional Neural Networks - Industry Applications
    • Introduction to Neural Networks
    • Assignment: Neural Networks
    • Neural Networks Project - Gesture Recognition
    • Recurrent Neural Networks

    Elective - Natural Language Processing

    10 Weeks
    3 Assignments
    • Building Chatbots with Rasa
    • Lexical Processing
    • Syntactic Processing
    • Assignment: Syntactic Processing

    Elective - Healthcare

    10 Weeks
    3 Assignments
    • Understanding the Healthcare Domain
      1hr 45min
    • Provider Analytics
      2hr 40min
    • Payer Analytics
      8hr 30min
    • Assignment: Payer Analytics
    • Analytics in the Pharmaceutical Industry
      4hr 25min
    • Course Wrap for Healthcare
    • Capstone: Healthcare

    Elective - E-commerce

    10 Weeks
    3 Assignments
    • Introduction to E-commerce
      1hr 5min
    • Recommendation Systems
      1hr 35min
    • Assignment: Recommendation Systems
      4hr 30min
    • Price Optimisation
      3hr 35min
    • Market Mix Modelling
      3hr 55min
    • A/B Testing (optional)
    • Course Wrap for E-commerce
    • Capstone: E-commerce

    Elective - BFSI

    10 Weeks
    3 Assignments
    • Introduction to Banking and Financial Services
      2hr 5min
    • Acquisition Analytics
      3hr 20min
    • Assignment: Acquisition Analytics
      4hr 30min
    • Engagement Analytics
      2hr 45min
    • Risk Analytics
      4hr 15min
    • Course Wrap for BFSI
    • Capstone: BFSI

    Industry Projects

    Learn through real-life industry projects sponsored by top companies across industries
    • Collaborative projects with peers
    • In-person learning with expert mentors
    • Personalised feedback to facilitate improvement

    The upGrad Advantage

    Strong hand-holding with dedicated support to help you master Data Science

    Regular 1-on-1 interaction with Industry Experts

    Regular 1-on-1 interaction with Industry Experts
    • Discussions on career growth and industry expectations
    • Feedback on project work and assignments

    Dedicated Student Success Mentors

    Dedicated Student Success Mentors
    • Help in learning plans ensuring consistent progress
    • Resolve non-academic queries for smooth learning experience

    Doubt Resolution on Q&A Forums & WhatsApp Groups

    Doubt Resolution on Q&A Forums & WhatsApp Groups
    • Timely doubt resolution by qualified teachers
    • Regular live Q&A sessions with experts

    Networking with Industry Experts & Peers

    Networking with Industry Experts & Peers
    • Live sessions by industry experts on relevant topics
    • Interaction with experts and peers in online and offline events translating into new job opportunities

    Job Placement Assistance

    Job Placement Assistance
    • Personalised resume building exercise
    • Mock interviews with our hiring experts
    • Job Interviews with 250+ hiring partners
    Career Transition Handbook
    Learn more about successful career transitions from PG Diploma in Data Science by IIIT Bangalore
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