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Bangalore is home to many startups and renowned companies that recruit Data analysts to help with their business requirements. There are plenty more MNCs coming to Bangalore and multiple startups emerging from this city, all of whom require advanced analytical support to utilise data effectively.
Companies need Data analytics to gain insights into the industry they are working in and improve their processes. This has only increased the dire need for skilled analysts. It has led to an enormous increase in job opportunities for future analysts in most metropolitan cities in India. Bangalore is one such city where aspirants can pursue industry-standard Data Analytics courses. Bangalore houses multiple IT companies and firms that use Data analytics for their daily business processes, thus offering tremendous exposure to analysts alongside massive scope for growth.


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Programs in Data Analytics (6 to 18 months)

Anyone including novices, statisticians, information architects, developers, big data professionals, business analysts, or someone who is simply curious about this rapidly growing field can take a course that fits their needs and can confidently take the next step in their career.

Professional Certificate Programme in HR Management and Analytics
Professional Certificate Programme in HR Management and Analytics | 8 months
Get certified by IIM Kozhikode in HR Management and Analytics. This course will help you understand industry trends by applying Analytics.
Program Level
8 Months
Live Sessions
Executive PG Programme in Data Science
Executive PG Programme in Data Science | 12 months
Become a Data Scientist and learn how Uber bridges its supply-demand gap and lots more
Program Level
12 Months
Hours of Learning
No of Case Studies
Master of Science in Data Science
Master of Science in Data Science | 18 months
Pursue an integrated Master's Program in Data Science from IIIT-B and LJMU
Program Level
18 Months
Hours of Learning
No of Case Studies
Advance Certificate in Data Science
Advance Certificate in Data Science | 8 months
Become a Data Analyst by learning how Gramener identifies credit defaulters and lots more
Program Level
8 Months
Hours of Learning
No of Case Studies
Executive PG Programme in Business Analytics
Executive PG Programme in Business Analytics | 12 months
Data driven decision making is the most sought-after industry skill. Gain skills to excel in this data driven world.
Program Level
12 Months
Hours of Learning
No of Case Studies
Global Master Certificate in Business Analytics
Global Master Certificate in Business Analytics | 6 months
Gain a fundamental understanding of how to leverage data to improve business performance, immediate decision making and long-term strategy development
Program Level
6 Months
Hours of Learning
Why Study Data Analytics Course in Bangalore?
Why Study Data Analytics Course in Bangalore?
Bangalore is referred to as the IT hub of India. It’s not surprising that Data analysts working with data can get plenty of opportunities in this city. The city is home to numerous businesses, especially in technology, finance, digital marketing, and advertising fields.
Bangalore’s GDP is estimated to grow at a rate of 8.5% till 2035, thus ensuring that there will be plenty of opportunities for Data analysts in various industries. It is a great idea to pursue a Data Analytics course in Bangalore while working in this city or looking for Data analyst jobs. Karnataka is second in rank among cities with the highest number of startups by boasting of a massive number of 1973 startups since 2018, most of which are tech companies who deal with data on a daily basis.
Bangalore boasts of an incredible number of 67000 IT firms, with 12000 of them being functional. The city houses companies such as Cisco, Oracle, Amazon, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Google, Goldman Sachs, Wipro, HCL, Infosys, Cognizant, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, SAP and many more. These companies often have vacancies for skilled Data analysts. Data analytics courses can help budding analysts acquire MapReduce, Machine Learning, Big Data, Apache Hadoop, NoSQL, MongoDB, Predictive analytics skills. Plus, candidates also learn how to use the trending data analytics tools to help companies use data effectively.
How to be a Data Analytics Expert?
It is never too late to become an expert in Data Analytics. Students can start learning Data analytics at undergraduate levels, while working professionals can take up online courses on data analytics. It has led to an increase in the number of individuals from other fields or industries pursuing Data analytics courses to fulfil these job roles. Generally, most professionals pursue Data analytics after 1 or 2 years of work experience. However, there are many Data analytics Postgraduate programmes that one can pursue directly after graduating. It will help to have a bachelor’s degree in statistics, mathematics, IT, computer science or computer applications. This allows easy progress into Data Science and other fields such as Data Engineering. There are many reputed boot camps, online Data analytics courses and degree programmes that can help budding analysts acquire the required foundations and skills to become a Data analyst. However, candidates must first join as an entry-level Data Analyst and work their way up through learning and experience to truly become a Data analytics expert.
Here are some tools and skills that can help you become an expert in Data analytics.
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Power Bi
  • R or Python
  • Mathematical and Statistical skills
  • Machine Learning (Additional)
  • Find the right crowd with similar goals.
  • Stay updated about projects and opportunities.
  • Find a mentor with incredible industry experience.
  • Get involved in projects and build a portfolio.
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Data Analyst Salaries in Bangalore
Data Analyst Salaries in Bangalore
Companies compensate their Data analysts very well, which can be confirmed by the 1221 Data analyst salaries submitted to Glassdoor. According to Glassdoor, freshers earn an average salary of Rs. 5,97,499 annually, while senior analysts can earn an average base pay of Rs. 9,63,864 per annum. Meanwhile, Data specialists with varied experiences earn an annual median remuneration of Rs. 7,53,688.
Payscale reports similar numbers with an average Data analyst earning Rs. 5,17,827 annually in Bangalore. Experienced analysts can easily earn desirable packages that go up to Rs. 10,00,000 per annum. Let us check the annual median base pay of analysts across some popular companies in Bangalore.
  • IBM: Rs. 6,00,000
  • Amazon: Rs. 6,73,535
  • Accenture: Rs. 6,13,245
  • HSBC Holdings: Rs. 8,18,351
  • Capgemini: Rs. 4,84,851
  • Myntra: Rs. 9,71,054
  • Infosys: Rs. 5,48,064
  • Flipkart: Rs. 6,81,598
  • Indegene: Rs. 8,00,000
Data Analyst Career Options
Data Analyst Career Options
Google CEO Sundar Pichai had agreed earlier this year that 50% of all the employees would need upskilling or reskilling by 2025. This is mainly due to the growing need for analytical tasks and the need to work with data across various fields and industries.
Data Analytics also makes way for more focused analytical processes such as financial or operational analytics that concentrate on specific data and specialised job roles. For instance, financial analytics only focuses on financial data and market data to help companies take advantage of economic factors. On the other hand, operational analytics is involved in comparing real-time performance metrics against organisational requirements. Meanwhile, Marketing analysts study customer behaviour, trends and demand to help companies increase sales or profit. The bottom line - different types of analytical methods help companies understand the varied data elements of a dataset.
The employment of Data analysts is expected to grow by 11% by 2024 as compared to 2014. Let us check some Data Analytics-focused job roles for future analysts.
  • Business Analyst
  • Operations Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Medical analyst
  • Data Miner
  • Database Administrator
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Specialist
  • Business Intelligence Consultant
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