Executive PG Programme in Software Development - Specialisation in Cyber Security

  • Duration: 13 Months
    Start Date: May 31, 2021
  • IIIT Banglore
    UGC Approved
  • Rs. 11,667/pm for 13 months
    Rs. 2,25,000 (Incl. Taxes)
Earn a Certification in Cyber Security from IIITB
Executive PGP
Executive PGP
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Certificate: DS
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DSA Bootcamp
DSA Bootcamp
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You Invest
INR 2,25,000
Time Spent
1.5 hrs/day
Opportunities for you post your Cyber Security Programme
Jobs you can get in the next 13 months
Rs. 4,00,000/yr
Cyber Security Analyst
Rs. 6,00,000/yr
Network Security Engineer
Rs. 12,00,000/yr
Cyber Security Manager
Source : Glassdoor

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Rajesh Ravella

Business Manager, Sunway Group

SM Viganesh

Software Development Eng., Attivo Networks, Inc.

Manas Lohar

Application Designer, Synerzip

Shubham Patil

Software Developer, Softomagic Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Rajesh Y S

Audit Consultant, Karnataka Minority Development Corp. Ltd.

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6+ years of Experience
Internal transition to Cybersecurity Teams
Transition to Sr. Network Security Engineer
Internal transition to Network Teams
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More information on Cyber Security
Cyber Security Salary in India

With the increasing adoption of the Internet and online practices in every sphere, Cyber Security has generated a continuously growing need for all businesses. You can find the best Cyber Cecurity courses on upGrad.

Cyber Security jobs in India:
1. Network Security Engineer
This individual is responsible for protecting the organization’s assets from threats and needs to possess astute organizational, technical, and communication skills.
Salary range: INR 4-8 L/PA
2. Cyber Security Analyst
They are primarily responsible for planning, implementing, and upgrading security controls and measures.
Salary starts from INR. 5-6 L/PA
3. Security Architect
The primary role is designing the computer and network security architecture for an organization. 
Salary starts from INR. 17-22 L/PA
4. Cyber Security Manager
This person is responsible for maintaining security protocols and manages a team of IT professionals to ensure the highest standards of data security are stringently maintained. 

The average salary is INR. 12 L/PA. 
5. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
A CISO works with the team to identify, build, implement, and manage organization-wide processes to ensure there are no security breaches. 

The average annual salary is INR. 23 L/PA.
6. Ethical Hackers
They're responsible for identifying vulnerabilities and security flaws and help businesses from malicious hackers.
Salary ranges from INR 5-6 L/PA

What is the Scope of Cybersecurity as a Career Option?

With the global business environment shifting gears to online and cloud data storage and maintenance, the scope of cybersecurity is at its peak. This has amplified the need for Cyber Security career experts. 
With increasing exposure to the internet, not just business data, but personal data is also at the risk of being manipulated. The danger of cyber-attacks is true for companies, governments, and individuals. Basically, the danger lurks for anyone who uses the internet. You can find the best Cyber Security certifications on upGrad.

Here are the top jobs for a cybersecurity professional:
Cybersecurity Analyst
This role entails planning, implementing, and designing security measures and controls. 
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
CISO’s main job is to align the cybersecurity plan with the business’s vision, operations, and technology. 
Network Security Engineer
The main responsibilities of this job profile include System maintenance, Identifying vulnerabilities, Improving automation, and Oversee maintenance of firewalls, routers, switches, network monitoring tools, and VPNs.
Cybersecurity Manager
They concern themselves with strategizing processes to improve network and data security. 

Security Architect
The security architect plans and designs the different elements of security.

Highest Paying Cyber Security Jobs in India

Highest paying Cyber Security jobs in India:

1. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

These senior executives lead strategies to increase network, internet, and data security within the company. The average salary would be around Rs. 30 L/PA

2. Information Security Manager

Their primary duty is to guarantee that the data doesn’t get stolen and the systems/networks are not hacked.  

The average pay associated with this position from Rs.15 to16.5 L/PA.

3. Cybersecurity Engineer

Cybersecurity engineers are tasked with creating and executing secure network solutions. They’re paid between Rs.10 to 11 L/PA.

4. Security Architect

Security architects are involved in the research and planning of security elements for their company.

Security architects in India make Rs. 17 L/PA on average.

5. Application Security Engineer

Application security engineers look after the stability of an organization’s internal and external applications.  

The expected salary for this position stands at Rs. 9 L/PA.


You can go for Cyber Security courses online by upGrad and IIITB’s Executive PG Programme in Software Development (Cybersecurity Specialization) or the Advanced Certificate in Cyber Security. These courses intend to equip engineering graduates and IT professionals with the required practical competencies and soft skills.