Why Digital Marketing is a Must Know for all Professionals?

The digital world today is no more just a virtual place of social gathering. The industry scenarios and the changing business needs, processes, and models depict that, in the present-day market, irrespective of the area of expertise, digital marketing is a must know for all professionals. Every professional must know the importance and application of digital marketing. The knowledge about the vast influence of the digital marketing on brands can help professionals to dig deep into the changing tastes of the audience and offer a better diverse business outlook.
Gone are the days when marketing revolved around the 4 ‘P’s of the marketing mix. The digital world has brought the revolution and has completely outdone the world of the marketing. Businesses are not just influenced by the technology or the demand and supply. The digital marketing has shown a different mirror for the business organisations to look into. And, not just business, digital marketing has had a tremendous influence on individual professionals, commonly referred as personal branding. A modern way of looking at the professional curriculum vitae. A fresh way to judge your capabilities without having a conversation.

So, what’s digital marketing and why do most of us are going gaga over it? The most common question among professionals, freshers and experienced. Studies have shown that more than half the population has their presence in the digital world. Digital marketing is all about selling yourself, or your products or services, via the internet. In short, advertising via digital technologies. Companies are gaining huge profits and return on investment by growing their popularity in the digital arena. An internet marketing strategy binding the business and resources, which requires skilled expertise to drive revenue and growth for the business.
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While we have now known, what exactly digital marketing is, some of the professionals and students, question how they could be benefited? Digital marketing is one such new area of expertise which can be beneficial not just for business companies but also for individuals also. Wondering how? In the present employment industry, we are all some kinds of products which needs to be sold to the employers. We need to build a brand which showcases our personality, passions, interests, and area of expertise and skill sets. We ought to sell ourselves to the employers or the business organisations.  
For instance, if you are a front-end developer, having a personal brand can help you showcase your skills of developing and coding a website. You can have a page on a social media platform or run a video channel on the YouTube about your fresh ideas of website development which might solve the problems of the industry. If you are associated with a business firm, knowing digital marketing can help you give better inputs from the customer perspective and understand the customer feedback from sales and marketing personnel with better clarity. In short, bridge the gap between the sales and marketing team and the product development team. A benefit for the business as well as for you personally. You can also build a portfolio for yourself and take up projects on a freelance basis. Who would you deny earning an extra penny in their free time?
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If you are a human resource personnel, you can make the best of the social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc., for talent acquisition and employee engagement. If you are a teacher, you can create a Facebook page to share the knowledge to your students which will help them in their daily curriculum. You can also create a video channel which students can use it beyond the regular class hours. Guess what, not just your present students, but anyone who seeks knowledge can be benefited by it. Having a digital marketing certification also gives an opportunity to quit your regular 9-5 job and choose for freelance jobs and work at your comfort and ease. Most freelancers are paid per project or per hour basis.
Today, most employers look at employees as the brand ambassadors of the company. They want the employees to actively engage in the social world which would be benefited to the organisation. ‘Do you have social media accounts?’, and ‘How active are you on the social media?’ are some of the vital questions asked by the recruiters to the job seekers. Being a social savvy has become an important skill set irrespective of whether you are technocrat or a marketer. A confident professional who knows the craft and his or her area of expertise would undoubtedly build a personal brand.

Digital Media – a Friend or a Foe to Traditional marketing

Today, business is not just about what they want to offer the consumers. The consumer – business relationship is evolving. Now, whether it is B2B or B2C, it is about who needs what and how the needs are satisfied and when it is done. Every business tycoon who has been in the industry for decades or a budding entrepreneur or a freelancer, knowing digital marketing can help you build and reach a vast audience with minimal investment.
Now that you know what and how exceptionally the knowledge of digital marketing can impact your career, you, like every other professional would be encouraged to get a digital marketing certification. Before you make the decision, get to know digital marketing. Now that you know, digital marketing is going to change your career, the next step is to know what exactly you will learn when you do a digital marketing certification.
A digital marketing certification would impart knowledge about website building, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, digital media analytics (yes, requires a little math), affiliate marketing, app development, email marketing, mobile marketing, data analysis, SQL, HTML (basic coding skills), etc. Whether you have a technical or non-technical background, digital marketing industry welcomes every professional with open arms, irrespective the area of specialisation. The course would teach you how to build a personal brand as well as help understand the audience needs in a better fashion. A personalized mentor who is a digital media expert along with real-time industry application projects would equip you with the skills to start your own business or contribute better to the business organisation and bring a change in your career.
Personal branding has become more than a necessity in the present scenario. A strong and deep online loyal audience base who is an ardent follower of your work and activities are a sign of positive image of your personality. Personal branding in the digital platform is a strong resume and perfect gate pass to your dream company. A personal brand can also open new arenas for your professional growth where you can opt out of working for someone else and start working for yourself and enrich your areas of passion and interests.
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Whether you are a full-time employee, part-time job seeker or a freelance; or a homemaker, single mother or single father, juggling thousands of daily chores, having a digital marketing knowledge is a must. The digital marketing knowledge will help you create and seek opportunities for yourself, by sitting at home and build the balance between the personal and professional life.
So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get certified.

What is affiliate marketing?

When an affiliate earns a commission for marketing the products of another company or person, it is known as affiliate marketing. After choosing a product, the affiliate promotes it and earns a portion of the profit on every sale. Affiliate links track the sales from one website to another.

Affiliate marketing spreads the product creation and marketing responsibilities across parties. This ensures a more effective marketing strategy by leveraging the efficiencies of many individuals. At the same time, contributors enjoy a share of the profit.

What do B2B and B2C stand for?

A business-to-business or B2B company provides products and services to other businesses. A business-to-consumer or B2C company sells directly to the end consumer. These 2 business models are different from each other. They cater to two distinct groups of customers.

For example, a farmer could decide to go either of the two routes to sell his crops. With a B2B approach, he could find a retailer to buy his harvest wholesale. This could be another farmer, a restaurant, or even a grocery store.

Alternatively, he could choose to take up the B2C route and directly set up a farm stand. He could sell his crops – rice, wheat, vegetables, fruits, etc. directly to the end consumer by positioning himself as a business.

What are the 4 ‘P’s of Marketing?

The 4 ‘P’s of marketing are product, place, price, and promotion and are the key factors involved in the marketing of any product or service.

The 4 ‘P’s of marketing are also often referred to as the marketing mix. This is because, in addition to being closely connected to each other, they also function by interacting extensively with other external factors within a business environment.

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